Energy developer GreenWave pleads with FERC for second chance


The Southern California partnership that wants to develop the waters off Mendocino for wave energy is asking the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for a second chance.

On Sept. 23, FERC revoked GreenWave Energy Solution’s exclusive right to study ocean waters from Point Cabrillo to Little River. FERC yanked the permits for the Mendocino project and a similar one in San Luis Obispo, citing a pattern of late filings and incomplete, non-specific information.

Now, Bill Bustamante, GreenWave vice president, is asking for a rehearing to appeal the revocation of the preliminary permits.

“We must apologize for the seeming lack of specificity in the previous required reports. As you are aware, projects such as the GreenWave projects are front loaded with a great deal of work gaining acceptance and support from the myriad of stakeholders involved in the development process. GreenWave has been working with the stakeholders and is aware of their concerns and potential role in the development process,” Bustamante wrote to FERC.

However, GreenWave has also not followed through on announced plans to hold meetings on the Mendocino Coast, nor has it met with local governments.

“The current economic and political situation has made it very difficult to reach agreements which can produce reportable agreement results,” Bustamante wrote.

In a follow up interview, Bustamante said GreenWave kept running into scheduling difficulties. He hopes to make a trip up next month to meet with local officials.

If GreenWave’s relatively large proposal became reality, it would produce the most energy of California’s wave energy proposals. While all the wave energy projects exist on paper, so far GreenWave has shown the least local groundwork for the biggest project… Article here