Ban The Billboards! Go Phil!!!

From The Ukiah Daily Pablum

City Council urges Supes to ban billboards in the Ukiah valley area

The Ukiah City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to call on the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors to ban new billboards along the Highway 101 corridor that runs through the county and past the city.

Councilman Phil Baldwin called the number of billboards along the portion of the highway that borders the city “embarrassing,” and brought the issue to the council for discussion.

He said there are 27 billboards along Highway 101 between Hopland and Highway 20, compared to fewer than 10 along the 101 in Sonoma County, and only 10 along Interstate 5 through all of Oregon.

Baldwin noted that Ukiah banned billboards 40 years ago, and has only one inside city limits, but travelers passing through the Ukiah Valley on Highway 101 see “several dozen” CBS and Stott billboards.

“And while these huge placards aren’t in the city, out-of-towners and locals associate this shameless blight with Ukiah,” Baldwin wrote in his letter to his fellow councilmembers.

The city wrote a letter to the Board of Supervisors in 2000 asking the body to “become more rigorous in its efforts to protect the Highway 101 corridor,” but did not ask for an outright ban on new billboards, according to Baldwin.

Baldwin said the state and courts made it very difficult for local jurisdictions to get rid of existing billboards, but haven’t limited local government’s authority to ban new billboards.


Congratulations to the Ukiah City Council for urging the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors to Ban Billboards in the Ukiah Valley Area. In addition, Mendocino County should ban unsightly billboards throughout our county as many are unsightly, rusting, illegal with new width and height increases, and even advertise for making purchases outside of the County.

Also the lighted ones use electricity for lights even when the business is closed at night. Mendocino County could go green by putting an end to the lighting of billboards.

Caltrans advertises businesses on their signs which don’t have to be as large as they are now. With small signs we could reduce the visual pollution created by these Caltrans advertising signs. Caltrans, if requested by the County supervisors, could reduce the size of current and future signs while keeping these signs to a minimum.

The backs of billboards are unsightly as well creating a problem for many homes and businesses that face that back of these signs. When a business sell its property or goes out of business the county should require that these signs be taken down within thirty days to avoid unsightly problems like the Fjord’s old billboard in the Raleys Shopping Center.

Pictures of some of the Mendocino County Billboards are now posted online at…

We hope that this issue will be agendized by the County Board of Supervisors in the near future.

Coming Soon To Our Valley


Mmmmm, pablum.

Can we at least keep the billboard for the Pear Tree Shopping Center that stands over the vacant pear orchards. I wish I snapped a picture of it when the trees were smoldering in the background.

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