Predatory Capitalism In 2 Minutes

Thanks to Gary Kohls

Predatory Capitalism In 2 Hours
(circa 2008)

[This is one pissed-off essayist… and rightly so! -DS]

This essay was written by Dr. James J Crook out of a sense of moral outrage, as an average American citizen, at the alarming fascist and imperialistic sharp change of direction the national government has taken, due to dollar-driven corporate power which has acquired a strangle hold on the country in a short period of time via infiltrating the Office of the Presidency, relegating the nation’s head of state and fellow corporate investor to puppet status, and is presently at the helm of America’s Ship of State which is dangerously sailing into the direction of an immense iceberg.

This treatise faces off with and addresses the theory and unwritten Doctrine of Predatory Capitalism which is the re-appearance of Social Darwinisim (renamed) in the United States of America.

European-style Social Darwinism is a “survival of the fittest” philosophy, economically speaking, wherein poor and lower middle class people’s only purpose in life, it is theorized, is to serve, and be eaten by, the rich and powerful as a legitimate law of Nature. This economic philosophy is spawned from the same discriminatory social mentality accounting for economic caste systems and the historical concept of human slavery. It is a pervasive evil, sociopathic in nature, born of incredible corporate greed, that knows no moral boundaries or civilized tenets, wherein human values, human worth, human rights, and human individuality are severely compromised. In predatory capitalism’s current assault upon the American people in its attempt to reduce their population to peonage, it is once again the classic struggle between good and evil in the American population’s pursuit of “economic justice” for all. Arming the American people to successfully defend against this diabolic corporate evil is the mission of this manuscript. The current marriage between corrupt business and corrupt government is what is economically disemboweling and shrinking America’s middle class. Let’s start this intriguing journey with access capital.

Access capital. How potent is it? Can one make a billion dollars with it? Yes. By having access to those having access to the United States Treasury. All that is needed is a war – and buying enough U. S. Congressional votes to invent one – in order for defense contractor corporations to sell trillions of dollars in armament and munitions to Uncle Sam and private oil corporations to pirate vast oil reserves of foreign sovereigns. Of course, conscience may be a problem. Such wealth requires the killing of hundreds of thousands of people. Possibly millions. The United States of America has become a huge “spoil system” with the rampant, unbridled use of access capital representing major and most serious conflicts of interest within the business community and our government. Regarding one’s survival, the questions becomes then what does the population do with America’s spoil system. Become part of or break it. If we become part of this spoil system, we can throw away the United States Constitution as we re-install a former European-type economic caste system of “mercantile princes”, “nobles”, “aristocrats”, and “commoners If we break this spoil system, we re-anchor the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights and proceed with an egalitarian philosophy of equal rights and equal opportunity for everyone under the 14th Amendment. Most of us love people of good will. However, there is another ilk out there who are a testimonial to profound evil. This manuscript is all about profound evil. Predatory capitalism. Predatory capitalism’s ruling of the American people, via a long time oligarchy of the rich and incredibly powerful’s continuous purchasing of the United States government, is close to the rule of “absolutes” – the cruel monarchs, despots, and dictators of history having no regard for human life and human values and the common people. Witness the hoax Iraqi corporate war, invented for military industrial complex corporate profits in the 100s of billions of dollars, which has murdered over one million innocent human beings, American soldiers and Iraqi civilians, alike. This illegal capitalism – which has a money vice” upon sellout United States Congresspersons and the American President all into major unlawful conflicts of interests in betrayal of the American people – is mopping up the American people like bread on gravy and pirating the international community. The mission of this manuscript is to fill in the mosaic, for the unwary and the sleeping, of what sinister forces are changing the United States – and to wake up Americans to the realization that they are currently “lambs led to slaughter.” There is speculation herein regarding “circumstantial evidence” concerning the real reason for America’s war with Afghanistan. The reader is asked to act as a jury of one and to bring in his or her own verdict, as a patriotic American, after reviewing the evidence, to determine if 911 was a Corporate America and Saudi Arabian corporation ploy to make profits in the billions of dollars.

This manuscript calls for national introspection and will force America to take a serious and honest look at itself at this important juncture in its history. The treatise, among other things, could be classified as a hybrid economic philosophy called realistic capitalism wherein government regulated capitalism is grafted to minimum, necessary social programs to achieve economic justice and to avoid the present economic condition that is accounting for the disenfranchisement of large segments of the American population. A continuing increase in such disenfranchisement could result in dangerous social unrest on a large scale. To an extent, the manuscript addresses present day economic class struggles in the United States e.g. 51% of Americans going without health care and a shameful minimum wage 50% below the poverty level, to enhance corporate stockholder returns, that doesn’t allow economic survival for tens of millions of disenfranchised citizens. Is the American economy still run by government-regulated, lawful, healthy capitalism or has big business and the government been overrun and abducted by illegal capitalism? Illegal capitalism, healthy capitalism’s ugly cousin, will be termed, for purposes of this treatise, predatory capitalism or Corporate America. Predatory capitalism is only possible when there is a marriage between corrupt business and corrupt government. More poignantly regarding predatory capitalism, is America still a democracy or is that notion a myth now and, in reality, the United States government has morphed into a fascist state, tightly controlled by an oligarchy of the rich and powerful which easily buys compromising U. S. Congresspersons with their hungry hands out? Is America still a law abiding sovereignty within an international community of lawful nations operating within the “rule of law” or has the United States roguishly evolved into an aggressive, powerful, and non-stoppable New American Imperialism, into economic colonialism, which is threatening world peace? Major dramatic social and political changes are underway in America with a new, bold, predatory-type capitalism at the forefront.

The United States of America is an evolving experiment and an experience in constant change. The fundamental query is are these changes in the best interest of the Country? Unless predatory capitalism is controlled, legally regulated, and brought under tight government management soon, this evil, metaphorically speaking, will literally eat America. The mercantile princes and robber barons do not care about the United States or its people. Just corporate profits. To these corporate executives, Americans are mere cannon fodder and the unemployed due to tens of millions of outsourced jobs to cheap Asian laborers. If one calls AT&T information, he or she may be speaking to an operator in Manila, barely understandable, working for $3.00 per hour or less.

The following commentary is scary so the reader is alerted. There is a “disease” in America that is sickening the nation and this illness could bring America’s democracy, now evolving into fascism, and system of economic justice fatally crashing to its knees after a short 231-year existence. This evil is predatory capitalism i.e. legally unregulated capitalism. Predatory capitalism presently represents an unabashed piracy of America and the international community, with the complicity of a corrupt American president, George W. Bush, the acme of all corrupt presidents, which piracy is devastating America’s economic, political, legal, and social landscapes, and the international community’s as well. A cursory review of the Financial Statements of President George W. Bush and his political and corporate “cronies”, before he assumed the Presidency and currently, would prove illuminating. Predatory capitalism is slowly reducing the American middle and lower working classes to an eventual peonage population due to an illegal piracy and significant diminution of the American family’s pocket book and wage base. Witness gasoline prices now soaring at $3.379 cents a gallon for regular in some locations, with no world shortage of petroleum, due to monopolistic consolidations of corporate oil giants to eliminate competition. The term for this illegal activity is price fixing, a Robinson-Patman Act and Sherman Anti-Trust Act monopoly violation with a painful, obvious absence of Bush Administration Justice Department sanctions. Corporate monopolies have gained a license under the Bush Presidency. Further, witness the price-fixing drug industry’s almost $100 a pill for Boniva to treat osteoporosis patients, paid by social security elders, who are trading food money for the drug, while the drug industry legislatively blocks direly needed cheap foreign drugs from Germany, Canada, and Mexico to assist the elderly via political influence i.e. large amounts of bribe-type lobbyist dollars in attache’ cases. Possible “with a little help from their friends.” Corrupt U. S. Congresspersons. Plato said democracy wouldn’t work because the government could be bought and vote all the money out of its coffers (a trillion dollars for the Iraq War). For the sake of this treatise, the terms predatory capitalism and contemporary Corporate America will be considered synonymous.

With predatory capitalism’s corporate-profit-expansion, slow shrinkage and eventual transformation of the American economic middle and lower classes towards peonage also comes economic slavery. Americans, hypothetically, could eventually be working 16 hours a day at $3.00 per hour just to put food on the table if the government doesn’t apply the brakes to predatory capitalism. It has happened before. Economic slavery – historically imposed by Corporate America on the American population, e.g. the “sweat shops” of the late 1800s that resulted in the creation of labor unions – is a short distance away from actual slavery. In predatory capitalism’s ability to purchase willing and greedy United States Congresspersons, American democracy, by this compromising dynamic, transforms into an oligarchy of the very rich which type of government represents a return to Social Darwinism. This is a social economic theory originating in Europe which theorizes that, by the laws of Nature i.e. “survival of the fittest,” poor people’s only legitimate purpose in life is to serve the rich. Once in place, this oligarchy of the rich few then starts reducing and eliminating individual freedoms e.g. the Patriot and Homeland Security Acts, illegal wiretapping, President George W. Bush “signature statements,” a devise for the Chief Executive to circumvent legislation, and shocking Gestapo-type physical torture of uncharged American citizens such as Yaser Hamdi and Brooklyn born Jose Padilla. Predatory capitalism’s current un-elected corporate oligarchy, which has taken over the Office of the Presidency, represents a replacement of America’s democracy, courtesy of the previous Republican Party Congress in complicity, in a de facto fascist state with FBI investigations now of anyone who question the Bush government. A corporate police state that allows no economic justice through monopolistic practices, e.g. price fixing, and constraints on freedom of expression and privacy i.e “Watch what you say at an airport,” and non-court-ordered wiretapping to position the President to leverage and blackmail his political opponents. Wiretapping is tantamount to opening one’s mail – (a door key into the confidential parts of one’s life leaving one vulnerable) – a procedure tantamount to illegal search and seizure which is probably next on the horizon. America’s transformation from a democracy into a fascist state, by predatory capitalism, may be a foregone conclusion already in place and cementing in, or getting there on a fast track, due to the absence of opposition from an apathetic or frightened American public.

This American malignancy, referred to in this treatise as predatory capitalism i.e. economic piracy and plunder, must be excised by an American electorate before what is left are the corpses of democracy and a viable, healthy, and legally regulated capitalism prior to its besiegement by Corporate America pirates. Predatory capitalism is a sociopath criminal that is, metaphorically speaking, killing America. A greedy Corporate America corruption from within akin to the same corruption that took down the Roman Empire. If predatory capitalism is not government regulated by the enforcement of anti-monopoly laws, already in place but currently unused by the Bush Justice Department, this Nation, like the Roman Empire, may also become The Late, Great United States of America, a once brilliant beacon of hope for the world as the champion of individual freedoms, legal equality for all, and economic justice. That is before predatory capitalism and American fascism deep anchored in. Can all this be happening? Is the average American on the street even aware of the political and economic transformation taking place? From the silence of the American masses, it doesn’t appear that most citizens even “have a clue,” and understandably so due to covert, secretive, and corrupt operations entangled in our present corrupt government’s marriage to corrupt business.

Are these frightening comments regarding the alleged makeup of the current American government unfair, inaccurate, or sheer fantasy? A fair query. Let’s test this. Who will be the next “uncharged” American citizen “suspect” to be physically tortured on U. S. Soil and flown to Syria for upgraded torture for eleven months, following Brooklyn’s American born Jose Padilla and Yaser Hamdi? Guantanamo Bay Military Detention Facility in Cuba contains another group of uncharged “suspects” denied bail, representation, a court hearing, habeas corpus proceedings, and being permanently detained. What is President George W. Bush’s legal criteria for a ”suspect” that allows America to incarcerate an uncharged individual, American and otherwise, denied representation, to permanently “rot in prison?” Is President Bush’s definition for “suspect” elastic? South America has a term for abducted citizens who are the victims of such despotism. “The Disappeared.” The Padilla, Hamdi, and Guantanamo events are the capricious actions of a fascist despot assuming de facto dictatorial powers, and not the acts of a democratically elected U. S. President who has taken an oath of office to support the U. S. Constitution, operate within the “rule of law,” and as a representative of the people and not big business. American citizens appear to be a 300 million mass of oblivious lambs, without a clue, being led and crowded ominously towards the edge of a high precipice, politically and economically, by a sociopath predatory capitalism. It appears the voices of intellectual leaders have been stilled, due to the silence of the academic community. From such widespread apathy, one further wonders what has happened to courage, conviction, and patriotism. Is one’s comfort in a good economy really preferable to individual freedoms? Philosophically, do the people really prefer “bread over freedom?” Or, are the American people now afraid of their government?

How close is this hypothesized de facto American dictatorship to reality? Again in all fairness, let’s test it. President Bush has unabashedly declared that he, as a war president, (Isn’t the Iraqi War over and only security operations remain? What war?) does not have to operate within the law, within the United States or internationally, regarding Congressional legislation, U. S. Supreme Court mandates, or international law. President Bush’s comment represents a Unitary Executive Theory with the powers of the three branches of the American government, the legislative, the executive, and the judicial, consolidated into the Executive Branch of the government. In political theory, this is dictatorship in fact. Adolph Hitler, after being appointed Chancellor of Germany, consolidated all powers of Germany’s democratic government within himself, as Executive, so necessary to protect the country, after the burning of the Reichstag. Sound familiar, like President George W. Bush’s war on terrorism so necessary to protect the country, and his declared unlimited presidential war powers after 911? From these reality checks, what fairly appears to be the direction the United States government is moving? Towards democracy – or away from it? If away from democracy, what scary, unpredictable events await the American people under the remaining Presidency of George W. Bush? Aren’t all things possible in politics? Can political power be grabbed? Could President Bush take over the American government? What is stopping him? Did despotic Adolph Hitler grab power in another democratic state in the 1930s, Germany, with the resulting deaths of 67 million people? Didn’t such a power grab take place when Napoleon, fresh from exile and backed by the military, marched into the representatives assembly and take over another democratic government, that of France, with the resulting deaths of millions of more innocent human beings from dictatorial rule? If President Bush hypothetically took over the U. S. government, as Bonaparte did in France, how many tens of millions of Americans would then die before its democracy was restored? Wouldn’t it be more economical for Americans to confront the threat to their democracy now rather than later? In DisneylandAmerica, citizens are slow to engage the possibilities and horrors of historical reality, probably because of the relative absence of war on American soil. The mission of this manuscript is a desperate attempt to wake up Americans before their democracy reaches a point of no return.

Do the despotic actions of President George W. Bush merit the immediate concern by all Americans if the legacy of individual freedoms in this democratic state are to be passed on to their children? Regarding the Jewish people caught up in the Holocaust, the Nazi Party, following the takeover of a German democracy, did not respect age, gender, individual rights, or any law regarding these Jewish German citizens. Such is the capricious character of despotism. President Bush has declared, as a war president, that he is not bound by any law. Hitler’s Nazi Party, following the fall of Germany’s democratic government, demanded the German people’s full compliance with all new government regulations. This governmental order represented the dictates of a police state. Fascism. With this mandate, fascism replaced Germany’s democracy and individual freedoms. Citizens, formerly free in a democratic state, became obedient subjects of the state and a dictator. Visions of the Patriot and Homeland Security Acts. (Americans will comply.) Hitler rose to dictatorship based upon his platform to protect the Democratic Republic of Germany from its enemies. Is there a parallel here between Hitler’s assumption of all governmental powers and declared intentions to protect the German people from their enemies and President George W. Bush’s considering himself above the law, the Patriot and Homeland Security Acts, and his War On Terrorism to protect Americans, regarding once again the erosion of individual freedoms? How dangerous is President George W. Bush? One million innocent Iraqi civilians have died during his terms as U. S. President. Already operating under Unitary Executive Theory, would President Bush try to seize absolute control? He has exhibited the propensity to abuse power. He would succeed if the Pentagon went along with him. Would the Pentagon go along with him or is that notion preposterous in naïve America? There is heavy speculation that the CIA and the Pentagon assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Watergate’s Howard Hunt, on his death bed, declared that the CIA invited him to attend a meeting to discuss the assassination of President John F. Kennedy but he declined. If this is true, the Pentagon and the CIA have already taken over the American government once before and disenfranchised its electorate i.e. over 100 million voters. Why wouldn’t it do it again? If true, the reality here to a sleeping America is an American military junta historically in place. Does the Pentagon allow the illusion of democracy and simply shoot any people’s elected president it does not like? What checks and balanced are not in place and should be in place to protect America’s democracy from a military junta takeover, or is America’s democracy truly fragile and vulnerable? Why does U. S. Congresspersons sit idly by and just observe Bushism? Has someone scared these U. S. representatives into inaction? Big Brother? The NSA? The CIA? The FBI? America’s Secret Police? Is America already a fascist state? Let’s focus upon World War II Germany a little longer to see if there are further parallels that can be drawn to the George W. Bush Presidential Administration that might indicate history may be repeating itself.

Behind the Nazi Germany war machine was a Corporate-America-type military industrial complex targeting huge corporate war profits via political influence, similar to that existing in America today, that bought the German government’s elected representatives so the latter would vote for war in order for this defense contractor to sell its weapons and munitions to the German military. This German corporate giant was the Krupp munitions and armament manufacturer which many historians believe caused World War I and World War II. These two wars cost the lives of 67 million human beings so that this defense corporation, theoretically, could make huge corporate profits in the billions of dollars by selling genocide as its product to the German government. War weaponry has only one purpose. To kill people. Consider the Iraqi War and the Bush family’s financial oil interests, especially appreciating Iraq’s vast oil reserves, and the Bush family’s stock in The Carlyle Group which owns United Defense, a huge weapons manufacturer currently supplying both the Afghan and Iraqi wars. Unlawful conflicts of interests of mammoth proportions. Symbolically, with the Bush family business interests owning part of United Defense, are the names United Defense and Krupp parallel here? Investor Ex-President George H. W. Bush’s United Defense, of which he is an original founder, is a military industrial complex defense contractor and the most dangerous component of predatory capitalism as its only purpose is to export genocide to keep its workers on the job. America’s military industrial complex employs a staggering three and one half million people – in peace time – and must have continuous wars to feed them.

To understand predatory capitalism, there must first be an understanding of capitalism. For a momentary but necessary divergence, the concept of predatory capitalism, at this juncture, should be clear to all but let’s try a definition. Predatory Capitalism, usually multinational, is a sociopath, unregulated, uncontrolled, illegal capitalism that abuses its nation’s people and the international community for huge corporate profits. It is an economic system operating outside the law and a deadly economic predator, no matter where it exists, void of conscience or patriotism, fully capable of destroying a country and, metaphorically speaking, eating its people and pirating the international community. Predatory capitalism will continue to pillage any economic terrain until this social evil is stopped by the moral convictions of its host nation’s people and the world community as well which countries legally have their governments in tow. However, if their governments are corrupt, the problem is much more difficult. The fatal error in perception made by most countries converting to communism as a path to economic justice due to abuses of the mass population by capitalism in the latter 1800s, was these converting countries “threw out the baby out with the water.” The economic evils and social injustices these communist converting countries were targeting in capitalism was that of predatory capitalism (uncontrolled) and -not legislatively regulated legal capitalism or realistic capitalism which legislation proscribes such evil corporate abuses upon the mass population. America’s President Theodore Roosevelt and “The Progressives” had not fully cleaned up capitalism’s predators at the time the Communist Revolution began. This social movement seeking economic justice, in terms of perceptual accuracy, was responding to predatory capitalism only. America had created a bad model of employer-employee relations by the government not containing the corruption of Corporate America and the J. P. Morgans of the time but ironically were part of it, due to the marriage between corrupt business and corrupt government. This failure to contain predatory capitalism resulted in a world revolution by the disenfranchised masses. Could it happen again in the 21st Century – in America? The corrupt American government, during the late 1800s, had not only allowed Corporate America’s abuse of the work force but bought into it with high payoffs from predatory capitalism. Such government corruption resulted in the American working class’s response by their creating the first worker-protection unions i.e. labor unions. President Theodore Roosevelt applied the necessary legislative regulations to put an end to exploitive and rampaging predatory capitalism around the turn of the 20th Century. However, predatory (unregulated-illegal) capitalism has returned with a vengeance in the 21st Century, and is again exploiting the masses. An example is the hoax Iraqi war, now confirmed as a hoax by many Bush “insiders,” so that the military industrial complex (MIC) and “big oil” could realize hundreds of billions of dollars in corporate profits along with over a million dead innocent human beings, American soldiers and Iraqi civilians alike, being a mere necessary component to sociopath Corporate America’s profit making formula. This is profound evil by any reasonable lay analysis. The concept of genocide as a incredibly lucrative, money making, saleable product of Corporate America.

In terms of definition, capitalism regulated by law is called lawful capitalism which is the most workable and robust economic system in the world based upon fair competition which offers the best quality of goods at the lowest prices. The population’s masses benefit provided the necessary social programs are in place which takes care of the basic subsistence needs of all the people that lawful capitalism cannot address, such as county hospitals, the post office, parks, highways, bridges, animal control, sewerage systems, and the like. In all fairness, both the terms capitalism and communism became so heavily stigmatized and polarized during the Cold War (1945-1985) that proponents of each regarded their economic system as all conclusive. Regulated capitalism is the most successful economic system in the world but nothing ever said it was all inclusive to meet the basic subsistence needs of all the people. And it is not. Capitalism has to be tempered realistically with a healthy and realistic dose of social programs so that the basic needs of all the country’s people are met. America in reality is a mixture of many economic systems and sometimes inadequately so. The only purpose of government is to serve the needs of the people. Due to the days of Cold War paranoia, some traumatized Americans stigmatize social programs of any kind as a bad thing. This again is throwing the baby out with the water. It is not black and white. A necessary mixture of many political systems constitutes a viable government and not one with its head in the sand ostrich style which abandons the needs of its people over ideology. Stigmatized words do not help. Stigmatized thinking and terms such as atheist, felon, niger, wetback, injun, Mormon, red, pink, and the like have historically resulted in crushing social injustices to millions of Americans. A healthy balance of different economic systems that come the closest to most efficiently serving the basic subsistence needs of all a country’s people is the economic system to tailor and pursue. A government should be tailored to the needs of its people, otherwise it has no purpose except to possibly serving special interest groups. Healthy capitalism is a far cry from predatory capitalism the latter of which, rather than assisting the masses, exploits them. What about needed social programs under capitalism? Do these needed programs have opponents? Do stigmatized thinking prevent the creation of same?

There is a difference between social programs and the economic-political philosophy of socialism as a form of government wherein the government takes complete control of private property and the means of production and distribution of goods. Communism is a form of socialism. Some concept-hardened, paranoid Americans would even throw out the county hospitals because they are a form of socialism. So are highways. This is a misperception regarding needed social programs. 51% of America’s population going without health care, a shocking and shameful indictment, represents a partially failed economic system directly stemming from the greed of upper class accented predatory capitalism which would bar cheap foreign drugs for tens of millions of elderly Americans with limited Social Security income, to maximize corporate profits. Literally taking bread out of the mouths of the elderly. How cold. The producer of Fahrenheit 911, Michael Moore, a reformer “progressive” type, it is interesting to note, is addressing Corporate America abuses in the U. S. drug industry in his new investigative film recently released called Sicko. There is always a risk attendant to being a patriotic American. Because reformer film maker Michael Moore shot a few scenes on Cuban soil, he is presently under a criminal investigation by the U. S. Treasury Department for a possible violation of a trade embargo against Cuba. How is shooting a few feet of film partially on Cuban soil a trade embargo violation? Was Mr. Moore trading with Cuba? No. Will an American tourist with a camcorder be next if he shares the film’s expense with a relative? What about First Amendment freedom of expression? Michael Moore, a nemesis of President George W. Bush, exercising his right of dissent in his film, Fahrenheit 911, inspires such technicalities of injustice by an Administration inclined to abuse power against a political foe. One wonders if the drug industry’s influence with Corporate America’s oligarchic American government had something to do with Michael Moore’s recent criminal investigation due to the latter’s new film, Sicko. Who is in command? Sound like fascism? Police state activity in response to a U. S. citizen’s confrontation with Corporate America and his dissent of government policies? Further, does this sound like Corporate America is behind the wheel of government? This is fascist-type activity. “If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks . . “

Mr. Moore’s two films represent a single U. S. citizen’s face off with powerful predatory capitalism. Brave fellow. Kudos. A patriotic American with principles and convictions valuable enough to risk his own safety. Here is a troubling question for Americans. Does Michael Moore stand alone? And if so, why? Will reformer-type film maker Mr. Moore go to jail? The probability of Mr. Moore going to prison can only be answered by measuring the depth of Corporate America’s fascist oligarchic tyranny that is money controlling the United States government, the White House, and Congressional Representatives, and economically draining and “mopping up” the American people. Reflections of Yaser Hamdi, Jose Padilla, and Bush Administration Justice Department’s unsanctioned price-fixing with gasoline at $3.379 per gallon with no world shortage of petroleum. If Mr. Moore, a dissenting American citizen, bumps into big business too hard, will his fate be sealed by predatory capitalism? Americans should monitor this investigation and possible prosecution and conviction to sense the Nation’s direction under its present form of government.

To restate, meeting the needs of a country’s population is the only justification of any economic system and government. Europe has a much better record of serving the needs of its people, regarding necessary social programs, than the United States and is more realistic in that respect. The United States, to its credit however, is coming along and doing much better. To be honest and fair, however, much, much more needs to be done as the plight of New Orleans’ black people demonstrated when their financial condition was exposed during Hurricane Katrina. Deplorable. Hence, the role of the social reformer. Consider “The Progressives” of the early 1900s and the great strides they made for social and economic justice in America literally, with banners in hand, taking to the streets and cleaning up America. America is not there yet. With this hopefully helpful coverage of some of the world’s economic systems and problems in America’s past, let’s return to the current state of predatory capitalism presently plaguing America and the international community.

The mechanics of economic evil inherent in capitalism are that lawful capitalism only converts to predatory capitalism when a government becomes corrupt and doesn’t enforce the law, for a certain compensation or remuneration in return from Corporate America, a quid pro quo. Such a condition condition should incite a democratic population’s inspection and investigation of its government such as Americans should do with its present government under the George W. Bush Presidency. Is America still a democracy or an economic oligarchy that is starting to oppress the people? Regarding a possible fascist state existing in America, again “if it looks like a duck, and quacks. . . . . . “ (Consider the Patriot and Homeland Security Acts, illegal wiretapping, the torturing of Americans Jose Padilla andYaser Hamdi, the Kent State College and Jackson State College massacres, and the CIA’s “renditioning citizens of other countries and lawlessly removing them to foreign countries for torture which is an act of war.) Let’s apply a closer scrutiny to what Americans consider to be its democracy at this juncture to determine what such a close up inspection actually reveals regarding the state of America’s democracy.

Is The Political Engine that Runs America’s Government a Democracy or An Oligarchy of the Rich i.e. Corporate America i.e. Predatory Capitalism?

Most Americans like to use the term democracy loosely, almost as a “buzz word,” in grade school classrooms, the evening televised news, and in authoritative conversations with foreigners as if Americans had an exclusive franchise on the term. In truth, many educated and intelligent Americans are afraid these days and, politically, are probably wondering what America really is. A national identity crisis exists in America. A watchful, concerned, and suspicious America sits nervously and waits out the Iraqi War wondering what is really going on, if the truth were known, and if they are being had once again by a greedy Corporate America and its poster child, President George W. Bush. To date, Corporate America has sold close to a trillion dollars of war munitions and armament to the United States Government for the Afghan and Iraqi wars, significantly depleting the United States Treasury of mountains of U. S. taxpayer dollars. Americans have become bewildered, confused, and vexed now wondering how big a hole President George W. Bush has stomped in the American “ship of state” (and monetary reserves) and how fast water is coming in. Great Britain fell as a world power when World War II drained its treasury that took centuries to build. Americans also fear if mainland U. S. citizens’ lives have become endangered from a possible collective response from an outraged international community of nations due to President Bush’s international piracy of Iraq’s vast oil reserves on behalf of his family’s investments and that of his political and corporate cronies from the hoax Iraqi war, and further President Bush’s kidnapping citizens of foreign nations on the latter’s soil i.e. “renditioning” – an act of war. Under the presidency of George W. Bush, Americans now wonder what has happened to human values let alone human rights, if the Bill of Rights is now a stale and humorous cliché. When warned about it, President Bush stated the United States Constitution to be “Just a god dam piece of paper.” The question is whether America’s democracy has been reduced to a mere toy of an oligarchy of the very rich i.e. predatory capitalism that has taken over the Bush Presidency and the American government via lobbyist bribe money.

Capitalism, under strict government controls, is the most robust and viable economic system in the world all would agree especially after the former Soviet Union’s dismal experience with communism. However, predatory capitalism i.e. legally unregulated capitalism is the world’s greatest evil as it endeavors, metaphorically speaking, to “eat the population.” Predatory capitalism is a cannibal indeed and works only when greedy U. S. Congresspersons and U. S. Presidents have their hands out for lobbyist money and financial interests in exchange for their votes to enhance corporate profits. There is a term for when someone sells themselves. Witness gasoline prices soaring to $3.379 a gallon with no accompanying world shortage of petroleum and with no sanctions from the Bush Justice Department against monopolistic machinations, to protect the consumer public. The operative phrase regarding the current, high gasoline prices is government-permitted price fixing, an illegal tool of monopolies, especially with the Bush family heavily invested in petro dollars.

Many concerned Americans sense that their government has been stolen by a run-away and unbridled Corporate America whose greed knows no bounds as it pursues domestic (gasoline prices) and international (Iraq’s vast oil reserves) piracy. President George W. Bush and President George H. W. Bush and their political “cronies” appear to be leading the charge, in a shameless quest to stuff as many billions of dollars into their pockets as they can before President George W. Bush’s Corporate- America-dream-come-true presidential term comes to an end on December 31, 2008. Americans are waking up to the reality of thousands of dead American soldiers, dear ones, who have been sacrificed on the alter of predatory capitalism due to the avarice of Bush and Company in an invented and fabricated war solely for Corporate America to confiscate billions of Iraqi petro dollars and for Corporate America’s military industrial complex to sell the U. S. Government, i.e. sell President George W. Bush, billions of dollars of armament to prosecute the hoax war, or possibly hoax wars. A case of Defense Contractor President Bush via his father’s interest in the Carlyle Group selling to Commander In Chief President Bush in a shameless conflict of interest. An investigative audit of big oil’s, the MIC’s, Dick Cheney’s, and the Bush Family’s Financial Statements would probably show that they have had a good seven years.

The Iraqi War was a hoax as now confirmed by Bush “insiders.” It was a charade played upon a duped American public probably unparalleled in the annals of American history. There were no weapons of mass destruction or al-Qaeda operatives being trained in Iraq and no “yellow cake” purchases by Saddam Hussein to make nuclear weapons. In order to make billions of dollars, it is obviously alright, under its code of ethics, for Corporate America to kill innocent people, Americans and Iraqis alike. Over one million human beings to date have been killed in America’s two Middle East wars. Corporate America’s business code appears to be if the profits are big enough, human beings are expendable. During the current term and the last presidential term of President George W. Bush, corporate rascals have been loose indeed, running rampant, and chasing those dollars while they can. These predatory capitalists, Bush and Company, have fleeced the American taxpayer, in their Iraqi War charade, for obscenely large sums of U. S. taxpayer dollars (close to one trillion) to engorge the bank accounts of Corporate America’s military industrial complex which industry sells genocide. The mass killing of human beings. That is what weapons of war do. Is there a moral issue here? The projected cost of the Iraqi war, at $12 billion dollars a month, by 2015 is $2.7 trillion dollars. What would $2.7 trillion dollars due for America’s schools and crowded classrooms now plagued by portables and non-reachable college tuition for many in America’s middle and lower classes? President George W. Bush lied to the American public, in his State of the Union Address, regarding his many fabricated reasons for invading Iraq. Before the address, the CIA’s George Tenet had briefed President Bush repeatedly no less than nine times that Saddam Hussein had not purchased yellow cake and Bush had the U.N. investigators’ report of no weapons of mass destruction or al-Qaeda operatives being trained on Iraqi soil. President Bush in the address told the American public the CIA informed him that Saddam Hussein did attempt to purchased the yellow cake to make atom bombs. The Iraqi War was a “cash cow” for the military industrial complex’s defense contractors and Corporate America’s big oil, however it required a hoax for Corporate America CEOs to launch its huge profit agenda and to get the American public into the war. There has been no accountability to date for the big lie. Almost a trillion dollars, to date, have been drained from the U. S. Treasury into the pockets of corporate executives, investors and stockholders. “War is good for business” with the killing of hundreds of thousands of human beings being merely incidental to this profit making devise.

How many hundreds of thousands more innocent Iraqi citizens and faithful American soldier victims will be slaughtered in this fake war so that predatory capitalism, which interlopers have taken over the Office of the Presidency, can continue to rake in hundreds of billions of Iraqi petro dollars and from the sale of war weaponry before President Bush leaves office? Since the Iraqi War has been exposed as a hoax by President Bush’s own national Counter-Intelligence Czar, Richard Clarke, President George W. Bush is a criminal president who has orchestrated a well planned fraud upon the American public which has cost over a million human lives, comparable to a Bonnie and Clyde escapade, in his bogus extortion, drain, and rip off of the United States Treasury to pay for the purchase of the massive armament needed to continue his charade war. A windfall event for the MIC and oil company stockholders which directly and indirectly include President Bush and his father via The Carlyle Group. Did President George W. Bush and his Corporate America co-conspirators consciously know what they were doing in inventing the Iraqi War? Ask escape goat George Tenet, former head of the Central Intelligence Agency, who was repeatedly pressured to lie about Saddam Hussein’s acquisition of “yellow cake” from Niger (material to build an atom bomb), by Halliburton’s point man in the Bush Presidential Cabinet, Vice President Dick Cheney. The “yellow cake” purchase never happened as reported by outed U. S. spy Valerie Plame’s husband, Joe Wilson, to George Tenet, and George Tenet told President Bush so no less than nine times before giving in to Bush pressure to lie about it or be “left out of the loop.” Halliburton, which is making billions of dollars on the Iraqi War especially through its defense contractor subsidiary, Keller, Brown, and Root Services Corporation, recently gave its former government contractor and CEO Vice President Dick Cheney a 28 million dollar bonus, while Cheney was Vice President, for securing war defense contracts and while Mr. Cheney still holds Halliburton stock options. A “rats-nest”-type conflict of interest of astounding proportions. Vice President Cheney’s worth has gone from approximately several million dollars when President Bush took office to tens of millions of dollars seven years later, making $28 million dollars in just one day. When does the United States Congress investigate such conflicts of interest or does it? If President Bush and his Corporate America fellow stockholders invented the hoax Iraqi War solely to acquire large personal fortunes and intentionally got a lot of American soldiers killed unnecessarily due to the big lie, isn’t this corrupt white collar criminal activity treason? More accurately, isn’t this murder? Falsely sending American soldiers into harm’s way, unnecessarily, to be killed knowing they were going to be killed beforehand as soldiers die in combat? Let’s explore the dynamics of treason to answer this important question. The American public is entitled to answers here.

Let’s apply logic. If a country’s leader intentionally and unnecessarily kills his own people (falsely putting soldiers in harm’s way to die unnecessarily in order to covertly make a personal fortune), isn’t that treason? If President Bush created a hoax war solely for his family and his corporate and political cronies to acquire vast personal fortunes and lied about it to the American public fully knowing, premeditatedly, that American soldiers were going to die by the thousands unnecessarily due to his big lie (it is elementary that soldiers die in war), isn’t that treason? How does President Bush sleep at night? Yet, United States Congresspersons, demonstrating an absence of moral conviction and obviously only concerned about their own political survival regardless of their oath of office, as representatives of the citizenry, to protect the nation and its people, have failed to come forth to charge both Presidents Bush and his political and corporate “cronies” with treason – or even commence impeachment proceedings. By analogy, if a parent unnecessarily and intentionally positions his or her infant child to be killed by placing them at the edge of a 1,000 foot cliff, knowing by the intentional positioning that the child is certainly going to be killed, wouldn’t that be murder considering that it was premeditated, or at a very minimum manslaughter? If the Iraqi war was the big lie and President George W. Bush deceived half a million American soldiers, unnecessarily sending 4,000 young men and women in uniform to early graves, and unnecessarily getting thousands more loyal and trusting American soldiers wounded, maimed, and amputated merely so that President Bush’s family and his Corporate America “cronies” could clandestinely acquire enormous personal wealth from the hoax war by ripping off the United States Treasury and confiscating Iraq’s vast oil reserves, wouldn’t this represent a heinous offense of the gravest magnitude by a corrupt United States President and fellow corporate cronies against their own people?

Due to no U. S. Congress imposed accountability, a free Corporate America genocide of over 4,000 American soldiers and one million innocent Iraqi civilians to date has taken place, with Commander In Chief George W. Bush’s orders to start the bogus killings so that Corporate America (the MIC and big oil) could smile all the way to the bank. This is the face of predatory capitalism. A criminal-type capitalism run awry. And the citizenry and the U. S. Congress do nothing? Has the comfort seeking American population now become a nation of people afraid and intimidated? Or worse, cowards? Carefully avoiding any risk from Big Brother as they bask comfortably in their backyard swimming pools, not wanting to upset the status quo in a good economy? Where is the groundswell of patriotic and morally outraged Americans willing to protect the United States Constitution, the country’s democracy, and the future of their children and grandchildren as free individuals with freedom of expression, the right of dissent, expectations of justice in all things, and living under the rule of law? “The home of the brave?” Where? Why aren’t Americans en masse on their feet and marching and demonstrating against this corporate tyranny, predatory capitalism – big oil and the MIC – in defense of the country and its people not to mention the international community of fellow human beings? Who is defending America as its democracy and great heritage slips away, unopposed, to Bushism and a fascist state? If there is no resistance from the populous, an ill wind bodes for this country as police state fascism continues to deep anchor. If Americans’ freedoms slip away because of widespread apathy and U. S. citizens’ refusal to take a stand against an all pervasive evil upon their land and despotism sets in, past history projects that those comfortable backyard swimming pools will be stained with blood. That of themselves and their children. Especially if it comes to a second American Revolution to take back the country Americans refused to protect and defend from a de facto dictator or military junta. Freedom is not cheap as the brutal American Revolutionary War confirmed. The British, under another King George, slaughtered tens of thousands of American citizens in their homes.

Here is a message to patriotic Americans everywhere. Wake up. Best to draw a line in the sand now while there is still time. Already, President Bush has declared, as a war president, that he is bound by no law. This astonishing declaration freely translates into someone being above the law i.e. an American Nero. The signs are everywhere that America’s democracy is now under siege. Hoax wars for corporate profits and freedom of expression being trampled by the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act. Some resigned Americans have declared that it is alright to give up some freedoms in defense of the nation. When is it ever alright to give up Constitutional Freedoms? A willing relinquishment? Are Constitutional freedoms ever negotiable? Isn’t this the line in the sand? Where Americans should take a stand whether they do or not? President Bush has said, “My job would be a lot easier if I were a dictator.” “If it looks like a duck, quacks like. . . . . . .” History proves that despots, similar to predatory capitalist, do not mind wasting the population to achieve their ends. In the movie, Braveheart, King Longshanks statement referring to his own soldiers “Use up [waste] the Irish.” is relevant. Under Bushism, the corporate equation is lives for Corporate profits. Hundreds of billions of dollars of corporate profits to Halliburton and the Carlyle Group, to name a few, of which both Ex-Presidents Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, and President George W. Bush, indirectly as heir, are investors. Atrocities, indeed, are being committed by America via the Bush Presidency. The morality and moral conviction of the American people have now been brought into question by the world community due to the quite obvious absence of moral indignation and outrage by America’s masses. Even the British population morally rose against its government’s abuse of the citizenry of India to put an end to that tyranny, and again recently publicly assembled tens of thousands of citizens to express their dissent against the immoral Iraqi War. Unlike the British, where is the assembled public dissent of hundreds of thousands of American citizens who are now fully aware of America’s immoral war and the machinations of predatory capitalism?

The machinations of Corporate America, when billions are to be made, are beyond the belief system of the average person, and inconceivable to most, that anyone or anything could be that “evil.” America’s spineless U. S. Congress can be considered in complicity due to their nonfeasance – “failing to do what duty requires.” However, none dare call it treason. In fact, no one is calling it anything because no one is talking at all. Are Americans now afraid? For shame. For shame. Has the National Security Administration (NSA) intimidated Congress? The FBI recently showed up on a retiree’s doorstep interrogating him after the latter, during a gym workout rap session two day before, declared President Bush “an a…hole who bombs around the world for oil.” Is this type of active government oppression what is accounting for silent America? If so, wouldn’t that type of government action be classified as police state action or fascism? Fascism, by Webster’s New World College Dictionary, includes the “forcible suppression of opposition.” “If the shoe fits, ….” But more importantly regarding the American population, what about the courage of one’s convictions? What about convictions, period? Without convictions and a value system, doesn’t life become meaningless?

In terms of Bush and Company’s accountability, no where in American Jurisprudence does there exist an absent of accountability for the wrongful death or murder of even one innocent American citizen, foreign national, or a citizen of the international community of nations. It is estimated that American soldiers, under Commander In Chief George W. Bush’s orders, have killed over a million innocent civilian Iraqi men, women, and children since the war began and United Defense’s war weaponry and munitions began rolling off their corporate assembly lines and into the nation of Iraq. A million innocent fellow human beings are now in graves unnecessarily due to a grand scheme or rather grand scam committed by President George W. Bush, his father, and their Corporate America and political “cronies” solely for the MIC and “big oil” to make an enormous amount of money in the hundreds of billions of dollars by inventing a hoax war as a marketing devise to sell their goods and imperialistically pirate Iraq’s vast oil reserve. Yet Congress and the U. S. Justice Department remain silent. Repressively silent. One would ask at what time does moral conviction set in for these so called loyal and patriotic, rhetoric-filled U. S. Representatives, each of whom took an oath to defend America and the U. S. Constitution?. At what point does silence on the part of one officially having a responsibility to the country and a duty to speak become treason? It is axiomatic that to not oppose evil is to agree with it and, hence, become part of it. It is said, throughout literaure, that a coward can be shamed into action. Maybe there is still hope regarding America’s current United States Congress. Because of the large death toll from Corporate America munitions and weaponry, the new U. S. sponsored sovereign government of Iraq now calls Americans “butchers.” Does the term fit? A million of their citizens dead?

What if it were a million American civilians men, women, and children who were killed? Would it make a difference then? By any objective, civilized assessment from fair minded people, isn’t what the world is viewing American atrocities committed by President George W. Bush and his Cabinet to satisfy a booty mentality to get rich by declaring a hoax war to benefit big oil and the MIC? The operative word is piracy. How does recent atrocities not make the United States an oppressive regime and rogue state similar to the U. S. S. R. and Nazi Germany when genocide is being committed upon another sovereignty’s people? When do Americans blink the truth into reality? When the international community declares war on the United States for its transgressions and brings mass killing to American soil? Is any American or decent and humane individual in agreement with what is going on in Iraq regarding the million dead civilians due to a fake war of the military industrial complex to make big bucks? Would moral Americans accept themselves as hoax war “butchers,” killing millions of innocent fellow human beings just to make a lot of money, if given the opportunity or if the truth were fully known? Is this what Americans have become? Parties to atrocities? Or what the sociopath Corporate America Bush Administration is. Nothing less than predatory capitalists out of the box and running rampant and loose while the money is good due to the absence of the enforcement of laws designed to manage corporate abuse. Or, in truth, does the average American even have a clue as to the covert machinations of Corporate America?

The phrase has been heard for decades that “War is good for business.” But it is not good for the 4,000, as of March 25, 2008, duped but dead American soldiers sent home in wooden boxes to their parents, and the innocent civilians now in over a million graves in Iraq while the American military industrial complex and oil investors counts their bonanza war year corporate profits, the declared highest profits in their history – by selling genocide. In the name of human decency, when do morally outraged Americans go after this despotic Bush Monster who publicly declares he will obey no law, and is out of the cage very much on the loose, still kidnapping, still torturing, and still pursuing genocide, devastating this country’s heritage in his personal style of anarchy (“The Constitution is just a goddamn piece of paper” – Bush quote), and pirating the international community as well? As nothing is truly free, what karma are these greedy Corporate America types creating for the future safety of American citizens when retribution sets in motion from the abused world community? Academically, is the term monster inappropriate, non-intellectual, graceless, and unfair hyperbole? Let’s test this? Would intentionally killing one million innocent human beings unnecessarily based upon a hoax and the big lie, and selling an American invasion of a sovereign nation to the American public solely to create a charade war (good for business) – so that, in this Grand Scheme of these “white collar” larcenists and killers, Corporate America oil and defense industry investors, milking “insider” connections to a corrupt U. S. President, could drain the U. S. Treasury of almost a trillion U. S. Taxpayer dollars – qualify these white collar interlopers as monsters? Wouldn’t selling genocide for money be sociopath in nature and the wretched actions of abject amoral individuals? Cold, mercenary individuals without conscience or compassion? Genocide in a fake war created solely for money and corporate profits? Was “monster” truly an inappropriate and unfair term? “If it looks like a duck, quacks..” And Americans on the street still defend the Republican Party in complicity. The party of big business.

Regarding the Iraqi War and possibly the Afghan War, Americans have been duped by the Bushes and appear to be a nation of trusting, sleeping sheep who are starting to wake up and realize that they have been, once again, had by Corporate America. Predatory capitalism on the loose and running rampant while the feeding frenzy lasts. (Until President Bush’s golden Corporate America term ends this year.) The United States is now considered to be a lawless, rogue nation by an un-duped international community of nations since America’s invasion of Iraq and the United States’ piracy of the vast Iraqi oil reserves. It is interesting to note that in the USA’s sovereignty granting agreement with independent Iraq that the United States retains exclusive control over Iraq’s oil fields and oil profits. Why, if the U. S. invasion was due to weapons of mass destruction and al-Qaeda operatives being trained on Iraqi soil, unless the real reason for the U. S. invasion was Iraq’s oil and petro dollars for Corporate America and major MIC business. American soldiers need to know why they are dying. And so do their parents. That is owed to them. What is the fallout for the future of America from its piracy of Iraq’s vast oil reserves? History teaches that the duration of a great nation or empire is determined by the moral character of its people. Under this paradigm, how much longer will the United States of America endure under its present Corporate America oligarchic form of government? A government controlled by predatory capitalism. Is America a democracy in name only long since replaced by an oligarchy of the super rich which gets expendable American citizens killed so that it can realize huge corporate profits on its most lucrative investment, war, whenever its lobbyists can buy enough Congressional votes for the compromising latter to declare some war somewhere? Is money truly their only god ranking even above even moral conviction?

The reader has now arrived at the threshold of this serious treatise. Let’s continue this Foreword beginning this odyssey with President George W. Bush’s highly suspect Iraqi War, the current, wild escapades of predatory capitalism, and the great toll of human life that the Iraqi War is exacting so necessary for Corporate America to make big bucks. Regarding the Iraqi War, approximately a trillion dollars is now in the bank accounts of Corporate America’s military industrial complex and big oil executives and stockholders. Investors and corporate CEOs will agree the money is good. Excellent. With Corporate America, the profit equation seems to be the magnitude of the fortune to be made is directly proportional to the degree of erosion of its moral code. In the case of the military industrial complex, the magnitude of the fortunes to be made by selling its genocide product is directly proportional to the number of human deaths. The more deaths, the more needed armament sales to the U. S. government, and the more profits to be lifted from the U. S. Treasury the longer the war goes on. It is in the economic interest of the MIC to perpetuate the military conflicts. Peace is the enemy of defense industry corporate profits. There isn’t much return on small military skirmishes. The big money lies in the big wars. It takes large wars for the American military industrial complex to survive and keep its three and one half million employees on the job. In conclusion regarding many wars, it is all about money. Let’s review another area where predatory capitalism is reeking havoc on American citizens in addition to the number of Americans who are dying in President Bush and his corporate buddies’ money-making hoax war. The dwindling American workforce.

Eugenics and Social Darwinism

Social “economic justice” for a country’s population is a legitimate issue for the masses of all societies for it involves the fundamental concept of justice itself. Money is the modern day equivalent of survival. With an absence of economic justice comes the disenfranchisement of the masses. George Orwell once stated “A hierarchical society is only possible with poverty and ignorance.” This axiom represents a lock in of the status quo i.e. hopeless class differences with no upward mobility for the poor and the disenfranchised. It only works if the lower classes are kept ignorant and left with low income subsistence jobs that are designed to serve the rich and increase the latter’s corporate profits. Such a lock in of class differences is usually accompanied by preferential laws supporting such a status quo which are biased towards the upper class and discriminate against the lower classes some times quite harshly. Look at the gap developing between the upper and lower economic classes in America. What children of poor people can now afford the very expensive and hiked up tuition of a college education these days? Four times more than it was thirty-five years ago. Why? It appears the upper echelon “policy makers” have been privately at work designing how American society should be and is to be class structured. If the economic lower classes are kept ignorant via no higher educational opportunities, they can even die in war to help the very rich get richer via e.g. Iraqi-type wars. Is this the covert design of national policy makers in remarkably hiking up college tuition making such education almost prohibitive for middle and lower class citizens? But how did this economic class stratification and lock in of the status quo mentality get started? Let’s start at the beginning.

Historically, where did predatory capitalism come from? Is it the philosophy of eugenics and Social Darwinism? Eugenics is involved in creating a “superior gene pool.” It is cosmetically physical. Social Darwinism theorizes that the only true purpose of the weak i.e. the poor (the peon) is to serve the strong as Natural Law i.e. “survival of the fittest,” economically speaking. Try a simple riddle. What do Hereford cattle, thoroughbred race horses, and hybrid corn have in common? They all represent a superior gene pool. What was the fundamental fallacy when some of Charles Darwin’s followers attempted to economically apply a form of Darwinism, “survival of the fittest” to the masses of people i.e. Social Darwinism? Hereford cattle, thoroughbred horses, and hybrid corn are commodities and foods to be purchased and eaten. Human beings are not a food to be eaten or a commodity to be used by farmers or purchased in a grocery store. For predatory capitalists, people are commodities and soldiers and citizens can be used up and are expendable if it will result in larger corporate profits for the economic upper echelons i.e. the stronger. Sociopath predatory capitalism is synonymous with Social Darwinism. What did Adolf Hitler’s philosophy of a master race, from a similar superior gene pool notion, have to do with Hitler’s systematic extermination and cremation of six million innocent human beings, being Jewish people and German citizens, in his Final Solution? It was an expression of eugenics and Social Darwinism wherein, philosophically, the lives of the economic and racial lower class citizens were expendable in the interest of serving the economically and racially superior upper social classes usually being the “white, Christian”, (Arian) rich, and powerful. Hitler used the Jewish Question and the Jewish people, considered racially inferior (eugenics), as an escape goat for all of Germany’s woes after World War I, and as a ploy and vehicle for endearing himself to the German masses in his popular rise to power especially after blaming the Jews for burning the Richstag (Germany’s Congress). Didn’t President George W. Bush use a similar ploy, his war on terror, to endear himself to the American masses after 911? These considered socially inferior people, being Jewish, were economically exploited as slave labor in the German factories and killed in mass, as escape goats and polluting inferior gene pools, to serve Hitler’s ambitions of becoming head of state based upon an appeal to the German people’s egocentrism and eugenicists by forwarding the concept of an Arian “master race.” A superior gene pool. These crafty ploys demonstrated Hitler’s political acumen. The Jewish people, also German citizens, had no human value under eugenics and Social Darwinism. These were racial and economic “survival-of-the-fittest” philosophies, especially when the Jewish citizens were stripped of their property and means of employment.

Historically, and although shielded from elementary school children who necessarily need heroes to build patriotism, America experienced flamboyant Social Darwinism under a similar mentality of its past leaders. It is healthy for American evils to be exposed to the public so the country can have the opportunity to correct the error of its ways. American military commanders exterminated 19 million native Americans in the 1800s by giving the latter millions of small-pox-riddled blankets from Europe. These native Americans had no human value to many 19th Century European-descendant white Americans in the higher academic, economic, social, and racial echelons. To expose eugenics and Social Darwinism existing in America itself, Adolf Hitler, an avid student of history, actually admitted in his diary that he copied the United States genocide of the native Americans, which he greatly admired, in his Final Solution to the Jewish Question, and wrote about it. Could this enormous American evil (the premeditated murder of 19 million human beings) have historically set up Hitler’s extermination of the Jews, by emulation? The six million Jews murdered by Hitler, in magnitude, was less than one third of the native Americans exterminated by past American Darwinistic military leaders. Who might be the neo native Americans in the future? Until American leaders get the sacred of human existence, all human existence, straight in their minds, it may be a continuing case of “the pot calling the kettle black.” Atrocities anywhere are unacceptable by the civilized world. Americans were sickened by the My Lai massacre orchestrated by a young Captain Calle in the Viet Nam War wherein 504 villagers were slaughtered including small girls and children who were scalped first. These peasant villagers had no human value to Captain Calle and these class conscious soldiers. So shocking was this slaughter that a morally incensed American helicopter pilot flew between some small children and the advancing American soldiers and fired warning rounds into the ground in front of them to stop the carnage. Moral indignation is the foundation of any higher civilization. The relative current absence of public response and dissent from Americans as to the atrocities happening to the Iraqi people is disturbing and quite puzzling, indeed.

Social evil is evil no matter when and where it exists and must be resisted by the moral masses of the world at all times and at all costs or these same apathetic masses may be next in line. As a reality check, 67 million people were next in line in World War II just 62 years ago. Social Darwinism is a dangerous, dangerous mentality. Regardless of the necessary patriotic rhetoric taught to grade school children for the latter to have models and heroes to endear them to this country and cement their loyalties as future citizens, all is not perfect in America. American citizens must forever continue to strive to do it better, especially in the moral theater if the United States is to continue to be a great country.

In a profound sense, let’s consider American Social Darwinism and its possible connection to the 911 attack upon the WorldTradeCenter in New York City which killed 3,000 Americans. Was 911 the result of machinations of predatory capitalism which had nothing to do with the Taliban Regime in Afghanistan? What really happened that has been valed from the average patriotic American? Is Corporate America in the form of “big oil” and the military industrial complex concealing dark secrets regarding 911? Were hundreds of billions of dollars in future corporate profits what it was all about? What about almost a trillion dollars to date that has gone into the pockets of Corporate America investors and CEOs? Is a trillion dollars a motivator? Hence, the cliché, “War is good for business?”

Since this is an appropriate time to wake up the American public, let’s speculate on one of those dark secrets. Was the 911 attack upon the World Trade Center part of an agenda of American and Saudi Arabian corporations to get rid of the obstructionist Taliban government so that a huge gas pipeline could proceed from Turkmenistan across Afghanistan and to the Arabia Sea for world market, by guaranteeing American sympathy for a Taliban regime change resulting from a U. S. military strike? Did such a hypothesized Corporate America oil investors agenda also include an invasion of Iraq to pirate its vast oil reserves, regardless of the loss of human life (a million dead Iraqi civilians to date) due to an opportune nearby U. S. military strike force, being justified by Bush-fabricated claims of weapons of mass destruction and al-Qaeda terrorists being trained in Iraq? If so, this sociopath corporate agenda is a re-entry of Social Darwinism upon the American landscape wherein economic lower class human lives have no value to the economic upper classes and are expendable in order for the upper classes to realize enormous corporate profits. Preposterous? Let’s find out.

The above examples represent eugenic and Social Darwinist philosophies i.e. a superior gene pool classification and the economic upper class as the only franchised citizens. A racial and economic caste system concept. More towards an economic caste system concept, Social Darwinists view the only purpose of the economic middle and lower class citizens to be to serve the rich. These racial and economic philosophies of some upper class members of society discredit the universal value of all human life which falls outside of these specially designated perimeters. Social Darwinism and eugenics, as they are applied to people, are sociopath in nature. Their apostles have no conscience or human compassion and historically have been the despots of the world. These cosmetic socially evil philosophies just target survival of the healthy, the beautiful, the rich, the powerful, and the racially correct. Of Arian descent in Hitler’s case. Sociopath Adolph Hitler eugenically even killed (weeded out) the weak and sick among his own German people regarded as having no human value or individual human identify and therefore expendable, to achieve a superior gene pool, a master race, much like weeding a garden, e.g. the extermination of six million Jews, Darwinisticly, and to create a slave labor force from the latter. A sort of social “survival of the fittest” with physically, racially, and economically inferior human life discredited, disenfranchised, exploited, and at times eliminated all together absent any moral compunction. Such aberrant, evil social philosophies, which endanger all societies, represent a flight from justice, morality, goodness, compassion, and certainly any notion of human value or higher spiritual values. No civilized or egalitarian concepts here or notions of individual human rights, or individual human identity. Just a physical and economic survival of the fittest. A better ear of corn harvested by slaves. These are the characteristics of a ruthless society and the lower, savage animal world, void of civilization, wherein the dominant eat the weak. A dangerous mentality indeed, successfully suppressed by President Theodore Roosevelt, in the early 1900s, which mentality has re-emerged in America in the 21st Century with a vengeance in the form of predatory capitalism i.e. Corporate America.

For the eugenicists and Social Darwinists, people become commodities like vegetables and cattle who are expendable much like Corporate America’s using up the lives of American soldiers in Iraq and the killing of one million Iraqi civilians in its invented, charade war so that a few predatory capitalists could acquire enormous personal fortunes. The Corporate America hoax Iraqi War was the result of nothing less than President George W. Bush’s blatant big lie into the faces of a television audience of over a hundred million trusting Americans.This lie will be addressed subsequently and fully confirmed. The military industrial complex sells genocide to make big bucks by inventing hoax wars via buying presidents and money hungry U. S. Congresspersons. Wars are Corporate America’s most lucrative product if enough Congresspersons can be bought to vote for it. In the corporate profit equation, human lives are irrelevant. This manuscript’s mission is an attempt to wake up America as to what is currently happening to them, their country, their lives, their freedoms, and the future of their children as a result of predatory capitalism. Only the lives of the super rich capitalists have any human value in this Social Darwinian philosophy. There is no conscience included in eugenics and Social Darwinism regarding the value of the human identity of each individual or of the human rights of each individual regardless of their color, race, religion, unless they are in a higher economic class status. Nothing is credited by the Social Darwinists to human value, human uniqueness, or human intellectuality. To the eugenists, only a physically stronger and more physically attractive human stock, much like Hereford cattle, or human stock within upper economic classes is relevant, franchised, or enjoys protective class status even, to a degree, within the three scrutiny standards that measure “equal protection of the law” claims under the 14th Amendment. Appearances over substance.

Eugenics and Social Darwinism are cosmetic philosophies. Regarding human beings, the eugenicists look for a larger and stronger ear of corn, metaphorically speaking. A finer bred of livestock. The color has to be correct. Any defects are unacceptable. The aberration, as stated, is corn and livestock are to be eaten as food commodities. People are neither food, cattle, or a thoroughbred horse, and not to be considered as farm commodities. Such is the eschewed thinking of the eugenicists. The Social Darwinists follow the same exploitive mentality except, rather than physical classifications, they use economic status to determine who is or is not to be franchised. The lower economic classes qualify as the inferior and weak, in eugenic terms, whose only true purpose, in this economic survival-of-the-fittest philosophy, is to serve the rich and, in this respect, are fully exploitable having relatively very little human worth even to the point of society having license to kill them, if necessary, to serve the purposes of the rich. Witness the 4,000 dead Americans in uniform in the Corporate America hoax Iraqi War wherein most of these soldiers were recruited from the lower economic classes. Many were black high school dropouts ripe for the picking. Reflections of America’s United States Supreme Court’s infamous Dred Scott Decision and the past American Southern aristocratic culture’s economic philosophy whose foundation was – slaves. Abhorrent examples of eugenics and Social Darwinism alive and well in America then and now. Social malignancies to be excised by an alert and judicious American people least class injustices continue to thrive and engulf more and more Americans as the middle class continues to shrink in income and individual rights.

It is axiomatic that it is philosophically invalid to judge human worth based upon the physical makeup, health, bloodline, and economic status alone of each individual human being. Witness Steven Hawkeye, a wholly paralyzed college professor without movement, speech, or writing ability, with his revolutionary discoveries in outer space such as “black holes,” etc., and deaf, dumb, and blind Helen Keller with her intellectual contributions. Even Albert Einstein was relatively physically frail and flunked out of high school. An academically poor student. Some of the greatest thinkers and contributors to the human race were physically inferior and disabled, however their cosmetic physical attributes and limitations did not diminish their unique value as individuals and human beings. The axiom is human value is not based upon the accident of cosmetic attributes but personhood. The uniqueness of the human personality. Such eugenic thinking still “reeks” among Americans who are overly impressed by beauty contests, even though “looks” are a birth accident at best easily destroyed in an auto accident, rather than assessing the merits of one’s personality and personhood. Even with beauty, ”the bloom is off the peach” once the person starts talking. “Beauty is in the mind of the beholder.” Superior race thinking is based upon the shallow dimension of cosmetics and appearances and what is physically and economically attractive rather than the deeper substantive character and uniqueness of the human personality. A shallow concept from egocentric thinkers. One does not anchor self image and feelings of self worth in a jar of “cosmetic” facial cream which washes off but in who the individual is and what his or her credits, graces, acquired talents, values, convictions, and education are. An individual’s merits should occupy primacy over appearances (race) and social connections (economics) to sustain an egalitarian society. The Social Darwinists carried the eugenic philosophy a step beyond the physical and included personal wealth and upper class status as entitlements and to disenfranchise, exploit, and “use” the economically lesser members of the population, to enhance the former’s own personal needs and estate.

Hence, we have the profile of Corporate America and predatory capitalism. An evil to be dealt with by a just and decent society. An executive mentality which, if unregulated by law, would, metaphorically speaking, eat the population whole. Such is the case in America today wherein the super rich and powerful have bought the U. S. government and represent an American oligarchy, under the Bush Presidency, wherein Corporate America has replaced the nation’s democracy and Chief Executive with a shadow government via attaché cases choked with lobbyist money i.e. illegal bribes to hold the nation’s leaders in check to the will of predatory capitalism.

Regarding the Social Darwinists’ mentality and plan, only the super rich have any rights, and the economic lower classes, by conscious design, are to remain disenfranchised, used, and exploited and whose only legitimate purpose, as stated, is to serve the upper class. Suspicion should be addressed to the exorbitant cost of a college education today four times more and dramatically different than four decades ago wherein the poorest youth could attend such colleges as Texas A. and M. and be provided with housing and meals until graduation. Why was taxpayer money pulled away from education for the nation’s poor when education is the future of any nation, hence, granted the highest priority? Social Darwinists at work? Are secret eugenic and Darwinistic societies such as the Skulls and Cross Bones of Yale University of which President Bush is a member, working behind the scenes, possibly dictating the nation’s direction rather then the electorate, cementing class status in a drift away from egalitarianism? A secret aristocracy in conflict with the principles of America’s Founding Fathers?

In attempting to convert Darwinism into Social Darwinism, Charles Darwin’s apostles who put a spin on Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” concept, made the terms civilization and jungle synonymous. While no one discredits Charles Darwin’s enormous contributions to science regarding the theory of evolution among the species as correct except the most religious fundamentalists, his survival of the fittest i.e. the-big-fish-eats-the-little-fish proclamation appears a wholesale perception which is partially flawed upon a closer look. It does not appear to incorporate, within given species, a documented justice system wherein every member of a group eats and some species, such as elephants and baboons, mourn the loss of a member of their community, appearing to have compassion even for other species, similar to human compassion. In other words, there appears to be the dimension of innate grace within some species which separates their mentality, to a degree, from the savage survival-of-the fittest

instinct that Charles Darwin alludes to. It is this psychological dimension of grace which has lifted human beings and some species, above other species, in terms of evolution, and accounts for the higher and more powerful civilized state of humankind. So, even the-big-fish-eats-the-little-fish philosophy of the true Social Darwinist in itself is flawed.

Predatory capitalism and its sociopath followers use the philosophy of Social Darwinism

to justify its exploitation, destruction, and killing of the weak and the masses, declaring that such abusive conduct towards weaker fellow human beings is Natural Law to make the race stronger and, as such in an evolutionary sense, is legitimate and deserves no pangs of conscience. Hence, the anomaly of Adolph Hitler. This ilk believes this. Witness the aristocratic Spanish Conquistadors amputating the hands of thousands of native American Aztecs, archeologically found in holes, to make them beasts of burden, i.e. donkeys as their only human value, to carry baskets of stone from the Spaniards mines in the New World, in the early 1500s. Witness the Social Darwinian infamous United States Supreme Court Dred Scott Decision which declared African Americans non-human, personal property, and beasts of burden “no different than a mule”, who could be legally beaten and killed at will. Social Darwinism i.e. predatory capitalism is an evil that trades tens of thousands of human lives for money, oil, and power and then goes home, without remorse, and sleeps like a baby. It is axiomatic that when human life is traded in business as a commodity, objectifying individual workers and removing their value as human beings, such predatory conduct of unregulated, unlawful capitalism only begets evil and eventually results, if unchecked, in human slavery.

Regarding American eugenicists, even Margaret Saignor spoke of eliminating human

weeds. An eugenic 1927 United States Supreme Court decision allowed for the sterilization of 27,000 Americans, reducing them to a physical status tantamount to eunuchs The writers of “The Enlightenment Papers” (European writings that some scholars feel were the genesis of modern democracy which became manifest in the American Colonials’ Revolutionary War) would roll over in their graves if they saw what predatory capitalism is doing to America’s democracy today. With this review of these dangerous social philosophies, eugenics and European Social Darwinism, the deadly enemies of an egalitarian society, now transplanted like a continental disease to the United States, and regarding Corporate America’s predatory capitalism, a review of the George W. Bush Presidency is appropriate at this juncture.

Social Darwinist President George W. Bush

President George W. Bush, as U. S. Military Commander-In-Chief, has committed atrocities upon the civilian population of Iraq resulting in the deaths of nearly 1,000,000 Iraqi civilian men, women, and children. In his inventing the fabricated Iraqi War solely to acquire personal fortunes for himself and his political and Corporate America cronies e.g. Vice President Dick Cheney and Halliburton, he is a Social Darwinist, a war criminal, and mass murderer by any rational, decent, and humane assessment, for perpetrating the hoax war founded upon a lie and representing a premeditated genocide. America has no kings. President Bush, like any other person, is not above the law, and must be held accountable, along with his political and corporate co-conspirators, for his crimes against humanity wherein he reduced the value of the lives of thousands of faithful and trusting American soldiers and one million Iraqi civilians, now dead, to zero, all to make big corporate bucks. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq as confirmed by U. N. inspectors. Enormous big bucks. Unthinkable personal fortunes. Daring white collar bandits extraordinaire who found a way, i.e. President Bush, to raid the United States Treasury and drain it of almost a trillion dollars that went into their pockets to pay for President Bush’s hoax war. Corporate America had its men in position, Bush and Cheney, smelled blood – and went for it. The quintessential booty and exploitive mentality of the sociopath Social Darwinist. But what historical events led up to this ignoble chapter in American history wherein an American president, as an oil investor, and his father, who also was invested in oil and defense industries, and the latter’s Corporate America cronies, ran away with the United States government while the U. S. Congress, then dominated by the Republican Party in complicity, stood by and let it happen? The machinations of predatory capitalism and its ability to buy a United States Congress.

To repeat, capitalism, with a respectable dose of social programs to meet the basic human needs of the masses that the open market cannot address, is probably the most workable economic system in the world. Conversely, capitalism absent essential social programs to meet the basic needs of a nation’s people is destined to fail due to social unrest. Regarding this “respectable dose of social programs,” a good example is Germany, a democracy and economically thriving capitalistic state wherein everyone works, or the government places them in a job and transports them there if needed. Its prison inmate populations are at a minimum due to necessary social programs that help the population’s poor economically survive also with assisted employment to earn a living rather than the poor of their population being forced into crime to feed their children as is the case in the United States. As an example of needed social programs in America, the prison population is doubling every ten years with a present population of two million inmates at a cost of approximately $50,000 per inmate annually. That’s $100 billion per year each year of tax payer dollars which revenue could be spent on social programs to help these poor and the disenfranchised to earn a living. The cost to the American taxpayer will be $200 billion per year in ten years when the inmate population is expected to again double at the present rate to 4 million inmates because many American citizens have to indulge in criminality to feed their families due to an inability to get a job.

Economic class injustice is at the core of Americans’ criminality. American businesses will not hire an individual with any criminal record. Individuals, once errant of the law, find themselves unemployable for life due to their permanent criminal record and draconian employer background checks while rehabilitation programs are continuously ignored and shelved. This is tantamount to an economic death sentence. This phenomenon compounds the problem then forcing these once errant individuals into a permanent life of crime to feed themselves and their families. This dramatically inflates the prison inmate population on a continuing basis until these pathetic souls reach the grave. Social programs and legislation to end such employment discrimination – now engulfing 30 million Americans with felony records – and economic injustices would help, such as an addition to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1967 to include individuals with criminal records as a “protected class,” deserving of the strict scrutiny standard of evaluating 14th Amendment equal protection of the law claims, due to the heavy social prejudice and hatred that has been targeting this pathetic class of Americans for three centuries. To retain an egalitarian society, social programs such as the ones mentioned above have to be part of the political mix of economic philosophies which constitute American democracy, for “economic justice” to be attained. The continued absence of economic justice, usually stripped away by predatory capitalism, will keep inflating the country’s prison inmate population to the further endangerment of society. These disenfranchised, once errant economic lower class citizens have to be given the right to work in order to eat and survive through legislation ending such employment discrimination practices as an alternative to being driven into a life of crime. If this group’s permanent disenfranchisement continues, it will be to the endangerment of society in general as its members are forced into criminality and violence as their only source of income.

In terms of remedial sociology, America’s social philosophy should be one of rehabilitation rather than punitive and permanent economic destruction of a human being once errant of the law. With a criminal record, these disenfranchised Americans, who employers will not hire and, hence, cannot find work constitute an unresolved, shameful social problem in America and a terrible expense to the U. S. Taxpayer. It is clear from this example that capitalism per se without more is inadequate in addressing the needs of American society without necessary social programs in place to insure the most basic needs of the people – food, shelter, heat – will be met without citizens having to resort to crime to survive. One program could be economic rehabilitation of individuals once errant of the law by promoting legislation that makes it more expensive for an employer to permanently exclude these individuals from employment, due to background checks, than to hire them such as creating a new Civil Rights tort action with large treble and punitive damages, and actual criminal sanctions. Such legislation should parallel school busing legislation without which there would have been little integration of equally disenfranchised African Americans into mainstream American society. The same previous white social hatred for African Americans is still addressed to anyone with a felony criminal record. In black America parlance, they are the “new niger” and the recipients- of incredible social injustices. American society can no longer Darwinistically consider citizens once errant of the law of no human value or franchisement even to the extent of denying employment. Without such remedial measures, approximately 15 to 30 million once errant Americans remain unemployed and disenfranchised for life, and are reduced to economic slavery by having to accept jobs that are at minimum wage or illegally less i.e. slave labor if and when these jobs are rarely available. Such employment discrimination practiced by employers against once errant individuals amounts to incredible economic injustice and a lock in of no upward mobility or hope. These individuals are Corporate America’s windfall and big opportunity for exploiting American labor. The current case law that protect such employment discrimination, Hawker v. New York, 170 U. S. 189 (1898), and Hilliard v. Ferguson, 30 F3d 649 (1994), protect predatory capitalism. The loss of annual tax revenue from 15 to 30 million once errant unemployed Americans to the U. S. Treasury as employed taxpayers, due to this visionless state of the law, is equally staggering being one trillion dollars or more every ten years. Remedially, social programs should be anchored in place to rehabilitate this hopeless class of American citizens who once stumbled and commited a felony (to err is human) to re-enfranchise them employment wise so that they can have income to acquire the basic necessities of life short of illegal conduct and government handouts just to eat. Such remedial social programs and new employment discrimination laws would reduce America’s prison population and its enormous expense to taxpayers, and put trillions more tax payer dollars in the United States Treasury from their payroll taxes. This case in point regarding felons as a stigmatized class, among many in the United States, represents the need to sprinkle a capitalistic economic system with necessary social programs to franchise the entire population, without exception, regarding basic rights and basic human needs so that Country’s government will be a successful political and economic system in addressing the needs of all its people, as opposed to a failed system that discriminates in favor of the needs of the rich and upper class while ignoring the Nation’s masses. (Witness President Bush’s major tax breaks for the corporate rich.) In terms of social injustices, there should no longer be any “new nigers” in America’s egalitarian society due to Social Darwinistic and “stigmatized” thinking that created such discriminatory terms inspiring mass social hatred such as nigers, wetbacks, convicted felons, greasers, injuns, kikes, chinks, reds, pinks, Muslim infidels, and even at one time Mormons. Social Darwinistic economic caste systems can no longer be allowed to prevail in America. Such represents economic injustice which is a condition that will eventually spur the disenfranchised masses toward unrest and social upheaval.

President Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt, least it be forgotten, championed large scale social programs in the mid 1930s in his New Deal which got America back on its feet and working again, literally pulling America out of the Great Depression. Government jobs by the tens of thousands were offered to the American public for public works programs such as dams, the highway system, etc. Terms such as the left and leftist and the right and hard right are now highly stigmatized and paranoid terms which result in aberrant thinking and unhelpful government decisions, and should be outmoded as most economic systems in the world are a healthy mixture of several economic systems, to meet the basic needs of the population, in order to justice that government’s existence beyond being designated a failed economic system. The United States should not be concerned about South American nations that “lean to the left” as usually all that is happening is the creation of social programs to take care of the basic needs of the people. Communism is basically dead as a viable economic system and no longer a threat to America as there is no longer any Communist Manifesto calling for the violent overthrow of all capitalistic states, including America. So why is the United States concerned about social programs in South American nation states? This is stigmatized fallout from the paranoia of the Cold War Era which has left America so defensive and intolerant of other innocuous political systems resulting in the withholding of needed social programs. The quintessential example of the destructiveness of such stigmatized thinking (i.e. non-intellectual) is the Senator Joseph McCarthy Era of the 60s which ruined the lives of millions of Americans. Europe has had extensive social programs for some time unmatched in the United States one of which is socialized medicine desperately needed in America with more than half of America’s population without health care due to predatory capitalism and drug industry monopolistic price fixing. Since socialized medicine has not worked favorably with some European countries and as an alternative, a compromise could be struck in the United States by establishing more county hospitals and placing thousands of monetary caps on medical charges for health care such as many states have done with the legal profession’s charges such as the monetary recovery caps placed upon medical malpractice suits. America itself has many social programs that could be described as leaning to the left. Such stigmatized words and phrases are no longer helpful especially if they panic and blind America’s political leaders or cause the government to neglect its people and play into the hands of predatory capitalism.

It is the very compromise of capitalism with needed social programs that make capitalism the most viable economic system in the world. Without compromise, American capitalism, especially if predatory capitalism continues unchecked, could eventually fail or again be the possible subject of economic revolution as in the early 1900s when communism was on the rise to acquire economic justice. And fail it will is the population’s needs for basic subsistence are not met. America’s social programs in support of egalitarianism and the needs of its lower class members are lacking. The basic needs of the population cannot be ignored for long. If the percentage of the disenfranchised citizens under predatory capitalism continues to grow to major proportions, due to an absence of social programs (consider 51% of all Americans going without health care), such is the ingredients for major unrest and eventual revolution. Political scientists should keep this in mind when considering necessary social programs to address and meet the basic needs of the American people. Unless the basic subsistence needs of a population are met, economic caste systems will again develop, the country’s middle class will disappear, and the peon will repopulate the landscape. The American trouble making hawks who see red every time the term left is mentioned should temper such a reaction with realism understanding that some social programs are required such as county hospitals and food stamps. If food runs out, history shows that people will turn to anarchy such as the armed raid on the food warehouses in a New Mexico city during the Great Depression, when the people hadn’t eaten for three days. Capitalism cannot go unregulated or untempered as is illustrated by the destructive path of predatory capitalism. Leaving the complexity of capitalism as it relates to necessary social programs for a moment, the reader’s attention is refocused upon illegal capitalism i.e. predatory capitalism which is presently into major mischief regarding the Iraqi War.

There is an ugly cousin of healthy capitalism i.e. government regulated capitalism called predatory capitalism that may be a disruptive influence regarding needed social programs. Predatory capitalism doesn’t care about the poor, the prison inmates, the disenfranchised population financially unable, by themselves, to obtain a higher education, or the number of American soldiers that die in a money making hoax war but conversely exploits them instead and impedes their upward mobility. Predatory capitalism is an evil force that has the ability to and will destroy America if not stopped by laws already in place that will be enforced by a government not in complicity. Economic social class justice must prevail if a nation is to remain un-restive. To ignore economic class justice is to ignore a malignancy that will continue to grow until the nation becomes ill. To ignore the Social Darwinist mentality, predatory capitalism loose and unregulated, is to invite disaster sometimes of major proportions and irreversible that may bode ill for the nation’s future security. Witness the Iraqi War into its fifth year with almost a trillion dollars drained from the U. S. Treasury and world hatred and fear of the United States of America at an all time high. Under the George W. Bush Administration’s incredibly failed foreign policy, designated by former President Jimmy Carter as the “worst foreign policy in American history,” Americans, in the world’s perception, have once again become “the ugly American.” The culprit that has caused America’s present mess is greedy Corporate America i.e. predatory capitalism whose strong ally and poster child is President George W. Bush. This corporate mentality has been allowed, by the former Republican Party controlled U. S. Congress, to plunder the American population (gasoline at $3.379 per gallon with no world shortage of petroleum i.e. unsanctioned price fixing), and the international community (the imperialistic piracy of Iraq’s vast oil reserves).

Vladimer Lennon once said that the masses under capitalism are “useful idiots.” He was referring to predatory capitalism usually with the government in complicity as predatory capitalism can only exist when corporate laws, regarding monopoly and anti-trusts, are un-enforced. Under predatory capitalism, the innocent and unsuspecting (Lennon’s “useful idiots”) American masses have been and will continue to be mopped up, by an amoral Corporate America, like bread on gravy, until a responsible and responsive U. S. Justice Department applies stiff sanctions. Witness Enron’s raid of the Texas teachers’ pension funds and Exxon’s CEO absconding with a $400 million dollar retirement package which funds probably should have been distributed to its stockholders. These are white collar bandits, with the complicity of a bought-and-owned U. S. Congress that allowed Corporate America to invade these pension funds by not challenging the Bush Justice Department for its inaction i.e. complicity with Corporate America mischief. Americans have become too trusting of their business and government leaders. Their blind faith assumptions regarding the honesty of these corporate dens of thieves and corrupt politicians is not justified when considering the sociopath and booty mentality of America’s greedy corporate executive-types and the latter’s surreptitious marriage to corrupt government. A more jaundice if not jaded public eye is warranted. An American spoil system”, if you will, permitted only by a non-thinking, non-suspicious, and very assuming if not irresponsible American public. The characteristics of mass apathy. Such is the path to economic and actual slavery.

“Eternal vigilance is [truly] the price of freedom.” It is to be remembered that America’s Fore Fathers included the right to bear arms in the Bill of Rights to protect itself against its own government. Suspicion should be attached to a government that vehemently opposes Americans’ right to bear arms. The National Riflemen’s Association is an unappreciated blessing to America’s democracy, due to fascist police state rhetoric. Americans cannot afford to become lax in their vigilance at any time especially of their government. Historically, the rascals are eternally loose and just waiting for the opportunity to get near the “field of gold”. The deep pockets of the United States Treasury. Americans occasionally refer to Mexico as “the land of the mordida. (Greasing one’s palm for a favor.) If that is the case, the United States is the land of the big mordida. A classic case of Social Darwinism and predatory capitalism is that major tobacco company CEO’s recent secretly recorded orders to his board of directors to triple the nicotine content of their cigarettes to hook the seven-to-twelve-year-old children’s market. Was there a moral code operating there or concern for one’s fellow human beings by these top tobacco corporate executives? It is up to vigilant, suspicious, and questioning Americans to prove Lennon wrong about capitalism by not being so trusting and assuming, and not being “useful idiots” any longer, and demanding more accountability from those corporate types who are entrusted with Americans’ economic existence. Lately, merger after merger after merger of giant corporations have been allowed by the Bush Justice Department which corporations then replace competition with monopolistic price fixing. Gasoline at $3.379 per gallon. Since no help can be expected from oil man President George W. Bush, Americans should demand that their United States Representatives protect them rather than selling out to big business for big lobbyist dollars, – or vote these duplicitous, unpatriotic, and greedy traitors out of office. There is a responsibility in being a citizen. Unless Americans are willing to carefully monitor Corporate America and their government representatives, the relationship between predatory capitalism and the American masses will continue to be one of “lambs led to slaughter” due to the widespread apathy of the population. The American population must take responsibility and become more pro-active in monitoring their government. Progressive types in the citizenry need to again become involved and active as they were in 1910 in so successfully cleaning up the Nation and wresting the country from the grips of predatory capitalism. The next eye-opening query in this odyssey is did the 911 attack upon the WorldTradeCenter have anything to do with predatory capitalism? Inordinate greed is defined as “a desire which is at the root of all evils.” Let’s explore this inconceivable hypothesis by folliwing the dollar.

A Mission Statement Regarding Predatory Capitalism

911 and the WorldTradeCenter. From a gut reaction, one may instinctively ask what is wrong with this phrase and imagery that I can feel but cannot see? Did the current Bush Administration and its Corporate America cronies,” directly or indirectly, have something to do with the loss of 3,000 American lives in the WorldTradeCenter? Was a corporate profit motive hiding in the woodwork somewhere regarding 911? Americans need to read on and, in the process, they may find themselves numbed, shocked, and stupefied by revelations, high probabilities, and conclusive hypothesis regarding a possible sinister, evil, if not monstrous dark side of big business and Americans’ trusted government that they, in their innocence, apathy, and naivety never imagined existed or could exist. This treatise is an attempt to wake up America and arm United States citizens with information in a way that will enable them to defend themselves and their democracy against the covert evils of predatory capitalism and its current marriage to a corrupt United States government. This predatory capitalism is the same disloyal, cold blooded predatory culprit that is outsourcing American workers jobs by the tens of millions through an insidious Corporate America scheme called NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, to Mexico, China, Korea, India, the Philippines, and Indonesia just to make a few extra corporate dollars with no regard for the destruction Corporate America is leaving behind on American soil in terms of unemployed and economically wrecked American families. In fact, multinational (no loyalties or patriotism) Halliburton recently announced tha it was relocating outside of the United States, it is assumed, due to adverse publicity and to avoid future accountability. Remedially, the American government’s response should be to completely jerk Halliburton’s license to do business within the continental U. S. market especially if a new U. S. Congressional investigation determines this corporation was a major player in creating the hoax Iraqi war. At least one large predator will be gone.

This manuscript represents a struggle between good and evil. A major, no-holds-barred confrontation between truth and deception, written with deep commitment and passion towards defending America’s critically wounded democracy now on its knees, and America’s economic middle and lower class citizens who continue to become more and more disenfranchised each day. (E.g., the price of gasoline in New York is near $4.00 per gallon with no international shortage of crude oil.) The manuscript is also an attempt to save tens of thousands of human lives that may be lost in the near future in the continuing and bogus Iraqi War, a carefully orchestrated high revenue charade of Corporate America, by hopefully activating and amalgamating tens of millions of concerned and frightened Americans into the forces of good via the power of public dissent and the November election polls. Forces that will confront and stand up to the forces of evil that are now upon Americans in the form of a recent, seven-year-old marriage between corrupt business and corrupt government that is ravaging the population and devastating America’s future. This is a compassionate work in defense of human decency, individual freedoms, the re-enfranchisement of all American citizens without exception, and to stop a rampant evil which knows no bounds in ravaging the American moral, social, political, and economic landscapes. It is an out-of-control, uncontrolled, diabolical outlaw renegade called predatory capitalism that has no loyalties, nationality, conscience, soul, or regard for the value of human life and which operates outside of the law, both domestically and internationally.. This manuscript is also a call to policital arms to American voters at the November polls wherein complete victory – over a frightening and growing big-oil-pushed and MIC-pushedCorporate America fascist tyranny and a New American Imperialism heavily into international piracy in the form of the George W. Bush Presidency and his Republican Party in complicity – is within the reach of the American electorate who have the ability to turn it all around – if they just will via a grass roots get-out-the-vote major campaign to include the transporting of their neighbors and elderly relatives to the polls to vote. Regarding America’s “government of the people,” their power has always lied and still lies within the vote if they will just seize it.

Predatory capitalism is a cancerous tumor on the body of social man that was introduced to the Western Hemisphere when aristocratic Europeans came to the New World in the early 1500s. The Spanish encomenderos (nobles and hidalgos with a royal grant of land and slavery) devastated the indigenous population with a booty mentality – a residual from Europe’s Reconquest Era i.e. driving the Muslims out of Europe following Spain’s victory in Granada after a 700 year war – to acquire enormous personal wealth for the very few. This wealth for these franchised noblemen and aristocrats required repeated genocide of the native masses who were brutally exploited as a work force and literally worked to death even to the point of repeated depopulations. Predatory capitalism is not new to the world. So brutal was the depopulation of the native Americans by these aristocrats and nobles i.e. Social Darwinists to increase their personal wealth that there were no indigenous human beings left alive in many areas of the New World to work the aristocrats’ mines. This condition resulted in loss of tax revenue for which the Spanish Crown had to step in to protect the native population to insure the crown’s tax money to continue Spain’s military defense of the Roman Catholic Church in Europe. The Spanish encomenderos had the capital and superior weaponry which quickly muted the voices and resistance of the New World’s native masses. The native Americans were regarded by these European Social Darwinists, philosophically, as individuals having no human value or rights, being on the bottom of their economic caste system, and were maimed and murdered in mass, without compunction.

That same Reconquest legacy in Corporate America’s booty mentality thrives in America today wherein the destruction of human life (via hoax wars) and the disenfranchisement of the masses (with less than livable minimum wages) are necessary ingredients to produce enormous, booty-like profits and fortunes for Corporate America executives, shareholders, and investors while holding large segments of the working population at bare subsistence minimum wages. Witness Exxon’s CEO’s recent retirement package of $400 million dollars while massive outsourcing of American jobs is in process. A profound economic injustice issue. In terms of economic philosophy, as stated, the clinical name for this dangerous malignancy, metaphorically speaking, eating America and its people, is predatory capitalism. This deadly malignancy and its social ilk must be excised from the body of this Nation via the November voting polls and the enforcement of anti-trust laws that regulate corporate abuse if tens of millions of Americans are going to be able to economically survive, especially the ones whose jobs have been outsourced to Mexico, China, Korea, and Indonesia under NAFTA so that multinational (corporations with no loyalties that can hop from country to country) Corporate America can make just few more dollars while the American employment rolls continue to shrink.

When this manuscript was started, there were many questions unanswered regarding the 911 attack on the World Trade Center and the major, shaking events in American foreign policy, following that ignoble incident, which have disrupted the globe and left America’s future frightening and tenuous. There were many conundrums. Most of these questions have now been answered and all the pieces in the 911 mosaic are in place, except one. America’s two wars. It is more than probable that the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars were solely the invention of predatory capitalism. It is no longer speculation that the Iraqi War was the concoction of a United States President, his ex-president but highly financially connected father, and their friends and corporate “cronies,” and nothing more than a private business venture using an invented, hoax war to make a lot of money for a very few people. The influence in government of the American military industrial complex and big oil interests of Corporate America – in which Halliburton and the Carlyle Group were some of the major players with the full cooperation of President George W. Bush, his influential father, and the latter’s business and political Acronies” – made the hoax Iraqi War possible in order to handsomely line the pockets of these Corporate America bandits. There is high speculation, though unproven to date, that the influence of Halliburton, Unocal, and Saudi Arabia’s Delta Oil may have engineered the Afghan War to complete a huge gas pipeline from Turkmenistan across Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Arabian Sea. Only a new United States Congressional investigation will be able to translate that speculation and hypothesis into fact and reality. The Iraqi war dead were incidental and irrelevant to the ambitious profit making formula of the Bush family and the associated Corporate America CEOs who greedily eyed staggering personal wealth in the hundreds of billions of dollars. A bad Anest of rats”in this re-emergence of American Social Darwinism. These wars represent the re-appearance of the ugly face of the same unregulated capitalism which plundered America in the late 1800s with its seven-day a week sweat shops and child labor. The one piece in the 911 conundrum that remains a mystery is – did President George W. Bush personally have any involvement in the attack on the World Trade Center, directly or indirectly, which may have emanated from his and his father’s lucrative relationships with Middle East mercantile princes, “royals”, and heads of state and Bush family oil and defense industry investments? Such speculation is also fertile ground for a new U. S. Congressional investigation if that isn’t wishful thinking considering the makeup of the present United States Congress. Hopefully, an honest independent special prosecutor having no ties to any American political party will pursue such issues to provide answers to Americans.

The Extent of President Bush’s Involvement in 911 and Bush Foreign Policy In The Middle East

Historically, the Muslim-Jewish conflict has been going on for thousands of years as has been the Muslim-Christian geographical tug-of-war, especially in Europe resulting in the

Reconquest in the late 1400s wherein the Christians finally drove the Muslims from the European continent after a 700-year war. Hundreds of toponyms in Europe attest to the former

large Muslim presence. There appears to be no solution in sight for the Muslims and Jews regarding the creation of the State of Israel from the 1946 Jewish revolution in Palestine following the massive Jewish migration to Palestine orchestrated by the British government, except the acceptance of a permanent state of conflict as a way of life. The differences between these two groups are eternally non-negotiable and leave only a tenuous and violent co-existence to accept as a permanent state and part of life much like seasonal bad weather or the monsoons of Asia that have to be endured. Hopefully, co-existence agreements can be reached. U. S.-Arab relations, however, are not as hopeless.

There is a diplomatic solution for United States foreign policy which has disrupted U. S-Arab relations due to the United States’ open preference for Israel over the Muslim nations which diplomatic bias has now threatened the future of the United States, due to its economic survival being dependent on Arabian oil. The United States could have remained neutral thereby insuring the country’s future, critical oil needs. Why didn’t it? Were there other influences involved from Corporate America and big lobbyist dollars that biased American foreign policy in favor of Israel which unnecessarily resulted in extreme hatred from the Land of Islam towards

America which nation unnecessarily is now referred to by the Muslim people as the Great Satan? Was predatory capitalism at work here disrupting and at odds with our country’s national welfare? Remedially, what America needs to do is become pro-active in demonstrating that it does not prefer Israel over Middle East Arabian countries. This change in foreign policy would be a start in reconstructing U. S.–Arab relations and might end al-Qaeda world terrorism which appears to be fueling from a perception that the United States is the enemy of Islam. This perception must be changed if these Muslim nations are to ever cooperate with the U. S. in assuring the latter’s critical oil needs to industrially survive. Able diplomacy and statesmanship, in place of imperialistic aggression and Corporate America buy outs of the U. S. Congress, may pull the world out of this Jewish-Muslim-East-West quagmire. It is hypothesized that money driven predatory capitalism is the force that has compromised the United States’ relationship with the Middle East, endangering America’s access to needed oil and America’s future.

One reason this manuscript was written was to bring the real perpetrators of the 911 attack on the WorldTradeCenter, that murdered 3,000 American citizens, to justice. It is speculated, though unproven to date, that Corporate America and its Saudi Arabian corporate counter-parts were behind the 911 attack on the WTC. It is more than probable that these corporate co-conspirators knew of 911 beforehand but allowed it to happen to muster Americans’support for the invasion of Afghanistan much like copying the psychological effects of Pearl Harbor to get anti-war Americans into World War II. Many historians claimed FDR knew beforehand of the attack on Pearl Harbor due to proof that the Japanese codes had been broken before the attack. Many people knew about the 911 attack before it happened. According to the History Channel, it has been documented that 4,000 plus Jewish employees in the WorldTrade Center were called and told to not report to work on September 11, 2001.[ Why weren’t these 4,000 warnings reported to the U. S. Government before the 911 attack? Too many Americans knew of the impending attack on the WorldTradeCenter before it happened for the United States Government not to have know. Further, President Bush ignored all warnings including the one, a week before 911, that stated al-Qaeda Attack on American Soil Imminent. It appears President Bush also knew. It is speculated that Corporate America and its Saudi business associates hatched the attack on the WorldTradeCenter and the Afghan War solely to acquire unimaginable personal wealth through the removal of the Taliban Regime in order to construct a multi-billion dollar gas pipeline from Turkmenistan, across Afghanistan and Pakistan, to the Arabian Sea for world distribution. It will be subsequently confirmed in this manuscript that the Bush Administration hatched the hoax Iraqi War solely to pirate Iraq’s vast oil reserves and to allow the MIC to enter into a lucrative trillion dollars worth of defense contracts with the U. S. government, and for Vice President Dick Cheney’s Halliburton to supply American troops with billions of dollars of personal soldier supplies.

The sobering question is to what extent may President George W. Bush have been personally involved in 911? He certainly was guilty of the crimes of obstruction of justice in ordering that 147 terror suspects not be interrogated after 911, and an accessory after the fact by rapidly flying all 911 prime terrorist suspects out of the country within 24 to 48 hours, under his personal Executive Order. What is going on here? At a minimum, a cover up. No witnesses means no evidence. A destruction of evidence by the Nation’s leader sworn to defend the Country. Factually, a U. S. President derailed a criminal investigation after the murder of 3,000 American citizens. Stupefying. But why? What was President Bush hiding? His own complicity? His conduct represented criminal irresponsibility and reckless acts well beyond tampering with evidence in terms of ordinary police protocol by a head of state sworn to defend America. Whose side was President Bush on regarding this murderous attack?

This treatise attempts a wholesale engagement of predatory capitalism which, due to Congress’s inaction, has apparently purchased and taken control of the United States government and the Office of the Presidency, replacing America’s democracy with a bought and paid for oligarchy-type shadow government. This Corporate America shadow government, predatory capitalism via a big business puppet president, has managed to get its white collar bandits into and drain off the United States Treasury, for a charade war, of almost a trillion U. S. taxpayer dollars to date, wasted the Nation=s human resources through outsourcing tens of millions of American jobs, and, in the style of fascism, has heavily assaulted the U. S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights regarding individual freedoms. Witness President Bush’s illegal wiretapping for mass leverage blackmailing and the CIA’s abduction and torture of two American citizens, Brooklyn-born Jose Padilla and Yaser Hamdi, uncharged with any offense at the time. In terms of human decency, this manuscript is being written, partly, on behalf of a heart wrenching, dead nine-year-old Iraqi boy, pants soaked in urine, as he still lay tightly clutched in his bawling father’s arms,who died from a large American terror bomb probably manufactured by United Defense, a subsidiary of the Carlyle Group of which Ex-President George H. W. Bush is one of its original founders. This little boy could have just as easily have been an American schoolyard child in El Paso, Texas at the merciless hands of another tyrannical government. That young Iraqi boy will never see adulthood so Corporate America investors could grow enormously wealthy cashing in on a hoax war invented by Bush and Company which hoax has already been confirmed by President Bush’s Counter-Intelligence Czar Richard Clark and other “insiders.”. War is a great cash cow for defense contractors. Boeing Aircraft charged Uncle Sam $100 million dollars for one jet plane.

Knowledgeable Americans view this and do nothing regarding this abject evil. Something does not fit. This is not the America of the past. Such inaction does not match the passion of former Berkley students protesting another illegal and unjust war in Viet Nam. Something has changed. Or possibly the average American doesn’t have a clue as to what its shadow government and President Bush is surreptitiously doing in bed with Corporate America which entity has appeared to have taken over the American government.

It would be incredibly unfair to match up that nine-year-old Iraqi boy’s death with the American conscience as Americans are a good, moral, and generous people. The bomb that killed that little Iraqi boy was probably manufactured by United Defense of which President George W. Bush via his father, President George H. W. Bush, and their political Acronies@ are investors or devisees via their stock in United Defense=s parent corporation, The Carlyle Group. The Bush family, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeldt, Paul Wolfowitz, and other Bush political and corporate “cronies” are getting rich off expensive American smart bombs, sold to the U. S. military, landing on Iraqi cities indiscriminately and upon Iraqi civilians including small children who deaths number in the tens of thousands. Americans at home can’t seem to grasp the reality of what is going on and appear to be living in a surreal world regarding these atrocities and this bloodbath as American citizens watch basketball or the Disney Channel on television and eat popcorn. These deaths and these atrocities are quite real and ongoing. Over a million deaths to date. Enough dead people killed by American soldiers following President Bush’s orders to fill 15 Super Bowls with their corpses. Such deaths are the result of a “hoax” Corporate America war to make a trillion dollars. The hoax will be factually confirmed subsequently in this treatise beyond a shadow of a doubt. Review the film Fahrenheit 911 to appreciate this gripping reality of this Iraqi boy to determine if that scene crushes the heart of every decent person and brings the American conscience to its knees. This barbarous act is not the work of the compassionate American people but of a sociopath predatory capitalism and a corrupt, cold blooded, duplicitous puppet American president in tow to do his father’s and Corporate America’s bidding. In terms of world opinion, however, it is the American people are taking the hit e..g. some Muslim countries are calling for the death of all Americans anywhere they can be found. Americans must rescue their maligned reputation by dealing with this evil from within. The face that predatory capitalism is putting on America and Americans is not America, and the world must know this. Corporate America=s President George W. Bush, a war criminal by any international standard, has now murdered thousands of American soldiers and over a million Iraqi citizens via a hoax Iraqi War in exchange for 100s of billions of dollars in Corporate America profits for himself and his cronies. This astronomical white collar theft of the United States Treasury of almost a trillion dollars via a hoax war and Corporate America’s international piracy of the vast oil reserves of Iraq is an incredulous event that is so beyond the moral code of all people that it leaves most Americans stupefied and in numbing disbelief. It appears that Corporate America interlopers have managed to take over the White House. President Bush appears to be a puppet head of state responding to predatory capitalism’s every ploy as long as it brings him what has always eluded him. Great personal wealth.

With approximately one million human beings in Iraq in one million graves due to a corporate money-making hoax war executed by President George W. Bush, by what standard does the international community designate a war criminal? If the Iraqi War was a fraud perpetrated upon the American public and the world community by President George W. Bush for himself and his Corporate America friends to make billions, would President George W. Bush qualify, by international consensus, as a war criminal? If the war was a fraud and simply a money making charade of President George W. Bush and Corporate America which hoax war has unnecessarily buried almost 4,000 faithful Americans in uniform who trusted their Commander In Chief and one million Iraqi civilians, why would this charade not qualify as mass murder? Why wouldn’t such an evil scheme by Bush and Company not be a United States government genocide upon an innocent people? A Corporate America war declared upon another nation from an invented hoax for U. S. defense contractors and oilmen to make a trillion dollars. Should the American people stand by and let these U. S. atrocities continue and allow more American soldiers unnecessarily die for a profit making hoax of the MIC and big oil? What parent would agree with that. Since the hoax war has already been publicly confirmed by the United Nations inspection team, President Bush’s counter-intelligence czar, Richard Clark, Joe Wilson who told the CIA’s George Tenet that Saddam Hussein had not purchased “yellow cake” to make atom bombs, Lawrence Wilkerson who was President Bush’s Iraqi war advisor from the start who, on national television, told the country that he cannot live with himself, and many others, should President George W. Bush, his father, and his co-conspirators who helped fabricate the big lie be tried for treason by the U. S. Congress and American courts, and further tried by an international tribunal as war criminals? If not, why not short of an American hypocritical double standard? What conduct would constitute treason? This question to the American people requires a logical response and the courage of one’s convictions. Simply put, is President Bush a white collar criminal along with his father and their cronies in falsely invading Iraq for corporate profits? Wasn’t Iraq’s Saddam Hussein just hanged for a similar genocide, by American standards? If there is a double standard when it comes to American despotic killers, there is a moral issue here indeed? Honest assessment and the phrase the courage of one’s convictions now come into play here for a righteous American people.

This manuscript attempts to stop this rogue, criminal American President and his co-conspirators, his father, Vice President Dick Cheney, Halliburton=s Angel of Death, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, former Under Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, many other political cronies, and Corporate America executives from further damaging America and the international community. The latter two have since departed from the Bush cabinet but their influence remains unknown. However, their accountability remains intact. These anarchical parties collectively have violated almost every American civil right, Constitutional law, criminal law, international law, and the civilized Rules of the Geneva Convention. In unbridled roguish and outlaw fashion the likes of which are unparelled in recent U. S. history, President Bush and Company have covertly orchestrated intentional genocide on a Middle East country fully known beforehand to have been innocent of any alleged transgression upon the United States. This small group of white collar criminals and corporate petty thugs occupying and controlling the Office of the United States Presidency – into illegal wiretapping, physically torturing uncharged American citizens, kidnapping foreign nationals from the latter’s own soil i.e. “renditioning,” permanently imprisoning “suspects” only at Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility with no charge, right of bail, representation, trial, or habeas corpus hearings, and imperialistically pirating another sovereign nation for their vast oil reserves violating international law – is rapidly converting America=s democracy into a fascist police state along with the Patriot and Homeland Security Acts which impose limitations on U. S. citizenz’ Constitutional freedoms. Roguish and almost belligerent and defiant President George W. Bush=s unconstitutional usurpation of the powers of the legislative and judicial branches of the government, under his Unitary Executive Theory, assumed war powers, and Asignature letters,@ all designed to consolidate the three branches of the American government under the Executive, have, in form, effectively created a de facto American dictatorship with all power within one man.

As head of the world=s only non-stoppable superpower, President George W. Bush is terrorizing the international community of nations and has rendered the United Nations irrelevant along with the humane Rules of the Geneva Convention, in place since 1864, that proscribe physical torture or abuse of prisoners of war, putting an end to the Roman Catholic Church’s Spanish Inquisition torture methods still in place thirty-two years earlier in 1832 Just as Mahatma Gandhi and the impotent people of India had to rely upon the moral and spiritual code of the British people to halt an oppressive British Empire, the international community, impotent to stop the American Superpower, now is at the mercy of the moral and spiritual code of the righteous American people to stop this new transgressor Adolph-Hitler-of-the-21sCentury type, and his Cabinet and business cronies, the MIC and “big oil.” The Bush Cabinet along with their Corporate America co-conspirators now constitute America’s Monsters, Inc. Mobsters, Inc. might also be appropriate. Predatory capitalism, identical to that of the late 1800s and early 1900s, addressed by trust busting President Theodore Roosevelt, has returned to the United States and this time with a vengeance in overwhelming force, and is creating, in America and on the world=s stage, dynamics that are translating into the current problems troubling the world community of which the attack on the World Trade Center, it is speculated, is but one manifestation of the reappearance of this profound evil.

The 911 al-Qaeda terrorist attack on the WorldTradeCenter evidenced increasing world tensions among the many competing ethnic and theological culture regions of the world in the 21st Century. It is enough to have a heritage of conflict and violence thrust upon modern day civilization. The addition of despotic world leaders to this legacy of conflict has resulted in tens of millions of human deaths and the death toll will continue to rise as long as despotism exists. However, to blame current world conditions on ethnic and cultural differences would be grossly misleading. The only path to a secure, peaceful, and civilized world is a respect by each country for the sovereignty of all nations. Exploitation of sovereign countries, in the community of nations, by military aggression and imperialistic adventuring of ambitious, corrupt, and powerful transgressors, seeking to expand their wealth and influence, nothing short of piracy, must come to an end if global peace is to be sustained. The United Nations was established to prevent such transgressions and remains the best option for continuing peace among nations. Once there is no longer a respect for this world organization, dedicated to peace, from rogue and outlaw nations pursuing aggression and imperialism upon their neighbors, the world community once again becomes endangered, history darkens and repeats itself, and tens of millions more human beings will die as the despotic Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and Mayo type characters historically keep entering, in a never ending ego-centric parade, on the world stage.

The Bush Presidency, under the leadership of President George W. Bush, with its aggressive, imperialistic adventuring upon other sovereign nations such as Iraq and possibly Iran, Syria, Venezuela, and North Korea in the near future, represents a renewal of tyranny in the form of a powerful New American Imperialism. The jury is still out on the Afghanistan war and the true motives behind the United States of America=s invasion of that country which invasion was so eerily coincidental with Corporate America Unocal=s and Halliburton=s need for a regime change to oust the obstructive Taliban regime from Afghanistan to proceed with its enormous gas pipeline project. This huge pipeline was to proceed from Turkmenistan, across Afghanistan and Pakistan, to the ArabianOcean, and on to the world market, designed to net these American

corporations and a Saudi corporation, Delta Oil, tens of billions of dollars but was held up by the Taliban regime which Unocol refused to deal with due to its instability and civil war. Is this coincidence or mercenary corporate design especially when $100s of billions of dollars are on the poker table? In the midst of such corporate adventuring, the United States engages in nation building, a euphemism for nation destroying, in Afghanistan and appoints Hermid Karzai, a Unocol employee, as Afghanistan’s new president. The scent is as strong as garlic. Without a respect for international law and the sovereignty of all nations, the Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler types of recent times will continue to reappear upon the world=s stage and play out their ignoble roles in history with an incredible toll in human lives. With the hoax invasion of Iraq costing a million civilian lives, paralleling Hitler’s invasion of Poland, should President George W. Bush’s name historically be included on this ignoble list of world despots? Poland was also a sovereign nation. Hitler’s Nazi army didn’t kill a million Poles. “If it looks like a duck, and . . . .”

There has to be voices, a voice, or at least one voice, to stand up to predatory capitalism and its creation, the New American Imperialism, that is presently slaughtering innocent human beings around the globe with insensitivity and without compunction, solely to net corporate big bucks in the billions of dollars. Like the British people rising to oppose its abusive government in India, Americans are a moral people of conviction and conscience once they know what is going on and the wool is no longer pulled over their eyes. What is going on is genocide on a global basis pushed by Corporate America=s pursuit of the Almighty Dollar via a hoax war or wars. Americans are all part of the universal brotherhood of humankind and, as such, we are all brethren in a civilization living under universal moral codes. Brothers and sisters worldwide regardless of nationality, culture, or one=s particular pigment level the latter of which, un-mystically, is just the human body=s geographical response to the cancer-causing ultra violet rays of the sun. It is morally axiomatic that no person or government has the right to kill his or her brethren or fellow human being, short of self defense. Otherwise, the world returns to barbarism and the plundering of one’s neighbors. Civilization then slides backwards into the jungle, and in this absence of the rule of law, respect for law, and the sovereignty of nations, no one is safe and the world becomes savage and again develops a collection of plundering hordes as in the Dark Ages. Without the rule of law and a respect for the sovereignty of nations, the Dark Ages could return and murderous, roving, pirating hordes could again plunder the lands with new Ghengis Khan’s constructing mountains of human heads in every city they pirated and rampaged. Law abiding Americans and the world community cannot ever allow despotism to effect such a societal regression. World civilization has followed the tenet “Thou shall not kill.” for thousands of years since the Mosaic Code and it has spared civilization. In the seven years that President George W. Bush has been in office, he has empirically operated outside the law, American and international, and 4,000 Americans in uniform and one million Iraqi people, due to a Bush and Company hoax, are now dead solely as a result of this man becoming President of the United States. President Bush individually and his Corporate America co-conspirators are responsible for all of these deaths. Irrefutably, this is despotism by any culture’s measurement.

The New American Imperialism, under America’s President George W. Bush, endangers humankind and represents a moral and spiritual bankruptcy of the United States government. What is spawning this New American Imperialism, for the most part, is a mass killer of people, the United Statesmilitary industrial complex, which must have continuous wars to exist and keep its millions of employees fed and on the job. The U. S. military industrial complex, America’s defense contractors, is nothing more than Corporate America and the ugly, sociopath face of unbridled and unregulated predatory capitalism so vividly represented by ABushism@ and President George W. Bush who currently is leading that Corporate America military industrial complex to the Promised Land of unimaginable wealth. The almost one trillion dollars that, to date, has paid for the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars from the United States Treasury, all went into the pockets of Corporate America, its executives, investors, and stockholders. The down side to Bushism=s historical booty mentality is that it requires the continuous digging of mass graves to dispose of human remains i.e. dead American soldiers, non-American soldiers and Iraqi civilians which number has shockingly past one million. This atrocity and mass genocide appears to be a quite acceptable income producing component of this profit generating military industrial complex colossus which mentality allows these sociopath plutocrats to go to bed at night and sleep like babies. The evil face of predatory capitalism. As President Bush unabashedly stated at a dinner fund raiser of greedy Corporate America CEOs, AYou are the haves and the have mores, and you are my base.” Review the fillm, Fahrenheit 911. An unabashed, shameless open admission of corporate greed. It is once again the classic tug-of-war between the moral forces of a society versus corrupt economic and political power. Good versus evil. Rascals do run loose especially if the price is high enough. How about in the $100s of billions of dollars? Would that price be right to create a hoax war if this were the amount being considered by big business?

The collective power of world morality is now being put to the test to determine if human virtue is more powerful in shaping global human fate than government despotism and the AAlmighty Dollar.@ If people rise in resistance to wrong, any wrong, it is because human values, morality, and human decency are still paramount above all other civilized values. A classic sign of fascism throughout history is the burning of the books especially those that disagree with one=s ruler, government, or religious leader. Manuscripts such as this one being written are at risk in some governments. Possibly even in the United States if the government attempts to shut down its publication. America is becoming a fascist state, if not already one, especially under the Bush Administration, that is rapidly replacing America=s democracy and bringing the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights – rights historically designed to protect the individual against his or her own tyrannical government – under heavy attack. The failed Alien and Sedition Act under President John Adams and the failed Sedition and Espionage Act of 1917 under President Woodrow Wilson were designed to destroy the First Amendment but were defeated by an alert and brave America. Kudos to those individuals now Americans’ Forefathers. Under President George W. Bush, the First Amendment is again under attack in an attempt to destroy the individual freedoms of speech, expression, public assembly, and the press, and, like the above mentioned failed legislation, only a vigilant, patriotic, and courageous American people can stop such a strong, incoming tide of fascism i.e. an American police state which appears to be upon the United States and, frighteningly, taking a strangle hold on America’s democracy, with President Bush publicly declaring that, as a war president, he will only obey the laws that he wants to. A self proclaimed American Nero. Scary. It is a short distance between a fascist state and dictatorship. Can it happen in a democratic country? Witness Napoleon and Hitler and the 100 million lives lost under their despotism. Is despotism dangerous – enough for Americans to be concerned? Under paranoidic purges by two other renown despots, China’s Mao Te Sung executed 37,000,000 of his people and the USSR’s Joseph Stalin executed 26,000,000 Russians.

Unless Americans everywhere continue to have the courage to remain vigilant and be willing to risk standing up to evil where ever the latter manifests itself in whatever form, the human plight in this country will be lost along with any notion of a high civilization or ideologies of individual liberties, freedom, equal rights for everyone, the disenfranchisement of no one, no class preferences, or the defeat of Social Darwinism. These rights have always accounted for the high egalitarian plateau that human expression and individual safety have enjoyed in America. Without continually standing up for what is right, tyranny will deep anchor and civilization will regress wherein nothing and no one is safe, slavery returns, and human life has no value at all. A kill or be killed dimension much like the animal world then follows with only the stronger territorial war lords prevailing at astronomical tolls in human lives. This phenomenon is currently plaguing African nations. If Americans continue to sleep with huge apathy among its population, America could regress from a democracy into absolutist forms of authority, and all of its gains in terms of individual freedoms could be lost. As a reality check, Americans were under the thumb of an absolute, cruel monarch just 231 years ago. The notion then of individual freedoms was absurd. Things can happen and quickly. This was the primary reason the right to bear arms was included in the United States Constitution – as a citizen’s defense against his or her own government in the event a despot took over. The right to bear arms gives a population primacy over its government. Any governmental effort to limit or remove Americans’ right to bear arms should be fiercely resisted. It is a population’s only defense against a despotic take over. If the American government proceeds under the United States Constitution and the “rule of law,” there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. A clear signal of tyranny on the horizon is when a government attempts to remove arms from its own population. Law abiding citizens remain law abiding with or without arms and the right to bear arms. And criminals the converse. Regarding fascist police zealots, they should understand that it isn’t the possession of arms that leads to crime but the mentality of the possessor. Soldiers possess arms domestically and are not shooting everyone.

With the loss of democracy, a return to Social Darwinism and a Asurvival of the fittest@ class mentality could return in America in the form of royals, nobles, aristocrats, and mercantile princes which would spell the beginning of the end of liberty and individual freedoms and the re-introduction of slavery such as existed in the American South just 143 years ago. Sleeping Americans should be forever cognizant that salvery existed in America just seven generations ago. Human beings were slaves. A failure in moral courage and conviction by the American masses could bring about such a dark day for this country, and perpetuate the relentless mass killing of one=s fellow man, under a continuing parade of despots and absolutist forms of government. Is there something for American citizens to worry about in President Bush’s declarations that he is bound by no law, his assault on the Bill of Rights, his attempted consolidation of the three branches of government, his deepening infringement on individual freedoms, his ten-month physical torture of uncharged American citizens Yaser Hamdi and Jose Padilla, the FBI’s interrogation of Americans criticizing America’s current president, President Bush declaring that the U. S. Constitution is “just a goddamn piece of paper,” and President Bush being in bed with Corporate America’s piracy regarding the Iraqi oil fields and the military industrial complex’s need to sell the government billions of dollars of weaponry to survive? A rhetorical question. President Bush is acting like a rogue president more and more each day and continues to scare Americans and the world. Are there limits to his lawless behavior and where will his reckless, capricious acts take America? Some take comfort in the fact that President Bush’s term of office is coming to an end. The real essence is what safeguards in government were not in place, that now should be created remedially, that permitted such a “loose cannon” to ride rough shot over the American heritage and the world community. More importantly, what fascist elements that President Bush has created will remain in place long after he is gone.

As stated, predatory capitalism=s biggest, most rampaging monster on the political landscape of the United States is the American Amilitary industrial complex.@ President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was a good man with a social conscience seriously concerned about the welfare of America, warned of the MIC. He stated in his farewell speech, AAmericans must guard against over influence [and infiltration] by the military industrial complex within the United States Government.” As commander of the Allied Forces in World War II, General Eisenhower dealt with the MIC. As such, there could not be a more credible source regarding the dangers inherent within the American military industrial complex for Americans and the world=s community of sovereign nations. An industry that must have continuous war and genocide to survive and keep its three and one half million employees on the job which refuses to convert to peace time manufacturing. Weaponry is where the big money is.

The American military industrial complex=s business is the mass killing of human beings. The product the MIC sells is genocide. Weapons have one purpose. The fact that the MIC continuously invents wars – through political pressure to economically survive through the massive sale of weapons of war via the transfers of large amounts of lobbyist money to receptive U. S. Congresspersons for their war vote – makes the MIC a mass murderer and Aserial killer.@ Using its massive production of people-killing war weaponry to exterminate hundreds of thousands of human beings on a continuous basis, the MIC keeps its millions of employees working and realizes unimaginable wealth in the hundreds of billions of dollars. In the Iraqi war alone, the MIC has made almost a trillion dollars – which U. S. taxpayer money withdrawn from the United State Treasury could have gone to pay for highways, schools, college loans, and public facilities – selling massive amounts of weaponry and munitions to the United States Government through handsome defense contracts. Many of these lucrative contracts are awarded to defense industries, indirectly and directly invested in by heir President George W. Bush via his 86-year-old stockholder father and friends. Hence, these contracts are awarded by President George W. Bush to himself as oil and defense contractor investor via his father and the latter’s friends. Aside from this massive and illegal conflict of interest, many of these defense contracts are illegal no bid contracts going to these “insider” Bush cronies.. This is government corruption as a work in process.

The mass killing of human beings is lucrative business. The motto of the MIC is AWar is good for business.@ To the MIC and predatory capitalism i.e. Corporate America, it makes no difference that the people killed by the tens of thousands in hoax wars, such as Iraqi civilian men, women, and children, are innocent. The only relevant consideration to the MIC is the hundreds of billions of dollars in corporate profits. To these corporate mercantile princes, human rights and human value have been reduced to zero. A return to European-style Social Darwinism i.e. economic Asurvival of the fittest@ wherein, historically, the common man had no value and was wholly expendable and whose only purpose in life, philosophically, was to serve the rich even with his or her life if needed. Cannon fodder. If Americans knew the truth, would they agree with the proposition of Corporate America and Bushism that they are only cannon fodder for the rich and powerful?

Unregulated predatory capitalism, whether it be in the form of the MIC, the oil industry, the medical community, the drug industry blocking cheap foreign drugs, lending institutions, or defense contractors, is out of control for one reason. Predatory capitalism=s strong marriage to the United States Government – especially with the cooperation of President George W. Bush and his father investor and partner in the Carlyle Group, the defense contractor supplying arms for the Iraqi and Afghan wars – is the union that is making it all happen. The government has been hijacked by big business. Due to their fraudulent invention of the charade war in Iraq, these political and corporate Acronies@ of the Bush family, and the two Bush presidents, have collectively committed treason in the intentional and premeditated murder of 4,000 American soldiers as Bush and Company knew these Americans were going to die, as soldiers die in combat, in an unnecessary hoax war falsely invented and hatched solely for Corporate America to acquire the Almighty Dollar. Trillions of them. To date, a million people have been killed because of the big lie. A major irrefutable atrocity committed by the United States government by anyone’s definition. The Iraqi War was nothing more than a money making gram scheme of

of the corporate rich and wicked that worked. Short and simple, Americans have been hoodwinked by these covert corporate raiders who worked their way into the United States Treasury. A “nest of rats” that has devastated America by having big business’s puppet President and corporate co-investor, George W. Bush, leave the back door open for them, giving them the key to the U. S. Treasury from which these interlopers have drained almost a trillion dollars. Using the amount of tax payer dollars lifted from the U. S. Treasury taken as a standard, this combination of Corporate America pirates would dwarf any major drug cartel. This group of white collar bandits must now be dealt with by the criminal justice system for the crimes they have committed being murder, treason, theft, conflicts of interest, accepting bribes, into illegal no bid contracts, obstruction of justice, perjury, accessory after the fact, aiding and abetting the enemy, lying to America, and betraying the Country, to name a few. The question is does the American population still have the stomach for justice and the convictions to correct what is wrong with this Nation, or is it more comfortable to remain apathetic, putting no ripples on the water, than to accept the responsibility of citizenship which incorporates accountability? Britain’s former Prime Minister Nevelle Chamberlain’s apathy in refusing to confront the Nazi tyranny resulted in World War II. To allow piracy is to perpetuate piracy.

On the question of premeditation regarding mass murder by Bush and Company in its invented war against Iraq, witness the 25,000 graves dug by the United States Armed Forces before the commencement of the Gulf War in Aanticipation@ of American deaths, by Ex-President George H. W. Bush. Hence, did President George W. Bush know that American soldiers were going to die by the thousands due to the big lie i.e. weapons of mass destruction, training al-Qaeda on Iraqi soil, and Saddam Hussein purchasing “yellow cake” .to make atom bombs? Of course he did. An elementary fourth grade school child knows soldiers die in war. Hence, President George W. Bush murdered those boys and girls in uniform by intentionally, and with premeditation and aforethought, sending these soldiers into harm’s way and to their graves, unnecessarily, based upon a lie, to achieve a private covert corporate money making agenda. A booty mentality extraordinaire. The acquisition of incredible personal wealth with Corporate America profits nearing a trillion dollars. What ever said that along with the United States Presidency came a license to steal. Wealth has been a goal that had eluded President George W. Bush most of his unsuccessful business life as an entrepreneur and oil man. Economically, his life, like his oil wells, had been a “dry hole.” That is before he and his father became Presidents of the United States. With his father as an investor in the Carlyle Group which owns a huge American corporate defense contractor now supplying both wars, United Defense, and President George W. Bush being the heir in probably five years of 86-year-old President George H. W. Bush, President George W. Bush, in essence, sold massive amounts of armament, as a defense industry investor, to himself as Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces, in a shameless, and mammoth conflict of interest, to execute the Iraqi and Afghanistan hoax wars for corporate profit. When is accountability applied for Mr. Bush’s atrocities? Will there be no accountability?

Pre-planned atrocities and genocide for Corporate America big bucks in the $100s of billions of dollars. This is a repeat of the military industrial complex’s same profit making agenda netting S100s of billions of dollars in inventing the Viet Nam War with the bogus Gulf of Tonkin incident that never happened, as America’s basis for its invasion. Money buys U. S. Congressional war votes. In a historical sense, Corporate America defense contractors learned well from Germany’s Krupp munitions manufacturer that war was quite lucrative. Millions of rotting bodies are irrelevant. The dead are middle and lower class citizens. Not these plutocrats or their children. In a sobering sense, this is the profile of profound evil. These atrocities provoke moral outrage, not only among Americans, but among decent people everywhere. Defense contractor genocides must stop and stop now. This corporate evil must end. The American people can legislatively put a stop to these atrocities – if they just will. Moral American leaders need to start making their way to the center of government.

The profound question raised in this treatise for nervous Americans is – What have we become? Is America still the same country scripted by the drafters of the U. S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence? Or – has America silently and covertly been transformed into some strange, unknown political entity unfamiliar to most of its citizens? Factually with America’s military invasions of Guatemala, Granada, Columbia, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Panama, Nicaragua, Viet Nam, Laos, North Korea, Cambodia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and its terrorist Operation Mongoose in Cuba and the list goes on, is America now the de facto New Evil Empire?Who has America not attacked? The imperial New Rome that takes what it wants by brute military force with a wash away of the legal and sovereign international community? Bending the world to its will by military might, like Alexander The Great, with the same resulting immense human carnage? Has American imperialism now abandoned the “rule of law’ that has kept the international community of nations safe? If so, is America inviting the responsive collective military strength of the peaceful, legal, but outraged world community in a World War III with the carnage this time upon American soil? The same collective strength that destroyed another evil regime, Nazi Germany, which also thought it was invincible? If so, an ill wind bodes for America and its people as WWIII may well be on American soil. A moral bankruptcy among the American people in not resisting a corrupt government may earn them these possible eventualities. If America, in the eyes of the world, is the New Evil Empire, who did this? What invisible forces have been pulling the strings, and why hasn’t the American population resisted such tyranny?

This manuscript is a mission, on behalf of all Americans, to take back America. More than a mission, it is a WAR against despotism. This country is the New Evil Empire. This nation, under President George W. Bush i.e. King George, wasn’t meant to be an international repressive, imperialistic regime and brutal fascist police state, much like the former Soviet Union. America, under President Bush, has become the new world transgressor. The Neo Nazi Germany with its Bush-Hitler already responsible for the deaths of over one million innocent human beings, Iraqi civilians, one sixth of the number of Jewish people cremated in the Holocaust. Genocides equal atrocities. Can anyone deny a million human beings are dead in seven short years? The United States’ so-called “smart bombs” are incapable of separating Iraqi civilians from military targets. As such, the Bush policy in essence has followed a policy of bombing the civilian population of Iraq. These heinous atrocities on the civilian population of a member of the international community of nations is not what America stands for. Such conscience ripping atrocities are the agenda of a multinational Corporate Monster which has bought and stolen the American government from corrupt politicians on the take. The MIC. This American-military-industrial-complex monster, which sells genocide on the world community, must be stopped by the American people en masse – before collective world community retaliation sets in and future smart bombs will be computer guided onto American school children playgrounds in a quid pro quo response. By way of ominous warning, unless the American people rally en masse quickly to stop this American MIC Corporate Monster, the United States may be the future battlefield in World War III wherein no mercy will be shown to the American people by its invaders harboring long memories of earlier American atrocities upon their relatives and kin. By way of conscience, inaction on the part of an apathetic American people will result in more human beings dying by the thousands in the future. Deaths that can be prevented if a moral American people rally against a perverse evil and quickly end the Iraq War and the New American Imperialism. A bitter pill to swallow by Americans sitting on the sidelines if they allow these future thousands of deaths to occur when they have the power to prevent them. One must be able to look in mirror and live with one’s self. The question then will become not what America is but, more profoundly, who are we? Yes. These comments are a challenge to conscience.

Only good can triumph over evil. If the forces of good are missing, evil will take the field. These sociopath, profit chasing multinationals responsible for America’s two wars have no conscience, patriotism, or loyalties and simply will hop to another host country if America goes under. The collective moral conscience of the American people, moving en masse, is the only force that can put a final stop to MIC atrocities and Corporate America big oil greed, and must do so soon, and harness predatory capitalism – before it destroys this nation.

This manuscript is a face off with tyranny. It is a calling and a mission meant to mobilize

America’s masses to defend America’s democracy, its economic middle and lower classes, and to prevent the future deaths of thousands more innocent human beings while Americans still have the opportunity, in this highly ambitious Corporate America money-making scheme called the Iraqi War to possibly drain the United States Treasury of a projected $2.7 trillion dollars of U. S. Taxpayers’ dollars before it is over. This can be accomplished by Americans bringing an immediate end to the Iraqi War by exercising their First Amendment right of public dissent, and bringing predatory capitalism and its evil apostles, who served up this genocide, to justice. In a profound sense, this treatise represents a wood shedding of mischievous Corporate America and corrupt government officials, where ever these co-conspirators and scoundrels can be found, who perpetrated the hoax of the Afghan and Iraqi wars upon the American people and the world community solely to pursue enormous personal fortunes in the billions of dollars. An ambitious agenda indeed by a very few white collar criminals who invaded the Office of the Presidency. As a mission statement, this work is a manuscript in defense of human decency, civilized society, the rule of law, America’s democratic form of government along with its Constitution, the continuing viability of the United Nations, and the safety of the international community.

For Americans and concerned individuals everywhere, Predatory Capitalism i.e. The Big Lie is a manuscript offered as a possible light along a dark path in American history, in an effort to marshal a defense against a profound evil that has returned to the American political and economic landscape with a vengeance. Predatory capitalism. Although it is reassuring that some national figures are finally starting to move in public dissent – such as former President Jimmy Carter heavily criticizing President Bush’s foreign policy as the worst in history, actor Tim Robbins’s public dissent against the Iraq War on national television, Kevin Spacey’s recent visit with President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela with the latter declaring President Bush’s foreign policy a world dictatorship, and other brave patriots such as the Dixie Chicks entertainment group who have paid a dear price for their patriotism by publicly voicing their concerns about the country’s perilous direction – it is imperative that millions more Americans join in resisting this disease, predatory capitalism, while they still can.

As every physician knows, a serious disease must be treated timely before it manifests.