50 Useful Reference Tools for Exploring Alternative Medicine


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Alternative medicine encompasses an exceptionally broad spectrum of practices. Everything from ancient or indigenous remedies to today’s herbal supplements qualifies as a treatment option beyond the mainstream solutions. Fearful of the frequently harsh side effects of conventional medicine, many turn to acupuncture or homeopathy to ease their pain instead. The following resources – by no means a comprehensive listing – provide a valuable introduction to multiple perspectives and findings. Many of them also help individuals and families curious about alternative medicine make the right choices and avoid crooks out to prey on their inexperience. Please keep in mind that some of these remedies involve negative side effects of their own, so be sure to consult with a reliable, verified professional before jumping into a regimen…

15. Society for Acupuncture Research

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16. National Indian Health Board

Anyone interested in traditional Native American remedies will appreciate the information on the politics and practices that shape one facet of today’s medical world…

29. Hpathy.com

Considered one of the best online resources for homeopathic treatments, Hpathy.com provides a wealth of information in the form of articles, videos, ebooks, and audio lectures…

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