Organic Taco Salad Recipe

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Taco salads might be the best kind of salad out there. It’s a meal that can be served in a dish that will be eaten; deliciously easy cleanup. A crispy tortilla shell filled with beans, meat, cheese and veggies can satisfy even the pickiest salad eater.

During a recent trip to my local Bed Bath & Beyond, I found taco shell pans. These pans help create a perfect taco shell in 10 minutes. Better yet, these pans defy tradition by allowing you to make the shells without frying them. Can you think of anything better than a healthier alternative to traditional taco salads? [Uh, actually yes I can… -DS]

Try this delicious recipe that can be modified to your specific tastes and can help create a meal in 30 minutes or less! I’d suggest browsing the refrigerator for leftovers before making any of the fillers from scratch.

Organic Taco Salad Recipe

Makes two taco salads

* 2 organic whole wheat tortillas
* 1 ½ cups organic pinto beans
* Cooked organic free range beef, pork, turkey or chicken
* ½ cup organic cheddar cheese, shredded
* 1 ½ cup organic lettuce cut in strips
* 1 cup organic salsa
* 1 cup organic guacamole
* Organic sour cream as desired

Spray tortillas with nonstick cooking spray and place in shell pan, cook in 375 degree oven 8-10 minutes or until tortilla is crispy. Remove from oven and allow to cool in pan 5 minutes before removing and allowing to cool completely.

Fill shell with warmed organic pinto beans, beef, cheese, organic salsa & guacamole and sour cream. Serve immediately. Forks optional.
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