Thank you Supervisor Hamburg and Sheriff Allman (Updated)


Editor, Ukiah Daily Journal:

Thank you, Dan Hamburg and Sheriff Allman, for expressing your views and defending your jobs strongly and passionately. In tough times we need more leaders who care and you are showing our community just how much you do care.

As for the Ukiah Daily Journal’s coverage calling it “yelling”, and in your one-sided editorial opinion (1/30/11) accusing Mr. Hamburg of “shouting” and “losing it”, give me a break. Now you’re sounding like right-winger David Anderson exaggerating to make a point. Checking the exchange on Ukiah Valley TV clearly shows strongly stated views, but yelling and shouting? No. Losing it? No.

Please, allow our county leaders to show both passion and compassion as we all work through these tough times, and stop “losing it” with your own coverage.
[Update] Unfortunately, this clip leaves off the first minute or so of the sheriff’s presentation during which he stated his hope that at least three members of the board would “get it” about his inability to cut his budget further. -DH]


thanks for putting this in perspective. its the same argument the da and sheriff have with the supervisors every budget time. but this was somehow made into a ‘bad dan’ thing

Well, Dan is BAD! He is a class traitor as well as – horrors! – a plain spoken politician. I am continually amused with how our sociopathic elite gets spooked by decency and directness. It is as if they believed that the rest of us haven’t caught on to their lying, thieving, posing ways. I keep wondering if there is some sort of toxin that is imbibed (beyond excessive alcohol of course) unknowingly by the rich and powerful and their sycophants that causes brain damage. After all the privileged Romans pretty much all had lead poisoning from drinking wine from led lined casks (lead acetate is a very effective sweetener) that destroyed their brains without their ever understanding what they were doing to themselves. If there is such a toxin it would go a long way toward making sense of the precipitous decline of the American Empire. It will likely remain unknown until subsequent generations start researching our time. But it may just be the effect of power and privilege itself. Privilege is such a potent destroyer of people that we really should ban it on public health grounds alone.

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Tis’ a gift to be free
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