Mendo Island Transition: Project Kleinrock — Setting up a local internet completely free of Internet Service Providers and untouchable by the government


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Following are the details of a project to create a completely autonomous “second layer” of the Internet, completely free of the influence of or need for Internet Service Providers, and untouchable by the government. This plan is named after Leonard Kleinrock, inventor of the Internet Packet. It has been enacted after news of a bill entering the United States Senate which would allow a President to disable all Internet connectivity within the United States. (We later heard that this bill doesn’t do quite that, but that the President has had the power to shut down any telecommunications network (as defined by the FCC) for over 70 years.)

Project Kleinrock is an attempt to create an autonomous and decentralized “second layer” of the Internet, which can operate without the use of Internet Service Providers. This network can be set up using nothing more than common household wifi routers. It works by creating a web of routers, connected to each other by switching them into repeater mode, a mode that most routers are capable of. In repeater mode, routers can act as relays, amplifying and rebroadcasting the signal of the router they are connected to, and preserving that router’s connections. Each router is connected to a computer which acts as a server, hosting documents which can be accessed from anywhere along the network.

With enough cooperation, and a large number of open “Kleinrock Nodes”, an entire neighborhood, or even an entire city, can become networked by stringing all of the routers together, and the Kleinrock layer will be accessible to anyone with a wifi-enabled device. From here, it is trivial to connect multiple Kleinrock networks to each other. Since the network is entirely wifi-based, no ISP connections are necessary, and the network cannot be destroyed without the deactivation of every Kleinrock router.


  • The President of the United States has had, for more than 70 years, the power to shut down all Internet connections (or in fact any communications network) within the United States during times of “National Crisis”.
  • The new bill entering the senate will give the President the power to shut down these connections for at least 4 months WITHOUT congress approval.
  • The Internet is currently completely controlled by the government and a small number of self-interested corporations.
  • The Internet is one of the most important communications networks in existence.
  • The shutdown of the Internet, even within a single country, would be absolutely devastating.
  • Project Kleinrock is relatively easy to set up, and will create a new Internet controlled by no-one.
  • With Kleinrock, the Internet can become a free service, with free access and free hosting. The only cost to access the Kleinrock Network will be that of purchasing a router, laptop, or any wifi-capable device.
  • Kleinrock is a super cool name.


Following are the procedures for setting up a successful Kleinrock network…

Setting up the Network

A Kleinrock Network can be set up easily with the cooperation of a few people over an area. Only 2 or 3 routers are required to enable an entire neighborhood block, and an entire neighborhood or even a town or city can be enabled just as easily. Most common household routers are capable of becoming Kleinrock Nodes…

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