Don Sanderson: Notice to Democrats


I get a stream of fundraising mailers and requests for support from Democrats. In each return envelope, I’m enclosing the following and only that…

To those Democratic Party organizations seeking my support:
I’m a registered Democrat, mostly it seems because I’m surely not a Republican. However, in the last election, I voted for Ralph Nader. Obama had already demonstrated the way his presidency would behave by selecting a corporate hack for vice president, a Zionist for chief of staff, and an advocate of American power for secretary of state. I’m fed up. I don’t expect to ever, ever, vote for a Democrat again, nor certainly a Republican, until the following steps are taken:

• Give EPA and NOAA strict “clean air act” and other environmental clubs over those industries generating greenhouse gasses. Don’t waste time with cap and trade, which is another way to say bait and switch. Global warming is real and the latest climate statistics are horrendous. There is no time to waste.

• Give EPA and NOAA strict environmental control over oil drilling, coal mining, and the excessive use of agricultural fertilizers. Put a stop this irremediable wasting of the irreplaceable Earth.

• Stop wasting money on subsidizing clean energy technologies, which are all corporate snake oil. Instead, subsidize ways to reduce dependence upon oil and coal both directly and indirectly, which means on high tech solutions in general. Think simple, such as by promoting self-sufficient organic gardening and other local solutions using local resources.

• Increase taxes on the wealthy, especially capital gains, to what they were fifty years ago. Can you doubt that supply side economics has failed, except for a tiny few? Throttling energy production, especially if accompanied by wiser use, won’t hurt the economy nearly as bad as has the greed of a few.

• Deny corporations “person” status and get rid of shield laws. Investors expect corporate officers to be responsible. Let us make them responsible to their customers and employees as well. If a corporate policy results in damages or deaths to others, insist that corporate officers be held accountable exactly as ordinary citizens would be.

• Reinstitute excess profits taxes and anti-monopoly laws on corporations. Again, there is no evidence that scrubbing the law books of these has done anything but hurt the economy. Begin by breaking up the big banks, investment and otherwise. Then, Monsanto, which wants to monopolize the world’s food crop seeds, should be next. Or, maybe Google or Microsoft or AT&T (again) or ….

• Get greedy health insurance and pharmaceutical corporations’ noses out of health care delivery. There is probably nowhere where greed at great cost to the public is so personified.

• Modify your personal government-paid health care and retirement plans to match those of the average American, so you will have some idea how the rest of us live. Maybe then you will see how vital Social Security and affordable health care can be.

• Support education. Is it not clear that American education at every level is in a nose dive. It is impossible for most to now go to college and those who do are saddled with massive high interest debt. Indeed, most education that survives is training for corporate workplaces. Invest in Americans with both health care and education, not in banks, armament manufacturers, and failing auto manufacturers.

• Bring the military home and drastically cut its budget. As it is, the presence of the U.S. military increases enemies, which in turn apparently demands more military, all to the benefit of a few armament corporations, but not apparently to ours personally. Reducing the military presence would likely reduce terrorism here at home more than any other move that could be taken. This would certainly reduce terrorism around the world, which is largely American instigated.

• Get control of government graft. For instance, institute strict denial of representatives voting in favor of laws that financially reward those who in turn financially reward them, campaign funds or otherwise. Too many if not all of “our” representatives are becoming millionaires on salaries that would appear to make this impossible. Grand theft is grand theft, regardless of its setting, and should be uniformly punished.

• Deny corporate involvement in political campaigns. They are not “people” and certainly not good citizens.

• Demand that all appointments to regulatory boards have no present or previous financial associations with the industries regulated and agree to have none in the succeeding few years.

• Vast stores of personal information are being collected for no purpose that serves those whose information is being collected and without their approval. Make such “identity theft” collections, private as well as government, illegal and turn the FBI loose on digging them out.

• Take government control of the Federal Reserve System and issuance of money. Stop allowing Wall Street to determine economic policy.

• Stop paying the way of the IMF. This arm of the big banks are more devastating to the economies of many countries than even the Fed. Insist and expect that buyers of government debt understand they are gambling and won’t be rescued rather than make the governments subservient to the losers.

• Stop bullying other countries in support of American corporations. Let corporations fight their own wars and suffer their own defeats. In particular, get out of Central America, where the American presence has ever been destabilizing and deadly to many. Let United Fruit Company and the rest of that gang take their well deserved lumps.

• Stop supporting loose-cannon Israel. This nuclear-armed country is probably more dangerous to world peace than any other than maybe North Korea and Pakistan. Our support of its terrorist acts against the Palestinians and Lebanese quite naturally makes us the target of reprisals. Lets face it, American Indian tribes are far more deserving of this country’s resources than are the Zionists of Palestine’s.

• Stop fighting the drug war. We lost it years ago. It is highly questionable that any of the “illicit” drugs are as damaging as alcohol, tobacco, and the many untested chemicals and GMOs that are continually dumped on us. If marijuana, cocaine, and opium poppies could be freely grown, likely they wouldn’t be used to much greater extent and surely more safely, but the drug lords, their corporate sponsors, and all that expensive anti-drug apparatus would wilt.

• Approach the illegal immigrant problem with appreciation for the difficulties faced by those involved. Intensive agriculture, the restaurant trade, and many other sectors of the American economy would be in deeper trouble were it not for cheap illegal immigrant labor. Thanks to our drug habits, the Mexican government has been overrun by drug czars and become ineffectual. Escape for many means crossing the boarder and becoming Americans, in effect if not legally. Berlin Wall solutions didn’t work there and will not work here. Hey, we stole much of this country from the Mexicans in the first place. Now they are taking it back and all your huffing and puffing won’t change this. Reforming drug laws might well deal with this “problem” more than anything else.

• Ban excessive usury, any interest rates more than say five points above prime. Make credit card and other loan companies as responsible for the loans they make as they make the debtors. In fact, if they couldn’t charge outrageous interest rates and penalties, most cards wouldn’t be issued and much suffering would be alleviated. Similar thoughts arise about those phony no-down-payment adjustable rate mortgages and all that fluff of the joys of “home ownership”.

• Hunger and related illnesses are widespread in this country and their alleviation must be an early priority. Intensive agriculture, the commodity exchanges, and the country’s massive food distribution system are shacked to industrial energy production and the banks, each of which gobble up so much of the value that little real nutrition remains. When people have the means to produce and prepare their own food, the problem goes away. The underlying difficulty is that so much of the friable land is tied up in speculation, much of it laying waste. Provide a means, maybe taxation, to distribute it where it is needed, perhaps something like homesteading. Something similar could be done with housing.

• Support birth control, family planning, and sex education. Overpopulation is the world’s fundamental problem. Most of the babies being produced are born to poor, uneducated families and most of the these will join those ranks. Education, education, education!

• Start truly advocating democracy around the world, that is governments of all the people, for all the people, and by all the people rather than plutocratic, usually corporately-involved, handlers the U.S. government usually support in the name of democracy. Begin here at home with true campaign finance reform that will permit the average citizen to run for office on an equal basis with the fat cats and be elected on the basis of qualifications. Begin by restricting contributions to individuals (including from the candidate’s bankroll), of no more than a few hundred dollars, and only from the home district.

I know, of course, that most of you won’t touch any of these proposals, not a one. They would impact your pocketbooks, which seem to be what you truly represent. Wait, you say, we are lesser of the evils; the Republicans might win. At least they aren’t hypocrites. If they should win, perhaps it will ignite a reaction and citizens will be sufficiently pissed to throw you all out of office. In any case, the economy is going down the tubes thanks to your greed and that of your Goldman-Sachs buddies, which also may yet invite a revolution in which we take back our government. Do you understand, increasingly many of us are angry from the way we and our fellow citizens have been treated as poor relations. You and your corporate handlers appear to be ever more a bunch of leaches sucking the country and world dry and likely burning it up. Enough.

A citizen