9/11: Explosive Evidence

[From JIM HOULE, Redwood Valley: I am a member of Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth, a national organization of 1500 professional A&Es and some 12,400 other technical experts and supporters. We are trying to organize locally in Mendocino County for the tenth anniversary of this disaster and hope to meet with local officials, put article in the newspapers, set up a table at the Court House and show a film. Our entire focus is upon questioning the evidence concerning how the three buildings at the World Trade Center came down. We have tons of expert testimony about explosives, and incendiaries and how they contributed to the destruction of these buildings and the loss of 2900 lives that sunny day in downtown Manhattan.

Are you a member?  Would you like to get involved in this event?  Check out the web site: www.AE911Truth.org.  Give me a call if you want to help.  We are not involved in spinning conspiracy theories, we are not involved in chasing the Saudis, the Afghanis, or the Al Qaeda.  We have restricted ourselves to this very technical issue – how the hell did these three buildings come down in free fall in about 7 seconds each and well after most of the jet fuel had burned off and the fires were going out? We demand another investigation. We want to know the 911 Truth. ~Jim Houle jfh@willitsonline.com 485 8229]

9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out is the new documentary film by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Watch the four-minute trailer above. Then share it with all your friends via Facebook, email, etc.

Next, download the press release and forward it to media organizations in your area.

The documentary premieres the first week of September in theaters all across the country and around the world. Be sure to screen the documentary in your community and use our customizable premiere posters.

Send your East Canadian and New York friends to the World Premiere with special introductions by Richard Gage, AIA, in Toronto on September 7, and in New York on the afternoon of September 11. The Toronto premiere is occurring in conjunction with The Toronto Hearings, a 9/11 evidence-based conference which follows on September 8-11 – and concurrently with the popular nearby Toronto Film Festival.

The film features cutting-edge 9/11 evidence from more than 50 experts in their fields – high-rise architects, structural engineers, physicists, chemical engineers, firefighters, metallurgists, explosives experts, controlled demolition technicians, and more. They are each highly qualified. Several have Ph.D’s, including renowned scientist, Lynn Margulis who was awarded the National Medal of Science, and who exposes in this film the fraud of NIST and discusses how the scientific method should have been applied to the destruction of evidence and to the high temperature incendiaries in the WTC dust samples. The documentary is filled with wisdom from experts such as Les Young, one of several high-rise architects interviewed in the film, who remarks,

“I would not have expected the whole building[s] to just give in at once. And I thought it rather odd that they fell almost perfectly – in very similar ways. It seemed odd that lightning would strike twice.”

In the full-length documentary we also interviewed almost a dozen psychologists who will help us to explain why 9/11 Truth is so difficult for the public to even face, much less accept – and what we can do better to reach them. We will also hear from several 9/11 victim family members who support AE911Truth in our call for a new investigation.

Psychologist William Woodward, Ph.D, one of eight mental health professionals who are also AE911Truth petition signers, provides a profound insight in that section of the film:

“Reconciliation through the truth is a deep path to psychological recovery from the myths and lies around which this historic event has been cloaked in the official view.”

Be sure to order the DVD “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out” today in order to guarantee timely shipment. In fact, order it along with the new book, which we co-authored, “9/11: The Simple Facts – Why the official Story Cannot Possibly Be True.” Arthur Naiman came to us after signing our petition and said “Let’s put the AE911Truth evidence in a book in the successful Real Story series” that he had already written, containing works by Noam Chomsky and others and including coverage of the MLK, JFK, and RFK assassinations. This important addition to the Real Story Series benefits from Maiman’s polished yet casual style. We hope you will get several copies and pass them around.

One of the experts featured in the documentary film is Robert McCoy, high-rise architect, who has been licensed in California since 1964 and has worked on the design of many large steel-framed high-rise buildings. He corresponded directly with the designers of the WTC complex during its construction to ensure that his high-rise projects were up to date. Like those of many experts, McCoy’s suspicions about the real nature of 9/11 started almost immediately following the horrific events of that day. He is “not interested in conspiracy theories… [he] just wants to know how those buildings came down”.

We hope that you will join us to ensure the massive success of the premiere of this most important documentary. Find out how to organize a screening at a library or theater in your community. No matter where you are located, you can step into action with AE911Truth. If you’re not ready to coordinate such an event yourself, you can telephone people in your local area who already appreciate our work and might be willing to step up. Just email us if you have any questions. No experience necessary, just some time, energy, and concern for getting the AE911Truth evidence out to your fellow citizens.

The premiere screenings of Experts Speak Out are part of the four-phase AE911Truth Action Group activities taking place during the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 – all designed to educate the public about the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers. You might also want to assist AE911Truth with these other phases of our effort this fall!

  1. Deliver the outreach letter and AE911Truth educational materials to legal/law enforcement professionals in your local community (August)
  2. Daytime vigils and press conferences at county courthouses (Thursday September 8)
  3. Screen the premiere of “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out” in your community (the week before September 11)
  4. Congressional outreach visits during Washington DC recess (in late September – or as convenient)


Please, there is nothing new here. It was apparent within hours after the Trade Center fell that something was fishy, beginning with Bush’s announcement, what, the day after that the names and origins of all those involved was known. But, this pile of evidence was passed off as a conspiracy theory and the media and public bought it. All the evidence that would incriminate the culprits is well hidden within CIA and, some claim to have evidence, Mossad vaults. A guess: The American powers-that-be needed an Islamic enemy both to allow them to invade the Middle East in order to gain control Mideast petroleum and to justify protecting Israel at all costs.
This reminds me of other conspiracy theories, such as that Roosevelt knew the Japanese were on the way to, were lured to, bomb Hawaii to justify saving England, that the CIA, FBI, and associated no-goods were behind both Kennedys’ and King’s assassinations, and that the housing boom and bust was cooked up to make a few people very wealthy. So what. Who is going to bring anyone to justice, even if the evidence was overwhelming. “they” aren’t going to judge “them” and “they” have the power. I conclude that the sickness is so much deeper than we can imagine. So, isn’t it a waste of time attempting to bring “them” to justice? When have the proletariat ever won in this country, in fact anywhere in the world except in the Spanish Republic for a brief period? Hasn’t our situation been analyzed to death – and no resolution ever happens.
So, do we continue to play the house, car, job game, selling out for security, which is precisely what “they” want us to do? The only hope for justice that I can see is that “they” are going to crash and burn, eaten up with greed. What, then, will remain of our house, car, and job?

Patience, Don. It won’t be long before the culprits are extradited by the United Space Brothers and hauled before the Intergalactic Criminal Court. Rumor has it that six alien races are in covert negotiations with representatives of the Rothschilds and the CIA right now. Justice must prevail.

Alan Watts warned us about the danger of identifying with the “skin-encapsulated ego”, but neglected to mention it operates within the “time/space-encapsulated universe”. Does it all seem like an endless bad dream? It is, literally. And therein lies the secret.

Oh, Izzy – if only it were so! (space brothers or some other planetary-wide court of authentic beings who operated from integrity)…as for The endless bad dream on the national & international front, I go out into my garden & eat a carrot & feel peace again…