Downtown Ukiah Entering Its Death Throes


It’s just a matter of time now: Costco will move into Ukiah’s Big Box Heaven; the main Post Office will be closed and moved to the Annex off 101; the Courthouse complex will be built just far enough east toward 101 to make it more convenient to walk east rather than west, and visitors from 101 will park before they ever make it into town. Along with the killing of Economic Development funds, and the library finally jerked off life-support, that will just about do it. And maybe DDR will finally be able to buy the swing vote they need to build the Monster Mall they’ve so long coveted despite overwhelming democratic opposition. Very sad.

The only hopes for an enlivened downtown that I hear about is the Co-op expanding into downtown; the city government organizing a volunteer task force (rather than hire yet more expensive outside consultants) to continue its efforts to upgrade it, and enough local citizens just saying no to Big Box colonizers that siphon our money out to who knows who, who knows where. Good luck with all that now with the money supply drying up.

If you still care, and want to help try to stop the next domino from falling, here’s our local environmental saint, Pinky:

I just spoke to James Wigdel. He said I should speak to the office of consumer affairs. When pressed, he said I should speak to the head of Consumer Affairs, Kim Wu, Manager. That number is 415 550-5005. AND THAT NUMBER APPEARS TO BE ONLY AN ANSWERING MACHINE!!!!!! The jerks don’t have time to talk to us, the consumers. Hell, we own the place, don’t we? Consumers, my eyeball. So, I suggest y’all just call Mr. Wigdel, if you can get through to Mr. Wu. At least you will be speaking with someone.

Oh, by the way, I engaged Mr Wigdel and told him…
1) that the post office’s balance sheet was that far off for being in a recession.
2) that I’m willing to bet the Christmas post office use was not further reduced and may even be a bit back up.
3) that getting folks to drive more was just not reasonable any more. After all we are in the the year 2011, the 21st century, and not 100 years ago.
4) that moving the PO will make the use of the PO decline radically because it will be too inconvenient.

By the way… The citizens of Healdsburg tried to stop the Downtown Post Office from moving out to the annex by the freeway, so someone just burned it down. That was the end of that.


Dear Dave,

It is so sad AND so inevitable. Corporate mania is busy destroying downtowns across the country. First they came to Middletown and now that they are coming to Ukiah, there is no one left to speak up against this corporate hollowing out of our lives in pursuit of illusionary profits. Stupidity is its own reward. Of course from the obnoxious happy doomer point of view, things are moving nicely along to collapse so we will have at least an opportunity to build something different.


read ’em and weep. Remember about 40-50 years ago, when the Trickle-Down thoery was the rage? Well, now it’s in full swing, except we’re having to wait for the ‘trickle-down’ dollars to be shipped from China, to Offshore, to CorpHeads, and then, the last $0.49 sent out to us, via gov’t. bulk mail, which we pay for.

Happy now Repubs? Are ya startin’ to get the idea that ya made a itty-bitty mistake? Or are you still waiting for the Rush/McCain or the Palin/Newt ticket to bail y’all out??

Its just about too sick to watch. First, lets make sure that you and your family NEVER are able to afford ANY health care. Then, with the money THAT saves, we can buy better Lear Jets for Corp Heads to jog back and forth from the East, for the mfg meeting, then a quick stop in the Middle East, to twist the screws a little more on the oil industry, then back to Sunny South Palm, where Raul will fetch your Sperry’s and your Manhattan.