Thanks! With a name like Smith…


C’mon now, I know many of you have googled your own name to see where you are ranked and you are nowhere to be found… and there are a lot of other people that have the same name as yours and they can be found.

If you have a very common name like Smith or Jones, it’s even worse. The likelihood of finding yourself ranked anywhere on google is practically nil. If your name is a dot com, like, you may be found more easily unless there are a lot of car dealers with your name.

Google Dave Smith and then click “images” and you’ll find, among others, the Dave Smith who is a caricature artist from Tampa Bay (pictured above). And if you google just the name Smith, you’ll find a thousand pictures of, who else… Anna Nicole, in various stages of undress…

The last time I looked (just now) I was ranked third on google, outranked only by an instrument dealer and the “world’s largest GM dealer.” And if you check it out, you’ll see the reason for it: the popularity of this here blog.

With a name like Smith, one needs all the help they can get. So thank you for taking me to third place in Google World. It’s only because you visit here often that a retired book dealer from a small town in pot country can place better than Honorable Mention!

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I don’t really understand this ranking stuff, but congratulations anyway for honor well earned.