Doug Mosel: Why I’m Voting for Dan Hamburg

The Mendocino Grain Project
Anderson Valley

I believe Dan Hamburg is the person we need as the next supervisor in the 5th District.

His qualifications alone make the case: intelligence, extensive experience and deep-rooted knowledge of Mendocino County–its problems and its promise.

But a more fundamental reason to vote for Dan is his grasp of the larger predicament we’re in.  This is no ordinary economic fluctuation.  It is a turning point.  There is no “return to normal”  We are just beginning a ride on the rapids of a radical shift away from business as usual.  Dan understands that the present turmoil is the logical result of how we’ve been doing business and we simply can’t go back to the illusory smooth waters we’ve taken for granted.

It won’t be an easy ride and there is no roadmap, so we will need leaders who can help navigate a new course for the County.  Dan brings the capacity and commitment to engage people at the “grass-shoots” level–the people who are actually doing the work of building a renewed local food economy, developing genuine energy alternatives, taking care of communities on shoestring budgets, teaching the young ones, or maintaining county services even as the budgetary ax falls.

Nearly a year of watching Dan campaign convinces me that he’s the supervisor we need for the 5th District.