Scott Cratty: Ukiah Farmers Market This Saturday 7/17/10

Ithaca, New York


Friends of the Farmers’ Market,

Greetings.  This Saturday we should set yet a new high water mark for the number of local small farms and ranches at the Ukiah Saturday Farmers’ Market.

We have had several new farms at the market over the last couple of weeks (e.g., Black Dog and Amber Phamily).  Joining them and our usual array of great vendors this weekend for the first time will be Ellery Clark bringing a range of Ukiah-grown produce and Triple Creek from Laytonville, a second blueberry vendor.  Jack and Mimi Booth of Cinnamon Bear Farm will be returning for the first time this season and they expect to have our first Mendocino grown tomatoes … but you will have to be at the market early to get them.

Don’t forget that we have so much going on, most of our ranches and our fresh seafood have moved into a new section in the parking lot at School and Clay.

Speaking of meat, Lovers Lane Farm wanted me to let you all know that they will be having a “pork blowout” for the next 2 weeks at all the farmer’s markets. “In order to make room for a new batch of 100% Berkshire (Kurobuta) hogs, we will offer $5 off all roasts. This includes smoked ham roasts, bone-in picnic roasts, & boneless Boston butt roasts. Also smoked hocks will be buy one get one free. We still have a good supply of smoked jowls, sliced and whole. These make an excellent substitute for bacon, in fact you may not be able to tell the difference.” More about another Lovers’ Lane offer below.

Joanne Horn of Afterglow Naturals will be at the market for the 1st (and possibly only) time this month.

We will again have BEANS, an NCO-sponsored educational project.  This weekend the BEANS crew will be providing a range of activity for kids, including coloring, hula hooping, tin can stilts, nutrition information, recipes and more.  Plus, they will be sharing corn and bean fiesta salad. As usual, the market will feature a story time reading for kids at 10:30am in the park.  Then there is the jump house.

For you adults, we will have UC Master Gardeners to answer all of your questions.  This week they will feature information on weed & pest control. The good folks of the Ukiah Valley Medical Center will provide diabetes testing and information.

Over Easy,” an acoustic Americana duo with Sheridan Malone & Jerry Krantman, Ukiah will provide free, live music.

In short, Ukiah Saturday Farmers’ Market, will be the place to be from 8:30 to noon every Saturday starting at the corner of School and Clay Streets.

Bonus item:  Spend more that $30 on produce or $60 on meat with any one vendor and you can receive a copy of the DVD the True Cost of Food.  Come to the MCFARM table to claim you DVD.

Thanks to our Sponsor of the Week, Savings Bank of Mendocino.

Finally, here is another note that Lover Lane Farm asked me to pass along: “It is whole and 1/2 hog pre-sale time for us again, and this also might be mention-worthy in the weekly email. 100% Berkshire hogs will be ready by the first part of August. They are the pork equivalent to ‘Kobe’ beef. In Japan the pigs are called ‘Kurobuta’ and the meat is considered a luxurious and rare delicacy. The meat is highly prized for it’s rich intra-muscular marbling, dark red color and complex flavor. We of course contribute to and enhance these qualities by raising them in the most humane way possible, on a healthy diet with room to roam and naturally forage on grasses, leaves, and roots, not to mention produce from local farms. We never use hormones, antibiotics, or any other chemicals while raising our pigs. We are delighted to have the opportunity to provide meat of this quality to Mendocino County (and beyond) for people to enjoy in their own home. Whole and 1/2 hogs are $6.50/lb. based on hanging weight. Additional curing/smoking charges apply. Whole hogs average between 160-200 lbs and 1/2 hogs average 75-100 lbs. A whole hog takes up apprx. 6 cubic feet of freezer space and a 1/2 takes of apprx. 3 cubic feet.  Many customers split up a whole or 1/2 hog between 2 households.