The Mood at Culture Jammer HQ

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Alright, you 90 thousand jammers, anarchists, politicos, rabble rousers and do gooders on the other side of this screen, here’s the mood at Culture Jammers HQ right now:

The global situation is deteriorating faster and faster … instabilities, disruptions and singularities are emerging not just in our ecological and financial systems, but now, as the depression epidemic spreads worldwide, in our psychological systems as well. We are racing towards nightfall, a second great dark age.

Apocalyptic foreboding hangs over us, yet on the personal/activist front we feel guardedly optimistic watching the insurrectionaries in Spain, Greece and throughout the Arab world. Intellectually we feel alive like never before. Radical change and potent new ways of strategic thinking are cropping up everywhere. One of the most exciting tracts we’ve come across in awhile is Saul Newman’s The Politics of Postanarchism. Some of it is a bit academic, but he’s got a few killer ideas that just may offer a new paradigm for action. In one inspiring passage he writes:

“The liberal idea of an appropriate balance between security and liberty is an illusion. The only vision the security paradigm offers us — with the pernicious technologies and its perverse logic which grips us in a double bind — is an empty, controlled, over-exposed landscape from which all hope of emancipation has faded, and where all we have left to do is obsessively measure the risks posed to our lives from the ever-present specter of catastrophe.”

All this leaves us wondering, what can we do this week, today, right now? Here are a few things we’re going to try, please join us:


Continue our vow never to walk into a Starbucks ever again … meeting our friends and fellow revolutionaries in indie coffee shops instead and pulling our money out of corporate tills. We’ll keep #NOSTARBUCKS humming until it turns into one of the first great international megacorporate boycotts of all time.

#HUFFPUFF is another way to clean up our mental ecology. Never visit, write for, link to, or cite AolHuffPo again. Instead, let’s sharealternate ways of getting news and intelligence.
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The UN General Assembly vote for Palestinian statehood is scheduled for September. Obama — the f!@#$*%! — has come out against it. Fact is that the UN gave Israel statehood in 1948 and now, sixty years later, Palestine can be born in exactly the same way. Do whatever you can to make this happen! Can we organize something global over the internet and do something big locally? What?

Final thought:
America needs its own Tahrir acampada now more than ever. Can we get 20,000 people to flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, a democratic assembly and occupy Wall Street for a few months?


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This is the kind of stuff that makes Derrick Jensen’s (or Herb’s) plan look like the only viable alternative.