Classic Maher: This is a country of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich which every day sees our laws and culture cater to rich people

When Clinton was President the rich paid a little more taxes and the government had money. Then Bush cut all those taxes and now we don’t. I know it’s hard to grasp because it involves subtracting…

Every election roughly half the population votes Democrat and half votes Republican. Now, I understand why the Republicans get one percent of the vote… the richest one percent. That other 49%?… someone will have to explain to me.

The facts about what the Republicans have done to the middle class are beyond reasonable doubt., yet their base refuses to see it.. The moneyed elite of America are dragging a bag filled with your future down the steps and your reaction is “hold on there, that looks heavy, let me give you a hand getting it into your trunk.”

Is it really that radical to suggest slightly trimming the tax break on corporate jets? It seems like a reasonable idea given that, A: people who buy corporate jets are filthy rich, and B:… I DON’T NEED A B!

This is a country of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich which every day sees our laws and culture cater to rich people… tax breaks, industry-written laws, bail-outs, deregulation… all of it goes to making the lives of the rich a little bit cushier.

Oh, I’m sorry. Did I say the rich? I meant “job creators.” Yeah, that’s actually a prevailing theory on the right… that Obama’s rhetoric toward Wall Street has been so hostile that it’s created uncertainty in the business community because he called them “fat cats” once and they’re suffering from some “jobs creating disorder”… like he burst into the bathroom when they were trying to pee and now they can’t go at all.

When did the business community in America become so sensitive that we have to treat them like some rare exotic animal? … “don’t startle them or they’ll fly away. We need to soothe them so they can nest here and lay their eggs full of jobs”… which never hatch, by the way.

Bush said that his tax cuts would create jobs. They didn’t! We are now being told that if multi-national corporations bring home their overseas profits of $1.4 trillion they’ll only be taxed 5% on it because we are told it will create jobs. It won’t, just like it didn’t the last time we tried it in 2004. Companies took the savings and paid it out to themselves in dividends.

It is pathetically clear who’s killing the middle class, but you keep letting them get away with murder.