Herb Ruhs: We have met the enemy and it is not us, it is our military

Anderson Valley

I am sure I have offended some with my writings by focusing on the reality and techniques of psychological warfare as if I was an expert.  I am not.  I have had a chance to look at some classified psychological warfare manuals of the US Army forty years ago.  That hardly makes me an expert, but why does that impeach what I have to say?  The emotional response of most people is denial when I insist that virtually everything bad we are experiencing in the US comes right out of psychological warfare doctrine and that, from my view, we are an occupied country under stealth military rule where democracy is a sham.  I can understand negative responses to that kind of statement.  If I hadn’t experienced psychological warfare first hand during my work as a civilian in Viet Nam from ’66 to ’70, I would likely have as much trouble understanding and believing what I have to say about the military’s psychological warfare program against the US population as any one else.  But alas, once one has seen the face of this devil, it can not be forgotten or discounted.

Therefore I was delighted this morning to find access to a document from Turkey that outlines their military’s failed psychological warfare plans against the Turkish people. You can view it here.  As you read the document substitute the planned events described there for events that have occurred recently in the US.  Look at the “Islamofascist” campaign and see how it is constricting our freedom of movement.  Look at the manufactured uproar about “illegal aliens” and how it is being used to create a powerful secret police force.  Think about the “drug war.”  Think about how psychological warriors don’t hesitate to launch false flag “terrorist” events to justify taking our liberties away.  Then commiserate with the countless countries where US psychological warfare doctrine has brought incredible misery and death to hosts of innocents.

In the eyes of the sort of people who constructed this detailed plan to bring down a democratic government in Turkey, “the people” are always the enemy.  Such anti-democratic beliefs were exploited and indoctrinated by the US military around the world, along with such techniques as death squads, random false flag bombings (great treatment of this in the movie The Quiet American), advanced torture techniques and “counterinsurgency” doctrine.

The Turks are very fortunate to currently have a functioning democracy where such military madness can be exposed.  Mind you the portions of the disloyal Turkish Army that put this plan together were trained in psychological warfare doctrine by guess who?  The US Military, of course.  Sooner or later we will discover the truth about our military, that it is not protecting us, that, along with the very many criminal militaries around the world that it has trained to help it control the world on behalf of giant corporations, it is a disloyal force that, like the exposed elements of the Turkish Army, is profoundly antagonistic to democracy in the US and is working hard to undermine democratic ideals and humanitarian values.  This is why the founders were so antagonistic to the idea of a standing military.

We have met the enemy and it is not us, it is our military.  And how could anyone, observing the behaviors of subservient militaries in countries supported by the US government not see the parallels with politics here at home?  Well, apparently lots of people.  Support those troops!

Lest folks misunderstand, I hold the enlisted ranks blameless here.  It is the US officer corps, like the Turkish officer corps in the case of Turkey, that has become a threat to everyones freedom, including the enlisted ranks themselves.  When ever power is so concentrated, as it now is in the US, it seems inevitable that the powerful come to fear the potential of the “little people” to fight back.  Slave masters can not control their desire to enslave or their fear of a slave revolt.  It is a sad symptom of the injustice of inequality.  The disease we confront is not  military domination.  It is social inequality itself that is the disease from which the symptom of military domination arises.  Why do we suppose the Norwegan military is not conspiring against their civilian government?  More equal societies provide more justice and transparency.

OK.  That should qualify me as a target under the Alien and Sedition act of 1917.  Of course, with so much of the US population on the verge of insurrection in the wake of the mass looting of the country, that is still underway, perhaps I will sneak under the radar of the million or so of my countrymen that have security clearances and would be tasked with quieting my voice.  If not, so what.?  The US Military already murdered me once with deluges of Agent Orange.  If they come and get me before my next cancer (three and counting) gets me it won’t make much difference will it?