Doug Mosel: Why I’m Voting for Dan Hamburg

Anderson Valley

Dan Hamburg has my vote for 5th District supervisor.

The main reason I’m working to get Dan elected is that he will be a reliable advocate for agriculture in Mendocino County.  As our next supervisor he will work to grow a local food economy that will be good for farmers and ranchers.  That in turn will be good for ag-related businesses and for those of us who want to get our meat and produce from someone we can trust.

To make this happen we will need committed and capable leadership with a long view of the future. We can count on Dan to pay more than lip service to re-localizing our farm economy.  He will, for example, help bring an animal processing operation to Mendocino County, which will benefit meat producers and livestock alike.

As never before, we need a supervisor who will be present and accessible all over this large and diverse district.  After he’s elected, I know Dan will remember Anderson Valley, the south coast, Comptche, Hopland, Mendocino, and south Ukiah–all of the 5th District.

In profoundly challenging times, we need a supervisor who will do his homework, which I know from personal experience Dan will do.  He combines deep and broad experience with the discipline to study issues carefully and the commitment to hear all points of view to make decisions or find solutions that are realistic and for the common good.