Hamburg Vs. Allman — Time to Take the Gloves Off


At the Mendocino Board of Supervisors meeting held on January 25, the gloves came off between newly-elected 5th District Supervisor Dan Hamburg and Sheriff Tom Allman. The issue was the continuing budget struggle that the county is facing. Allman updated the board on how his department is working to reduce the budget overage that is projected while Hamburg felt that Allman was trying to make it “his way or the highway”. Watch the drama unfold.

Video here

From the MCN listserv
Thanks to Anna Taylor

“If you watch and listen to the tape, you get a different impression than what the UDJ article says. On tape, Allman comes across as a loose cannon and Hamburg doesn’t yell.” -Mary Weaver on UDJ comments.

[Looks to me like Sheriff Allman, a local hero, is passionately defending his department, while Supervisor Hamburg, just as passionately, is doing the job he was elected to do. You decide…-DS]


The tone of the UDJ article likely has something to do with the fact that UDJ endorsed Wendy Roberts in the recent election. Tom Allman also endorsed Wendy Roberts. Interesting……

The UDJ story added a little more drama to the debate but we might need to look a little deeper for the origins of the current animosity between Hamburg and Allman. Three years ago Allman’s deputy sheriffs raided Dan’s daughter’s medical marijuana grow. County Court acquitted her of all charges. That experience was unlikely to have made Dan and Tom the best of buddies. This might sound like old news to some, but Wendy Roberts is really the old news hereabout.
Jim Houle

From the video it just looks like Dan is just calling Tom on his $#it, and Tom is doing his usual theatrics. Sometimes he seems more like a politician than a sheriff.

Cops deal with facts…that’s funny. Anyone who’s been in a courtroom with a cop knows otherwise.