Herb Ruhs: Looting The Country

Anderson Valley

“…ensuring that government of the banks, by the banks, for the banks shall not perish from the Earth.” – from: In Money-Changers We Trust by Robert Scheer

This otherwise great article by Scheer is still pussy footing around the fact of a blatant, and not too concealed, financial conspiracy to loot the country and reinvest overseas by the wealthy of this country led by the banking industry.  The article does come close enough in its analysis and list of perpetrators for folks without blinders to see the general plan and conduct of the greatest looting in history.  US corporations are adding jobs faster than ever, only just not in the US. Looted money seeks a home to invest in and it is not here. I wonder if, a little down the road, it won’t be in the banks interest to just cut the umbilical and collapse the US dollar and do business in other currencies.

For the time being the only thing preventing a total financial abandonment of the nation that is the need for the Military to recruit soldiers in the US. With the current high unemployment of military aged individuals in the US that problem is temporarily solved. However, with its rampant contracting the US military is coming to depend on US recruitment less.  Lots of ruthless mercenaries looking for work out there, and the support services, always a large proportion of any force as compared to combat units, are already filled by non-US citizens.  So, if you count effectiveness in the way that was done throughout history to include support units, the US Army is ALREADY not a majority native US force.

Historically, when empires reach this point where foreign mercenaries outnumber citizens – in the case of Rome the “barbarian” legions, British the sepoys, Hessians, Gurkas, etc. –  the empire is overextended and doomed. The book Sorrows of Empire by the recently deceased Chalmers Johnson is a good primer on this subject and one all literate subjects of the US Empire should read.

Of particular interest is Johnson’s  discussion of the Sixteenth Century Dutch Republic commercial empire.  It presents the strongest parallel to the current US empire.  Driven by trade and financial speculation it drove itself into the ground with private profit seeking.  In a move eerily reminiscent of recent US wars, the leaders of that cursed empire would start wars with neighbors so that they could sell their enemies arms at a profit.

Wars represent the greatest opportunity for speculative profit of any human activity. But those profits dwindle as the destruction of the underlying economy progresses. Death of an empire is generally a long drawn out affair with a lot of suffering.  I expect that will be our story as well:  Continued banking and corporate investments of looted wealth overseas with decay and destruction of the domestic economy.

Have a nice decline – hopefully.