Janie Sheppard: The Pro-Development Money Supporting Wendy Roberts

Mendocino County

[Vote for Wendy Roberts and before we know it there will be gated mansions up and down our beloved Mendocino Coast. -DS]

Fur is flying over mistakes in Dan Hamburg’s campaign statements (Form 460) required by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).

To see all the statements, go to: http://www.co.mendocino.ca.us/acr/cgi-bin/statements.pl

But let’s not get distracted.

Instead, consider how valuable the FPPC is to the integrity of state and local elections in California. A creature of the California initiative process, voters passed the Political Reform Act (Prop. 9) in 1974.

Since then, the FPPC has served as a model for the nation and the rest of the democratic world, according to Wikipedia.

Indeed, thanks to the FPPC we know who contributes the big bucks to local campaigns.  With that information, we can construe what’s really at stake in the 5th District Supervisorial Campaign where Dan Hamburg and Wendy Roberts now vie for 5th District votes.

Big bucks contributors to the Roberts campaign include:

1.    John Mayfield, longtime conservative, contributed $500. A supporter of a mega mall on the old Masonite site, who paid for front page ads in the Ukiah Daily Journal in favor of Measure A, which, had it passed, would have changed the zoning to allow a Ohio developer (DDR) to place a mega-mall on the old Masonite site.

2.   California Real Estate Political Action Committee (for North Bay Association of Realtors), pro-development PAC, contributed $500 since January 1st.  This group helps local developers block attempts to control development.

3.   R. Gene Geisler, San Francisco rancher, contributed $1000.  Geisler opposed Measure H, which, despite his opposition, passed and now prohibits cultivation of GMO’s in Mendocino County.

4.   Donald Daniels, Ft. Bragg (outside 5th District) contractor, contributed $1,000.

5.   Mike and Maribelle Anderson, Ft. Bragg (outside 5th District) rancher, contributed $1000.

6.   Charlie and Beth Reed, Kelley Property Association, contributed $500.

7.   North Coast Citizens for a Better Economy Political Action Committee, a conservative PAC, contributed $500.

8.   Peter and Martha Bradford, Boonville ranchers and Farm   Bureau stalwarts, contributed $500.  Peter Bradford opposed Measure H, which, despite Farm Bureau opposition, passed and now prohibits the cultivation of GMO’s in Mendocino County.

From this list of contributors, it’s hard to square Roberts’ statements in favor of protecting the environment with her contributors.

If seeing big pro-development political donations influence county elections offends you, consider campaign finance reform.  Over the past 5 years, the Board of Supervisors considered, and rejected, a campaign finance reform ordinance that would limit contributions.

If Fifth District voters elect Dan Hamburg, we can make campaign finance reform on a county level a reality.

A vote for Dan Hamburg is a vote for true local control, local development, and a sustainable economy.