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Certified Organic Everlasting Starflower Seeds by Dave Smith

[Steve Soloman founded Territorial Seeds in Cottage Grove, Oregon many years ago, then sold it and moved to Tasmania. Here is what he has been doing since... -DS]

This website provides free e-books, mainly about holistic agriculture, holistic health and self-sufficient homestead living. There are secondary collections about social criticism and transformational psychology. No fees are collected for this service.

Upon special request the Soil and Health Library provides custom-made digital copies of a far wider range of books in the same subject areas for its patrons, delivered on CD-ROM by post. There is a small fee for this service.

The library’s subject seemingly-diverse topic areas actually connect agricultural methods to the consequent health or illness of animals and humans, shows how to prevent and heal disease and increase longevity, suggests how to live a more fulfilling life and reveals social forces working against that possibility.

The Free Digitalized Library:

There are four major subject areas:

Radical Agriculture. The nutritional qualites of food and consequently the health of the animals and humans eating that food are determined by soil fertility. This section’s interest is far wider than organic gardening and farming; other health-determined approaches to food-raising are also included. Go to the Agriculture Library

The Restoration and Maintenance of Health. Nutritional medicine heals disease, builds and maintains health with diet—and sometimes heals with fasting or other forms of dietary restriction. There are many approaches represented in this collection. There is also a collection concerning longevity and nutritional anthropology. Go to the Health Library

Achieving Personal Sovereignty. Physical, mental, and spiritual health are linked to one’s lifestyle. This collection focuses on liberating activities, especially homesteading and the skills it takes to do that—small-scale entrepreneuring, financial independence, frugality, and voluntary simplicity. There is also a collection of social criticism, especially from a back-to-the-land point of view. Go to the Personal Sovereignty Library

Achieving Spiritual Freedom. There are many seemingly-different self-betterment roads. The books in this collection seek to empower a person to effect their own development in an independent manner. Go to the Spiritual Freedom Library.


Clippings and Miscellaneous. Since this library’s beginning patrons have sent information and URLs where interesting bits of information and viewpoints could be found. Here you will find articles and essays and etc. that support and enhance the information found in our book collections. Go to the Clipping File.

Latest E-Books Added. Digitalized titles added to the online Soil and Health Library in the last few months, click here:

The Actual Library

The “actual” Soil and Health Library is in Tasmania, Australia, at Steve Solomon’s home, shelved in an especially constructed room dedicated to the keeping of this collecton. If you have reason to want to actually handle one of these books, please write to Steve Solomon, PO Box 524, Exeter, TAS 7275 Australia or click here for e-mail to Steve.

Eventually, most of the titles in the in-print-on-paper collection will be converted to searchable-text e-books. Until these books are made into free-to-download e-texts a copy of most of them may legally be delivered to patrons who request one in an electronic format similar to a photocopy. The copy is delivered in the form of a PDF containing a high resolution scan burned on to a CD-ROM (or DVD-ROM).

Scanning-upon-demand and mailing a PDF recorded on a CD-ROM costs considerably less than making and mailing a traditional library photocopy on paper. PDF documents can be printed out at any copy shop that can process digital files, may be printed on your own PC’s printer, or viewed on your PC monitor without using up any paper or other supplies. To view a low-resolution sample of what you will receive if you request a custom made copy, a few pages of a book rendered into this PDF format, maybe be downloaded by clicking here. The sample download is 500 kb. If you request a copy you will receive high-resolution images of the complete book, in its original pagination, including front matter, index (if the book has one), etc.

Every title in the “actual” library catalogue that is labeled “public domain” or “out of print,” is available to be scanned upon your request. To view a catalogue of the holdings of the Soil and Health Library click here:

How To Obtain a Copy

To see a schedule of copy fees and instructions for ordering a copy, click here:
Soil And Health Discussion Group

Here, a wide ranging discussion goes on about how different agricultural and gardening methods change nutritional qualities of the foods being grown, about the resulting health of the animals and humans that eat those foods, about the best ways to homestead, to grow food, about how the current New World Order is suppressing homestead success. This Yahoo group is gently moderated by Steve Solomon. All points of view and opinions are welcome so long as they exhibit a respect for sustainability and human health and respect the viewpoints of others. You are welcome to post your own essays, refer to other’s writings, engage in dialogues. To join the group, click here.