What Government Dare Verify This Photographic Proof Reactor Core Exploded At Unit 3 Spewing Deadly Plutonium World-Wide? (Updated)

Redwood Valley

Hi-Res Photographic Proof Reactor Core Exploded At Unit 3 [Many Images]

…and here: http://tinyurl.com/627o5n7

[Update] Maybe not… http://www.fairewinds.com/content/gundersen-postulates-unit-3-explosion-may-have-been-prompt-criticality-fuel-pool


Maybe this will nudge some stubborn folks toward the obvious conclusion that we are being ruled by people, presumably not space aliens for this discussion, who are morally depraved. Time to organize our communities to resist?

By the way, I have a geiger counter and would appreciate access to a source of some kind to test it.

Also, settled into pattern of taking industrial dose of iodine about every week, and especially when I come across evidence of new arrivals.

Gosh is the world getting more interesting at an accelerated rate or what?

keep having fun,

In addition, I just learned that the US is five percent of the world’s total population and consumes sixty six percent of the world’s psychotropic medications. Crazy people, or better, people driven crazy by this uber-sick society, by definition, tend to not make much sense, bless their hearts.