Book Report: Silent Seas


The world’s seafood crisis

When Taras Grescoe began the journey behind Bottomfeeder: How to Eat Ethically in a World of Vanishing Seafood, he was looking to do more than write a thought-provoking, timely report; he wanted to change his own behavior. In the introduction, the former food writer recounts that before doing the research for the book, he had “heard all the talk about sustainable seafood, but was still not sure how to walk the walk.” And so walk Grescoe did. And fly, and boat, around the globe on a nine-month adventure through the modern seafood industry.

The resulting book is structured a bit like a vacation, skipping from one iconic seafood-based meal to the next, beginning with monkfish in New York and stopping for everything from bouillabaisse to shark-fin soup. But from its opening pages, Bottomfeeder makes it clear that even the most enjoyable meals come at a price. Grescoe manages to use each dish as a cultural and environmental lens through which the changing nature of today’s oceans comes into crisp, if terrifying, focus…

Grescoe has a genuine affection for the fishermen, chefs, street peddlers, and fish farmers he meets along the way…

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Well, a lot of the stuff above sea level isn’t so good for you either. I’m glad I have a fondness for sardines.