Hey Mendocino County: Again! Tell BRANCHES CHOP HOUSE to start buying from local farmers (or stop advertising that they do)


[REPOSTING FROM APRIL 11: Checking with Scott again, this restaurant is still misrepresenting that they buy local. They do not. They have met with local farmers, but no action. They even recently advertised that they were carrying Magruder local meat. Magruder says they aren’t. I am still boycotting this restaurant. -DS]

You may have noticed that Branches “chop house,” the large new restaurant in the Airport Park complex, has (since before it opened) advertised itself as featuring “locally raised products” and as “specializing in locally grown products.” A big new restaurant supporting our local farms and ranches would have a significant positive effect.

Although Branches claims to be a local food specialist, there is still nothing on its regular menu that features or uses local produce or meats. As a “chop house” one would expect at least some chop option from one of Mendocino’s several excellent ranches, but that is also not the case. Branches is currently not purchasing anything for its restaurant menu from any area farm or ranch. (It does use local honey in some baked goods, is working on plans for a garden on its own property and is asking Campovida to plant some things on its behalf.)

Please join in to urge Branches to connect with our local farmers and ranchers and to move as rapidly as possible to incorporate fresh, locally-grown and raised products into its menu.  It will taste even better too.
[It’s one thing to not support local farmers; it’s quite another to lie about it… especially as a new business in town, pretending to be something they are not.

I will personally Boycott Branches until they start supporting local, organic farmers by purchasing from them. ~DS]


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Agreed! Go to Patrona’s instead – they buy local!