The Stupid Never Ends

Daily Kos

Via Mike Allen, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has some advice for President Obama on the BP spill:

“What he needed was sort of a bullhorn moment where he went to the Gulf and said we’re going to get this right. I’m going to get on it.’ … [H]e’s making up lost ground.”

Ah, yes. President Obama just needs to handle the BP spill like George W. Bush handled 9/11. Can you imagine how great it would be? President Obama would put on some waders and step into oil-ravaged Louisiana wetland. And then he’d grab a bullhorn and tell the assembled fishermen that he could hear them, and the whole world could hear them, and that we’re going to get the people who spilled all this oil into the Gulf of Mexico. And then we’d go and attack Venezuela or something. Just like Bush. It’d be so fucking great.

Look, Lindsey: we don’t need a damn bullhorn. We need a government that stands up for American citizens and tries to do the right thing. And as long as you are refusing to help pass energy reform legislation, why don’t you shut your sanctimonious mouth. What we need right now are some patriots who are willing to set aside politics to do the right thing for this country. Not more armchair quarterbacking Republican hacks.

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The oil spill in the Gulf is the product of decades of conservatives pounding for deregulation, Cheney-era manipulation of federal regulatory agencies, and corporate insatiability.