Tim Stelloh: Unsolved Deaths & Disappearances on the Mendo Coast


Though lightly populated and scenic as a Kinkade painting, the Mendo Coast is–at times, anyway–as sinister, violent and lawless as the rest of this county. Below is an index of the area’s unsolved deaths, attempted murders, disappearances and questionable classifications–along with links to AVA coverage and websites with relevant info.

Jeanne Huckins

Huckins, 63, was found dead in the garage of her Fort Bragg home in January 2010–the victim of a gunshot wound. Though her death was officially labeled suicide, police now say they’re awaiting new evidence from the Department of Justice and that they recently received “good information” from Huckins’ friends, who have doubted the suicide classification.

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Katlyn Long

Long, 22, died of a methadone overdose in the basement of her parent’s home near Fort Bragg in May 2008. Her ex-boyfriend was with her at the time of her death, but he’s yet to tell detectives what happened. Police forwarded the case to the DA’s office but no one has been charged.

Click here to read our coverage of the case, or here for a website devoted to Long’s memory.

Victoria Horstman

Horstman grew up around Fort Bragg and was heavily involved with the cops’ efforts in the mid-90s to lock up her husband, John Dalton, for growing pot. Her body was found floating in the Clark Fork River in Missoula, Montana three years ago. There were no signs of injury, and the medical examiner classified her death as “undetermined.”

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