Farming for the Future (Video)

Thanks to Linda Gray

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[After college and an early career as a nature photographer, daughter comes back to the traditional cow and sheep farm in Devon where she grew up. Her father, who calls their work “glorified lavatory attendants,” and uncle, are still farming it long after they should have retired. Her friends tell her to sell it and get on with her life, but she wants to preserve the nature that is still abundant and thriving there.

She knows that the farm will have to change to survive, and she turns to Colin Campbell and Santa Rosan Richard Heinberg, Peak Oil experts, to understand what the future will bring; and then explores sustainable alternatives she (and we) could adopt: grass and hedgerow husbandry, Permaculture, and Forest Farming.

A 50-minute, beautifully-made, sobering, yet hopeful documentary, well worth spending time with. -DS]


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