Vote Dan Hamburg for 5th District Supervisor


I support and endorse Dan for Supervisor, and agree with his stands on the issues of our county. Dan is not a “one-issue candidate” nor does he ignore any meaningful issue that confronts our citizens. He is experienced and effective. He has been on the front lines of progressive social change all his adult life. See the excellent interview with Dan in this week’s AVA and online at The Dan’s website is

From DAN HAMBURG’s Website

Dan Hamburg has committed to positions on issues that matter to Mendocino.


· Mendocino County has more organic acreage than any county in the nation.
· Mendocino County has the most biodynamic acreage in the state
· Mendocino County has more artists per capita than anywhere else in the nation
· Mendocino County boasts more houses “off the grid” per capita than anywhere else in the nation.
· Mendocino County is the first county in the nation to ban the growing and production of genetically modified crops and animals (GMOs).

Let’s build upon these resources. We have the ingenuity, the will and the heart to create a vibrant and more prosperous County. All that’s stopping us is our own imagination.


We will create jobs together as we build a self-sufficient model that celebrates what we do best in Mendocino County. We will emphasize local economics by buying local and establishing stronger incentives for local contracting. We will promote food localization and boost our growing reputation as leaders in green technology.

Mendocino County’s vineyards and wineries, as well as its breweries, are a source of pride wealth and jobs, and are national leaders in organic and biodynamic production. Organic food production is expanding throughout Mendocino County with some 200 organic farms covering nearly 8,000 acres – that puts us in a great position to take advantage of one the fastest growing markets in the nation.


We need to keep our dollars here, circulating in our local economy. For every dollar spent at a local business, 45 cents is reinvested locally. For every dollar spent at a large corporate chain, only 11 cents is reinvested locally. Read more…


We care about the source of our food, about supporting our local farmers and taking care of our land. Together we can re-localize Mendocino County’s farm economy.

Imagine a local food and farming economy that is capable of feeding the people of Mendocino County. Read more…


Companies like Real Goods and Advance Power put Mendocino on the national map as the leader in solar installation over the past three decades. Now Mendocino County has more “off-the-grid” homes than any other county. We are nationwide leaders in solar, wind and non-fossilized energy production. And we’re at the national epicenter for sustainable forestry models, building and designing cob and rammed-earth homes and creating thriving companies with carbon-neutral footprints. Read more…


We are the stewards of a pristine coastline and landscape of incalculable beauty and wealth. Protecting the coast is the responsibility of us all, but the two coastal supervisors must take the lead.

* We must stop all federal oil and gas lease sales.
* We oppose attempts by the U.S. Navy to use our coast for weapons testing.
* We opposes plans to develop unproved wave energy.

Read more…


The way we care for our water resources is key for the future health of our economy.

The 5th District is comprised of 7 watersheds (Russian, Navarro, Little, Big, Albion , Garcia, Gualala) not one of which is in robust health. We will work with all stakeholders to improve the health and productivity of our watersheds.

Read more…


As your Supervisor, I pledge to take the same pay cut as county employees and will encourage others to do the same.

The County faces a shortfall of $8 million over the next 18 months. That’s the biggest fiscal challenge the county has ever faced. But it’s worth noting we are not alone. The federal government is $14 trillion (!) in the red. The state faces a $40 billion budget deficit. Even Sonoma County — our well-heeled neighbor to the south – is being forced to make more than $30 million in cuts over the next year and half. Read more…


As Supervisor, I will serve on the Mendocino Council of Governments (MCOG), which disburses county transportation funds state and federal government.

Instead of spending tens of millions of dollars to construct two or three oversized road projects, we need to invest in all of our neighborhoods and towns, creating safe roads and trails for people to enjoy in every corner of our beautiful county. Read more…


I am a member of the Mendocino County Medical Marijuana Advisory Board (MMMAB). I was a steering committee member on the No On Measure B campaign. Measure B’s plant limits were recently struck down by the California Supreme Court.

Whether you like marijuana or not, it is our number one cash crop generating several times more income than timber and grapes combined.

Bottom line: marijuana can and should be taxed and regulated just like any other agricultural product.

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…and he still has a good head of hair! I’m voting for Dan.