Do You Do Nothing or Do You Resist?

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And if you did not fight, would you see yourself as noble? Or cowardly?

I say to every red-blooded American, every European, every human: If someone comes into your home, threatens your family, imprisons and even kills your family what do you do? I do not care if every Westerner of any station is afraid to say it, it is part of my purpose in life to say it: I would fight. In fact I would kill before I would allow my family to be harmed. I would fight to the death.

I say to my American brothers and sisters in particular: Can you not see that the Iraqis, the Afghanis and the Palestinians are people? They are mothers and fathers, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters and sons and daughters. They love their family every bit as much as you. Imagine that you were in their shoes. Would you be passive? Would you sit by and watch your wife and child being violated? Or would you fight?

I want every reader of this article to come on a journey with me. We are in our home. We are brothers, poor in terms of money but rich in our love of family. We love each other as brothers do. Our wives are in the kitchen preparing food for our children. We do our best, poor and impoverished, surrounded by war brought in the form of occupiers from halfway around the world. The sound of rifle butts banging on the door shatters the semblance of peace. You, my brother, go to the door quickly, but not quickly enough. The door slams open and the soldiers from another land come storming in.

With weapons pointed at our heads, they shout orders which we believe tell us to put our hands on our heads and get down on our knees. We are not sure, English is a language brought to us, not our mother tongue. Our wives come to the room frightened, begging the soldiers to calm down for the sake of the children in the other room. The soldiers respond by shouting at our wives and pushing my wife to the ground with their assault rifles. Our hearts are racing; our manhood is being crushed; and we wonder if we are men at all.

The shouting and the chaos increase. Next comes the sound of your baby girl. You hear her crying for her mother. You imagine her look: terrified. Thinking of your little baby girl you feel tears on your face. You look at your wife; she is now on the ground, bleeding from where the rifle butt slammed into her head. In the chaos you do not even know when this happened. The soldiers begin throwing all that we own everywhere, overturning furniture, throwing papers and family items to the ground and breaking dishes. They ransack while one demands to know our names. As soon as I say my name they grab me and take me into the next room, the room between you and our children. They begin to beat me, mercilessly. They are shouting at me, but you do not know what they are saying.

Now all the children are crying frantically, the soldiers keep yelling and you catch the word “terrorist.” You realize that they are calling me, your brother who you have known your whole life, a “terrorist.” I plead with them to stop the beating, blood drenching every inch of my face, for the sake of the children, who are by now screaming, crying and begging for their mom and dad, I beg. All you can think to do is nothing: You are paralyzed. And eventually the soldiers take me away … You will never hear from me again.

Your children are alive, for now, and your wife will survive, but she is scarred. Your sister-in-law is without her husband; you are without your brother; your parents are without their son and the children are without a father. You find out later that “someone” gave your brother’s name to the soldiers as a “terrorist.”

And so you ponder, do I do nothing or do I resist?

This is a scenario of war/occupation. It is not extreme – it is inherent. Indeed we could include scenarios where wives and daughters are raped in front of husbands and fathers. You think Americans do not do this? You are wrong. War makes everyone crazy; the question is to what degree. Insanity is inherent in war. The folly of chanting “Support the troops!” while sending them off to bullshit wars could not be more stark.

And so I ask: If you came from the lands we invade, would you fight? And if you did, would you see yourself as a “terrorist”? Or a man?

And if you did not fight, would you see yourself as noble? Or cowardly?



I was saddened to read this justification of violence on Ukiah Blog. Violence begets more violence. Violent thoughts beget violent actions.

    Hi Ron, Ukiah Blog is meant to be food for thought and not always an advocate for a point of view. Although I cannot quote Gandhi exactly, he admitted that organized nonviolent resistance was a tactic that would not work in some circumstances, and you may be surprised to learn that Cesar Chavez, with whom I worked closely for 4 years, had armed guards…

“Justification”? Sounds more like an explanation of cause-and-effect. And which part does “our” country play in this sad drama? Are we the peasants cowering in their home, or the storm troopers barging through the door?

“Our country?” You hear people unconsciously saying “we” when they mean the government that rules them. Hard to think of anyplace in the world where there is such a vibrant democracy that people can meaningfully refer to the government as simply “us” or “we,” as in “We invaded someplace today.” I agree that violence is unnecessary, but assert that force must often be applied to prevent it. Violence is just force without a mature brain behind it after all. Think not of doing away with violence but of harm reduction. That is compassionate. Unthinking pacifism, like Ward Churchill speaks of in his little book “Pacifism as Pathology,” is just a way to take the submissive position in the sick sadomasochistic culture that we perpetuate. Unthinking pacifism CAUSES violence.

I am a committed member of the Society of Friends but I have no meeting to attend ultimately because I do not adhere to the Quaker Testimony about Pacifism. This is silly. Many of the founding Quakers, Willam Penn for instance, were soldiers!

Immature thinking creates so many meaningless distinctions.


Imagine, Ken Okeefe, if you just had a handgun when they stormed in: You could pull it out and get your entire family annihilated in a flash! How absurd to think that what we learned watching old John Wayne movies has any relevance today.
The letter below posted to the newspaper last week is relevant:

There is no rational explanation for America’s lack of tight control over concealed weapons. Those who intentionally misinterpret the Second Amendment to allow hand guns to be routinely carried by any nut with a grievance should feel responsibility for the slaughter in Tuscon. The 2^nd Amendment referred to the necessity for a well-regulated militia to provide security back in a time (1791) when we had no standing army, no public arsenal of weapons, and minimal local law enforcement. The second phrase of that one-sentence amendment to our Constitution emphasizes the fact that it was the ordinary citizens who would form such a militia and would bring their own rifles when necessity required they so assemble. It does not mention hand guns, it does not restrict the right of citizens to have guns for hunting or for uses beyond those of a well-regulated militia.

Yet, the National Rifle Association has re-interpreted and expanded the simple and direct statement of the 2^nd Amendment so as to allow for concealed weapons, for the suspension of licensing laws, for 30-cartridge clips on Glock Pistols, for the private ownership of semi-automatic M-14 type weapons that have no use beyond the battlefield, for carrying loaded guns in our national parks, and now in Arizona for carrying of concealed weapons even into school rooms! The result of this idiocy is that in a single year 9,484 US citizens were killed with guns. In Canada, where the NRA does not have much swat, only 200 were killed, while in Germany the figure was 194, in Spain: 60, and in England: 39

We have more than 235 million guns in the United States. The figure has tripled in just 40 years. It is time to come to our senses, control our irrational insecurities, and ban the use of hand guns.

For those who live in fear happiness is a warm gun.