Mendo Transition: How can we grow more food locally?


Pam Warhurst of Incredible Edible Todmorden speaks in Bath, England

Transition Bath recently posted this film of an excellent talk they hosted from an event called ‘How Can We Grow More Food Locally?’. The talk was part of a wider series of ‘Transition Talks’, the next one being called ‘Does money make the world go round?’ which features Mark Boyle (‘the Moneyless Man’)  and Molly Scott Cato.

Parts two through five here

Comment left by Robert Hopkins on website:

If every available small piece of land is filled with garden, instead of grassy lawns and asphalt parking spaces, it would be feasible to grow vastly larger quantities of food locally than in the current city context. It is true that I live in a small university city in Florida, so I have some climatic options that are not available in other areas, but my wife and I are using small raised beds of carefully amended soil to grow nearly all of our food on a ssmall development lot, and butterfly plants as well.

If everyone who had any land around their house gardened, and medians in roads were planted with fruit, and people raised their own chickens, the human race might actually survive its own stupidity. With the help of the local farmers, our city of 100,000 people could feed itself, I am sure.