Rosalind Peterson: Take Action! Stop the Cap and Trade Ponzi Bill

Redwood Valley

Senators Kerry, Lieberman & Graham are pushing hard to introduce and pass a Climate, Energy, Jobs bill which includes a Cap & Trade Ponzi Scheme (PRI) Pollution Reduction Investment and a carbon tax.

The backroom negotiations are now underway and the banks and Wall Street are drooling over the prospect of the taxpayers being charged in order to enrich their coffers one more time…this is why the banks have been written into this new U.S. Senate Bill.

The U.S. monetary printing press is gearing up to print free offsets and offsets that can be given free to some polluters (others will be required to purchase them), in order to offset their pollution.  Thus, corporate polluters will be engaged in buying and selling the right to pollute.

It is no surprise then the corporations and venture capitalists are looking for carbon offsets around the world to purchase for a pittance in order to offset tons of pollution which they will continue to emit – unregulated for at least seven to the next ten years… Senator Kerry’s new bill will then only required a 10% to 17% reduction by 2017or 2020, of 2005 Emission Levels.  It is a great deal…the new Ponzi Scheme that is going to allow polluters to enrich themselves at taxpayer expense.

The American public will be taxed at all levels, hurting the poor and the working poor, along with the middle class while the banks and Wall Street enrich themselves.  And the polluters get off free with their offsets from every imaginable source.   Some of the carbon taxes will go to a private corporation set up under the United Nations… President Obama and Secretary Clinton have agreed to fund this corporation at $100 Billion per year.  The lie about all of this is that the carbon taxes will be returned to the people… no such luck… by the time one reads the bill one will understand that there will be nothing left at the end except a mere pittance.

Senator Kerry’s Climate bill is being touted as a jobs bill.  This will only be for the Banks, Venture Capitalists, and the polluters with a helping hand from Wall Street.  Most people are not encouraged to read these Cap & Trade Climate bills because they would soon discover the Ponzi Scheme hidden in the recesses of the bill.

In addition, nuclear power is revitalized and funded in this bill.  Uranium mining, new power plants leaks, power plants with fewer regulations, and more will subject Americans to more radioactive leaks and exposure.  Uranium mining is highly polluting and so is the non-existent clean coal provisions-thus, this bill needs to weaken the Clean Water and Air Acts in order to allow continued pollution from carbon emitting plants.

Offshore oil drilling everywhere was one of the side deals being made by Senator Kerry in order to promote passage of the bill…which is in question due to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  However, this will not deter Senator Kerry for long…And then you have Resolution 26 by Senator Murkowski.

Resolution 26 would stop the EPA from every regulating greenhouse gases… a big bonus for polluters.  It will either stand alone on the floor of the U.S. Senate or it will pass as an amendment because the polluting industries will launch a high level campaign for its inclusion.  We are on the brink of a catastrophe if this bill passes the Senate.

I encourage everyone to read this new bill (google “senate bill S 1733”), Senator Kerry will soon introduce.  Don’t be railroaded into supporting it until you have read the bill.  The only way we can protect our forests is to put a stop to using them as pollution offsets.  The uncontrolled pollution from the polluters that use these offsets in order to pollute more will kill our forests and pollute our air more.

Read the bill… be informed first… and then oppose this legislation.