Rosalind Peterson: Defending Our Agriculture

Redwood Valley

In 2006, an organization called the Agriculture Defense Coalition was founded in order to bring many current issues and legislation to public attention. It has taken two years of hard work to create this website and categorize the data you will find on a wide variety of subjects.

The Agriculture Defense Coalition is dedicated to protecting agriculture, our water supplies, trees, and pollinators from a wide variety of experimental weather modification and atmospheric testing programs and experiments.

These experimental programs will cause a decline in agriculture crop production, exacerbate declines in tree health, and add toxic chemicals to our water supplies and soils. The results of many of these experiments will be long-lasting and will affect trees, birds, mammals, fish, watersheds, pollinators, crop production, rivers and streams.

In the United States anyone may modify or mitigate your weather or climate without your consent. Any government agency, the military, state, county, city, private corporation, weather modification company or individual can modify your weather at any time. No public notification is required other than to report these programs to the United States Interior Department, NOAA. However, it has been learned that many programs are not reported to NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration).

U.S. Senate Bill S601 (initiated by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison), could be passed by the U.S. Senate at any time. This bill funds experimental weather mitigation and modification programs, does not require congressional oversight, sets up a board of directors who essentially may take bribes and be in office for years, does not have public oversight, public notification or public consent requirements. This bill expands experimental weather modification and mitigation programs in the United States. (For More Information on this Topic and a Listing of Current and Ongoing Weather Modification Programs from NOAA Check the Weather Modification Section of this Website.)

Upper atmospheric testing continues without public oversight or consent and with little, if any, public notification. Now Global Geoengineering Plans to reduce the amount of direct sunlight reach the Earth (Solar Radiation Management), are being tested and/or planned for our future.

The use of toxic chemicals and other upper atmospheric particle releases are planned or have been implemented (U.S. Navy C.A.R.E. Experiment Began on September 19, 2009 – See Website Section on U.S. Navy).

There have been three hearings by the U.S. House of Representatives Science & Technology Committee since November 5, 2009; two in 2010. One preliminary report will be out in August 2010, and the final report will be out in September 2010. Testimony has only been from those, for the most part, promoting Geoengineering. (For More Information about the Negative Consequences of these Experiments Check the Geoengineering Section of this Website: