Sorry, Wendy. Money can’t buy you love… (Updated)

Fifth District, Mendocino County

[Wendy Roberts’ last-minute mud hits the fan… -DS]

Trick or Treat this Halloween deteriorated into a bitter Trick pulled by one candidate, who in a sign of desperation dropped a “nasty, negative hit piece” on her opponent in the last week of the campaign because her Republican, paid, professional consultant told her she was behind in the polls.

Wendy Roberts threw everything but the kitchen sink at Dan Hamburg this week in expensive, slick mailers and half page print ads where Roberts’ wolf in sheep’s clothing costume was clearly revealed to voters, who now know how low she is willing to stoop.

In the 30 years I have lived in this county, I have never seen such a scurrilous, vindictive attack against a candidate and neighbor in our small community, who himself ran only positive campaign ads.

The real Treat will come, however, for Mendocino County citizens when Dan Hamburg, a well-respected leader in our community, who has worked for the betterment of the County for some 40 years, representing us both on the Board of Supervisors as well as in Congress, is elected Supervisor on Nov. 2.


An Open Letter To Wendy Roberts


Thank you Wendy, for finally revealing your true nature.

The mailer that you sent out urging voters (in your own voice and not that of a surrogate) not to vote for Dan Hamburg was a great service to the community.  It pulled aside the veil from the facade of a reasonable, caring, decent person that you present to the public to reveal the nasty, mean-spirited weasel that lies within your soul.

Hopefully there are enough people who have not yet voted who are now able to see you as you really are.

I would ask you to be ashamed, but I do not believe that you have any idea that what you did was wrong, so I will take it upon myself to be ashamed for you.  From now on, you can count on me to know that your public face is a lie and feel shame for you.

I have done my best to give you the benefit of the doubt, even defending you at times to friends, although your vision of Mendocino and mine are vastly different.  That is over now.

I had not believed that you were capable of such a slimy attack, dredging up material that is ancient and meaningless.  Now I know who you are.

I am ashamed that we live in the same town, and I want you to know that I will never forget the tactics that you have just displayed.

Even if by some strange chance you win, you have lost.