Wendy Roberts – The Company She Keeps*

Mendocino County

5th District Supervisorial Candidate Wendy Roberts often states that she has always been a Democrat  except for a period when she supported Pete McCloskey, a staunch Republican environmentalist who represented Santa Clara county.  I haven’t heard her explain why supporting McCloskey required her to be a Republican.  Many other Democrats who supported McCloskey did not change party to do so.

The company she keeps makes you wonder.  Last week, Roberts visited the neighborhood where my partner, Bill, and I live.  While in the neighborhood she replaced a smaller sign left from the June primary election (having never removed it, in violation of election law) with a bigger sign that is flanked by two Republican candidates, one for state assembly and the other for the seat held by longtime Democratic Congressman Mike Thompson.  At least one of the Republican signs was there when she directed the placement of her new, larger sign.  No, Roberts, you can’t say you didn’t know.

During the same visit she placed a mailer directly into our mailbox.  She could have placed the mailer in one of our three newspaper boxes, but did not, saving postage but violating federal law, which prohibits placing anything other than stamped mail in mailboxes.

Roberts’ sign companion, Loren Franks, a Republican of the far-right variety would “slow down the far left tendencies of the government,” particularly Medicare and Social Security.

Her other pal, Karen Brooks, conservative Republican candidate for State Assembly, would take popular Democrat Wes Chesbro’s place.

Strategically locating her sign in the company of very conservative Republicans, on property whose owner obviously must support these candidates, does make you wonder.

I see it as a sign to support Dan Hamburg for 5th District Supervisor.
*Apologies to Mary McCarthy, for borrowing the title of her first novel.

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One Comment

The stealth candidate strategy continues to be a favorite. You’d think people would learn, but then maybe the public really is as dumb as the right wing asserts.