Tea Party Members: Are You Serious? If So, Sign The Pledge!


I do solemnly swear to uphold the principles of a socialism-free society and heretofore pledge my word that I shall strictly adhere to the following:

I will complain about the destruction of 1st Amendment Rights in this country, while I am duly being allowed to exercise my 1st Amendment Rights

I will complain about the destruction of my 2nd Amendment Rights in this country, while I am duly being allowed to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights by legally but brazenly brandishing unconcealed firearms in public.

I will foreswear the time-honored principles of fairness, decency, and respect by screaming unintelligible platitudes regarding tyranny, Naziism, and socialism at public town halls. Also, I pledge to eliminate all government intervention in my life.

I will abstain from the use of and participation in any socialist goods and services including but not limited to the following:

  • Social Security
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • State Children’s Health Insurance Programs (SCHIP)
  • Police, Fire, and Emergency Services
  • US Postal Service
  • Roads and Highways
  • Air Travel (regulated by the socialist FAA)
  • The US Railway System
  • Public Subways and Metro Systems
  • Public Bus and Lightrail Systems
  • Rest Areas on Highways
  • Sidewalks
  • All Government-Funded Local/State Projects
  • Public Water and Sewer Services (goodbye socialist toilet, shower, dishwasher, kitchen sink, outdoor hose!)
  • Public and State Universities and Colleges
  • Public Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Sesame Street
  • Publicly Funded Anti-Drug Use Education for Children
  • Public Museums
  • Libraries
  • Public Parks and Beaches
  • State and National Parks
  • Public Zoos
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Municipal Garbage and Recycling Services
  • Treatment at Any Hospital or Clinic That Ever Received Funding From Local, State or Federal Government (pretty much all of them)
  • Medical Services and Medications That Were Created or Derived From Any Government Grant or Research Funding (again, pretty much all of them)
  • Socialist Byproducts of Government Investment Such as Duct Tape and Velcro (Nazi-NASA Inventions)
  • Use of the Internets, email, and networked computers, as the DoD’s ARPANET was the basis for subsequent computer networking
  • Foodstuffs, Meats, Produce and Crops That Were Grown With, Fed With, Raised With or That Contain Inputs From Crops Grown With Government Subsidies
  • Clothing Made from Crops (e.g. cotton) That Were Grown With or That Contain Inputs From Government Subsidies

If a veteran of the government-run socialist US military, I will forego my VA benefits and insist on paying for my own medical care

I will not tour socialist government buildings like the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

I pledge to never take myself, my family, or my children on a tour of the following types of socialist locations, including but not limited to:

  • Smithsonian Museums such as the Air and Space Museum or Museum of American History
  • The socialist Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson Monuments
  • The government-operated Statue of Liberty
  • The Grand Canyon
  • The socialist World War II and Vietnam Veterans Memorials
  • The government-run socialist-propaganda location known as Arlington National Cemetery
  • All other public-funded socialist sites, whether it be in my state or in Washington, DC

I will urge my Member of Congress and Senators to forego their government salary and government-provided healthcare.

I will oppose and condemn the government-funded and therefore socialist military of the United States of America.

I will boycott the products of socialist defense contractors such as GE, Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Raytheon, Humana, FedEx, General Motors, Honeywell, and hundreds of others that are paid by our socialist government to produce goods for our socialist army.

I will protest socialist security departments such as the Pentagon, FBI, CIA, Department of Homeland Security, TSA, Department of Justice and their socialist employees.

Upon reaching eligible retirement age, I will tear up my socialist Social Security checks.

Upon reaching age 65, I will forego Medicare and pay for my own private health insurance until I die.

_____________ _________________________
Signed Printed Name/Town and State


I find the Tea Partiers quite alarming. So does Chip Ward, who wrote a recent article at http://www.tomdispatch.com about how Utah resembles “Glennbeckistan” and Chris Hedges’s article, “Is America ‘Yearning for Fascism’?” is downright scary. As much as I’d like to deny Hedges’s perception of what’s going on, I think it’s true.

Of course Hartmann makes sense, but that in itself won’t solve anything. The Baggers have already left the realm of rationality for the dystopia of sputtering fanaticism and blind hatred. And not completely without cause. Just poor analysis. It’s all part of the usual procession of a crumbling empire. They will only get crazier, and soon our own brand of fascism will strip off it’s Happy-Face disguise as the internal conflict worsens.

Also, stop eating corn, and things made from corn, like cows.

The only yearning Americans have for fascism is the one fabricated by self-styled journalists like Chris Hedges. It is unconscionable how often those who exercise their publishable pen fan the fires of exaggeration more or less to keep their audience of fanatics on a blood transfusion, the blood of the American people, those same people who are too busy making a living to be involved in politics, who mostly don’t even vote but acquiesce to whatever comes down the pike. They fan these flames to keep their editorials on blog pages or to have a channel to sell books that rarely sell that many to be noted in any anthology of reliable resources. To say Hedges thesis is scary means not much research on one’s own has taken place and an acceptance of someone else’s plausible opinion, but nevertheless an opinion, rules the believer’s mind. This is how false demagoguery gets started and the wondering why the light switch is turned off and reality never gets a wide screening.

The tea-baggers think they represent the entire cadre of American citizens. They appeal to the lowest common denominator of bigotry and thinking persons would be wise to search their own conscious of what it means to live in a society that has a large lower income population and what it really means to be an American.

Do you think the tea-baggers really consider the millions, that ironically includes themselves and their relative,s who are protected by the social programs that provide a decent life? Or are they just reacting to rhetoric that whips up the self-serving emotions that affects a primitive sense of survival. In this world, society must transcend the needs of the individual. It is a simple Spockian principle. Take them away for even a day and a howl would be heard all the way to Mars. The emotion that leads to violence, fear, that stems from being naively influenced by partisans about the real effects of political legislative action is a reversion to animalism. Self-reflection seems to be in order where a really good slow look at oneself is taken.

    Hartmann’s piece is cute, but Hedges is more perceptive (and he’s not the one fanning the flames of liberal hysteria over the Tea Baggers). Hedges points out to the hysterics (and to ironists like Hartmann) that behind the ranting are real grievances against both the state and the corporations and that liberals have refused, by and large, to acknowledge. Instead, they prefer to demonize the outraged citizenry. Remember that the Tea Party movement started with protests against the bank bailout. Where were the liberal organizations? Silenced, according to Jane Hamsher (of Firedoglake.com) by the Obama White House, which went so far as to threaten the funding of liberal NGO’s if they raised a stink about the giveaways to the bankers.

    Hartmann is on target in one sense, but he misses the boat in another. Those of us who grew up “radical” in the sixties seem to have forgotten some of the lessons of the radical academy of that time, including the fact that the liberal state was the creation, not of anti-business activists, but of the biggest corporations in the country, concerned to co-opt the issues that Eugene Debs’ Socialist Party were raising at the beginning of the twentieth century. Wage and hours legislation, bank regulation, interstate trade regulation — you name it — were all shaped by corporate interests. In that respect, nothing much has changed, has it, with the latest health care reform? So let’s not leap so nimbly (or numbly?) to defend the liberal corporatist state. There’s lots wrong with it, and another liberal in the White House or the Senate is not going to fix it. At least the Tea Baggers have that right.