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Welcome to Mendo Perspectives Blog, a place where concerned community members can discuss, suggest and weigh-in on what the future holds for our county. Where you can give your feedback based on articles and surveys as a means to gather and provide useful data geared towards finding compromise and common ground for a prosperous community in the not to distant future.

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Mendocino County is at a crossroads

Many residents of Mendocino County wish to see the development of new industries, planned growth, and to create a sustainable economy that, they believe, will lead to a more prosperous place to live. There are others that claim by doing this will create overcrowding and sprawl and that County is fine the way it is considering future development and growth to be harmful to both the ecology and economy.

Mendocino County has always been a place of forward thinking individuals who are passionate about their beliefs and band together to influence public opinion. If we are to prosper as well as maintain our County’s natural beauty, we must be willing to achieve common ground on fundamental issues, to serve as the foundation for our as well as future generations.

The need to bring citizens together to engage in a positive and useful dialog, with the goal to achieve balance and build consensus within our community, is paramount.

This blogsite is an opportunity for community members to open and exchange ideas, opinions and perspectives in a productive way to build a stronger healthier community.

Consider the possibility that change is inevitable….. What is your biggest concern for Mendocino County’s future? What kind of change could you see as positive?

New posts will be added and results from surveys posted for your enjoyment. Survey results may be presented to local governments for consideration.

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Michael Laybourn May 20, 2010 at 7:55 am

Awful survey.

    Please feel free to post a comment on what you feel would be a positive change for our community. I personally feel that a boost in light industrial / micro-businesses would provide a diverse employment base for our county with a range of specialization. A big key to supporting this is through education, not only the basics but also vocational, entrepreneurial, and trade skills.

The high school students or others might be able to improve everyone’s vehicle miles per gallon with frequent oil and filter changes for a low nominal fee for cleaner air, employment, and monies saved…

Sharon Paltin, M.D. May 22, 2010 at 11:51 pm

I envision a public year ’round warmed pool in each community, eg Laytonville, and Willits. I am a Family Physician and see a tremendous need for a way for elders and people of all ages to stay active without hurting their joints and backs further. Kids need recreation. I’m told a coil of black tubing can get good solar gain and at least be a preheater if not the entire heat source. There are costs of maintainance and insurance, but oh how great it would be.

I think it is essential to encourage more new business in Mendocino County. Presently, the county is dependent on the marijuana industry. Except for growing and selling medical marijuana, this is an illegal, unregulated industry with huge profits that invite crime. And does the world need more dope? Government policy and community action must focus on attracting intelligent, hard-working, responsible , innovative young people to live and work here, and start businesses here, That means making the towns pedestrian friendly, tranquil, and interesting, Encouraging the arts, attracting light industry that use forest products and other resources that are plentiful here, creating more bike paths, and walking and hiking paths, including incentives for private property owners to open up trails on private land. Legalizing and regulating marijuana growing may cut down on the crime and reduce the profits enough to encourage other industry to flourish, only it needs to happen slowly so that the community can adjust to the new reality.

    Very well said…. You’ve described a wonderful place to live. Reminds me of an established College town.