**Greater Ukiah Transition Meeting


The time has come for those of us in the Ukiah area to join together and begin the work of transitioning to a future beyond fossil fuels.  This is a grassroots movement that seeks to build community resilience in the face of such challenges as peak oil, climate change and the economic crisis.  It empowers people in the community to work together to strengthen it against the effects of these challenges, resulting in a life that is more sustainable, equitable and socially connected.  This meeting is for those who would like to learn more about the Transition Movement and who are interested in becoming part of the core group to help lead this effort.

Meeting time, Tuesday, January 11th, 5:15 – 6:45 PM, Saturday Afternoon Clubhouse, 107 S. Oak St., Ukiah.  Optional potluck.

Contact, Debora, 462-9392, if you plan to attend.

Bring your vision, passion, and commitment to help create the change we know is possible.


Is this the new GULP?

New GULP same as the old gulp.

    I’m not so sure about that Matt. The old GULP helped educate some locals and although the meetings stopped, a lot of good stuff has been happening since then like the farmers market flourishing, shop local embedded, wheat growing in AV, and the garden project making meaningful change. That is very good grounding for what is coming next. The locals who are making this new effort are already doing some wonderful stuff, and this seems to be an extension of those efforts.

Thanks, Dave, not only for your organizing efforts and hosting this opportunity for the community to have a say and read what neighbors think about things but also for articulating a local vision in so much of what you do. Since I only attended a couple of GULP meetings I will take your word that it was indeed GULP’s education efforts that prompted the farmer’s market successes and the others that you mention. As to Transition Town, it strikes me that it could easily end up as a collaboration with the chamber of commerce to select the best transition towns in Murrica. They could give out awards. Each year for the next 20 years 40 cities and towns will erect plaques outside the city limits identifying the town as a tr….. Think of the ecotourism dollars they could raise to spend for more policing equipment….. all the electrocution guns that they’ll need to control the prols when they mass outside of transition town begging to be fed. We are way beyond transition town. It’s not likely that the entire superstructure will collapse in one moment. It’s much more likely to occur as we are experiencing. The gradual collapse of one vital subsystem after another. Where is our Tom Paine to rally the sagging spirits of like minded countrymen and women, to identify in plain language the corruption of the present system and to issue a clarion call identifying those values that we will fight for?

    Matt, I didn’t mean to imply that everything came out of GULP. The Farmers Market has been around and successful for years. However, Scott Cratty, as an example, one of the founders of GULP, moved on to reinvigorate the Farmers Market as its manager, and then opened his own grocery store, with his wife Holly, that offers locally-grown and produced food as its basic product offerings.

I’m glad you mentioned Scott, Dave. He’s a great example of how GULP members took on what they resonated with and built on it. An organization shouldn’t exist just to sustain itself. GULP had a mission and built a base. There’s many examples of what was built up by GULP.

Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn there either, Mr. Smith. The experimentation with local currencies is still happening with much thanks to you.

Much of the driving force of GULP also turned their attention and energy toward the threat posed by DDR, and successfully thwarted their schemes in a countywide campaign.

It’s nice to see someone picking up the ball again…