Rosalind Peterson: Fukushima Disaster 2011 — U.S. Receiving steady flow of radiation fallout [Updated]

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[“U.S. is receiving a steady flow of radiation from Fukushima” — Media paying little attention to radiation in food, as if problem only involves Japan -DS]

[Update: Revealed — British government’s scheme with Nuke companies to play down Fukushima]

[Rosalind Peterson has put together a comprehensive chronology of Japan disaster events on her website at Agriculture Defense Coalition. -DS]

Rosalind Peterson…

The Japan section is alphabetized and also in chronological order of events. I hope that you will find this information of value to you. There are maps, videos, documents, articles and other information on these two sections:

Each day brings additional bad news from Japan which is now rarely reported by the United States News Media.

 The documents, pdf files, newspaper articles, studies, videos, and other information are provided so that everyone may learn more about this issue and how it impacts all of us.  (These items, whenever possible have been placed in Chronological Order by subject with March 11, 2011 being designated as Day 1.)

We encourage everyone to learn more that so you can protect, as much as possible, your family and friends.  There is an EPA Map showing the areas where radiation from Japan has been found in the United States as of March 31, 2011. (The EPA no longer releases maps with this information.)

The U.S. Government is not educating the public on this critical issue because President Obama, U.S. Energy Secretary Chu, the Nuclear Regulation Commission, along with many corporations associated with nuclear power industry, want the $34Billion in taxpayer money to revitalize the nuclear power in the United States.

If the people were aware of the hazards they would say “NO” to this costly revitalization. Thus, there is a coverup going on in the U.S. that involves not warning the public about the Japan radiation hazards and the levels of radiation from Japan that we are experiencing in the U.S.

General Electric and the nuclear industry want our tax dollars and now their lobbyists are working to fleece the public of more taxpayer funding for this dangerous revitalization. The choice is ours to make.  If we don’t speak out then we agree to this fleecing by the nuclear industry and the hazards from the new plants, waste disposal, and uranium mining, that will most likely be placed in many of your neighborhoods.  The choice is yours to make today.

We hope that you will find the information provided below of interest with regard to the Japan Nuclear Crisis.

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