Will the Masonite Monster Mall raise its ugly head once more?


The county’s plans for the old Masonite land north of Ukiah include a mixed-use land designation similar to a designation sought by an Ohio firm that tried unsuccessfully to get voters to approve plans to build a mall there.

The designation appears in the Ukiah Valley Area Plan, a 20-year land use planning document recently released for public review. The document includes a map that shows the preferred designation for the 79-acre, abandoned industrial site is “Mixed Use Masonite.”

The proposed use is a change from the site’s current industrial designation, which allows heavy industrial.

The mixed-use designation would allow “mixed development types,” according to a brief description in the UVAP, and is further described in the document’s appendix as allowing retail, light industrial and multi-family residential development, along with recreational areas and open space.

“At least half of it could be retail, and at least half of it could be light industrial, offices and multi-family residential,”…

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