Rosalind Peterson: Update! Congressman Mike Thompson got the Navy to extend the Final FEIS Public Comment Deadline to October 24, 2010 Three Cheers!

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Three items:

1) Extend the U.S. Navy Final Environmental NWTRC public comment period. (Northwest Training Range Complex)

2) Ask for U.S. Congressional Hearings

3) Make any personal comments about the destruction of marine mammal sanctuaries and reserves or your own comments.

October 12, 2010

The Honorable Congressman Mike Thompson

I understand that you are working to obtain an extension of the final Navy Public Comment period.  We appreciate your efforts on our behalf.

I found it interesting that on Page G-417, Volume II the Navy states that it is not testing any new weapons within the NWTRC which is good.  The Navy goes on to say that all “weapons and platforms coming to the NWTRC as the result of the proposed action have been tested in other training areas/ranges.” Thus, this type of training and expansion in the NWTRC is redundant and is not necessary in our area.

Since the U.S. Navy has a wide variety of ranges not only proposed with similar EIS documents, and since two new range EIS areas have been added to those already in line for implementation in the Pacific, Atlantic, and the Gulf of Mexico (July 2010-A new EIS for 5-Years for the area between the Hawaii Island and Southern California and a new range in the Atlantic area), we feel that redundant training in the NWTRC is unnecessary at this time.  It is also a huge waste of taxpayer money and will cause unnecessary harm to our oceans and all marine life.

It should be noted that the preservation of our national marine sanctuaries and marine reserves in California, Oregon and Washington should be a high priority…otherwise why have them?  The Navy only lists one marine sanctuary in Washington…none of the ones in Oregon or California…in their FEIS. And they intend to be conducting sonar exercises, according to the FEIS during the gray whale migration. This is also unacceptable.

I have attached copies of the action that the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors took on October 8, 2010, including their letter to you.

The Marin County Supervisors may vote to support Mendocino County Supervisors today on asking for an extension of the Navy public comment period as well as for U.S. Congressional Hearings. I am not sure what the exact letter will state but they feel that they haven’t had time to review this issue or to comment.   Also a few cities and other entities in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  Sonoma County may weigh in on this issue as well in the next few days.

We hope that you will have success in obtaining this extension and U.S. Congressional Hearings. The idea that the testing proposed for the NWTRC is redundant had has been already used and tested in other ranges proves that the NWTRC should be exempt from the Navy FEIS and programs.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


Rosalind Peterson
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