Janie Sheppard: I’m Voting For My Good Friend Dan Hamburg

Mendocino County

I met candidate for 5th District Supervisor, Dan Hamburg, in 2003 during the campaign to ban the cultivation of GMOs in Mendocino County.   During that campaign I realized we shared a vision of a Mendocino County based on a locally based economy.  Since then, we have shared that vision in several campaigns:  opposing the Ryder Homes plan to develop the Masonite site, impeaching then Vice-President Cheney for his role in starting the Iraq War that continues to suck the life blood from Mendocino County; and opposing Measure B because it would do nothing to address the real problems with marijuana while punishing medical marijuana patients and harming a potential source of much-needed tax revenue.  More recently, in opposing Measure A, that, had it passed, would have put a monster mega-mall on the old Masonite site.   Those campaigns are just the most recent of the many campaigns to preserve Mendocino County from corporate greed.

Over the intervening years, we have traded articles and comments on the major issues facing the nation and our county.  I know the depth of Dan’s commitment to preserving what we value about Mendocino County:  the forests, the rivers, the farmers, the artists, musicians, local theater, our local businesses and the unique Mendo way.  Simply put, love of place is the most important part of Dan’s life.

As the county absorbs the blows from the economic meltdown, Dan will keep that love of place.  With the leadership Dan will bring to the Board of Supervisors, the Mendo way will prevail.   We will grow our own food, make our own entertainment, harvest our forests sustainably, restore our rivers and educate our children.

I live in the 5th District and I’m voting for my good friend, Dan Hamburg.  If you value our unique place in the world, I urge you too to vote for Dan Hamburg.