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[Capitalism: A Love Story, just out for rental from Netflix. Although Moore’s solution to  our current version of Capitalism is more democracy, he fails to explain the difference between Monopoly Capitalism and Small Is Beautiful Capitalism. The wingnuts, in their simplistic, either/or, black and white world, love to scream “socialism” over and over, misunderstanding that we have always had a mixed economy of socialism and capitalism, and the struggle is the balance between the two. The problems currently are our Presidents’ failures, since Reagan, to enforce our anti-monopoly laws, and they have devastated our world economy with their Shock Doctrine. Where huge, transnational companies supposedly save consumers money through “economies of scale” with the neo-cons so-called “free market”, we now know that banks, food companies, health insurance companies, etc. are hugely inefficient and can only survive through fraud (privatizing public commonwealth, etc.) and subsidization. To continue after the health care victory, America must now de-monopolize our economy to allow local Small Is Beautiful Capitalism entrepreneuring to flourish; re-institute tariffs to level the playing field with other countries; and halt the privatization of our publicly-owned commonwealth. Let’s push the greedy snakes back in their holes, or into jail, and create jobs in a new, green economy. -DS]

Naomi Klein:
So, the film is wonderful. Congratulations. It is, as many people have already heard, an unapologetic call for a revolt against capitalist madness. But the week it premiered, a very different kind of revolt was in the news: the so-called tea parties, seemingly a passionate defense of capitalism and against social programs.

Meanwhile, we are not seeing too many signs of the hordes storming Wall Street. Personally, I’m hoping that your film is going to be the wake-up call and the catalyst for all of that changing. But I’m just wondering how you’re coping with this odd turn of events, these revolts for capitalism led by Glenn Beck.

Michael Moore: I don’t know if they’re so much revolts in favor of capitalism as they are being fueled by a couple of different agendas, one being the fact that a number of Americans still haven’t come to grips with the fact that there’s an African-American who is their leader. And I don’t think they like that…

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