Big News! Locally-Grown Grains Now Available! Wahoo!!

Westside Renaissance Market (WRM)

Grains from Ukiah? Yup. The Mendocino Grain Project has just delivered its first monthly installment. This time it is whole grain Durum Wheat, Red Fife Wheat & Sonora Wheat — all whole grain, which means you would need your own grinder to make flour (or you can try it as a cereal).

In future months there will be lots of different grains, flour, and some beans. You can find out more about the project here: As you will see, the grain project is a subscription offering for which people pay for a share of the whole year’s crop in advance.

This year’s subscription is sold out … but they will soon start taking subscriptions for next season by emailing Meanwhile, you can stop in the WRM to see or purchase some Ukiah wheat. To provide a chance for people who did not commit to a full season to support local grain production, WRM purchased some shares that we will make available to you on a per lb basis.

Tomorrow we will have another to go meal offering from Ellery Clark Catering. This time its Green Coconut Curried Chicken or Tofu and Seasonal Veggies over Brown Rice. Ingredients: tofu or chicken, brown rice, vegetables, coconut milk, basil, parsley, cilantro, ginger, lime, cumin, coriander, fennel, salt and pepper. Feedback on these takeout options has been very good … maybe it is time for you to try one. Soon we hope to have a hot food option from Ellery and his partner Amber every Tuesday and Thursday. This will be in addition to our chicken and veggie masala options.

In the mood for a treat? Just in the door today is a new shipment of Theo Chololate treats including Grey Salted Vanilla Caramel in milk chocolate, Apple Cider Caramel in dark chocolate and new chocolate bar flavors Hazelnut Crunch (milk), Nib Brittle (dark), holiday Gingerbread Spice Milk Chocolate & Nutcracker Toffee Dark Chocolate.

WRM schedule for the week
All week: SugarKat Kitchen quiche & Kilkenny Kitchen sandwiches and salads
Thursday: Ellery Clark Green Coconut Curried Chicken or Tofu with veggies over brown rice. Sukhi’s Chana Masala (vegetarian) & Chicken Tikka Masala. Fresh Cafe Beaujolais bread & bagels at about 4 pm.
Friday: Chicken Tikka. Hot Empanadas Argentinas. Fresh pie about 4pm. Fresh SugatKat Mediteranean Quiche.
Saturday: Fresh produce by about 2 pm. Fresh Cafe Beaujolais bread & bagels at about 2 pm
Sunday: WRM lottory sale day (ask)
Tuesday: Fresh SugarKat quiche & (possibly) flat bread pizza.

Westside Renaissance Market is open M-s 10:30 am – 8pm. Sun 10:30 am – 4 pm.

Thanks for your support!!