Mendocino County: Republic of Cannibis

From The California Report and KQED Public Radio

Feds Threaten Experimental Pot Program in Mendocino

It’s well known that some people who grow pot do so under the cover of state medical-marijuana laws, then sell it on the black market for bigger profits. In response, Mendocino County has started a novel program intended to license and monitor medical marijuana producers. But this attempt to regulate pot producers has put the county at odds with the feds.

New Memo on Medical Marijuana Policy

The Department of Justice issued a new memo to federal prosecutors clarifying its medical marijuana policy. Calling marijuana “a dangerous drug,” the memo threatened enforcement actions against those in the business of cultivating and distributing pot. What does this mean for California?

Fighting Back Against Pot on Public Lands

In recent years marijuana production has boomed in California, especially in the state’s vast national forests. Last year, of the seven million illegal pot plants destroyed by drug agents, some four million were seized on public lands where growers set up huge plantations deep in the mountains. But in spite of these seizures, there remains a question of who’s behind these operations.