Stop The Garbage Grab Now!


Every time they privatize a piece of our common wealth, we lose a piece of our democracy.

They privatized and grabbed the voting machines, and stole a national election. They privatized and grabbed our prisons, and now lobby for longer sentences. They privatized and grabbed our wars, and now they decide who gets killed. They privatized and grabbed our sick care, and now they only insure the healthy. They privatized and grabbed the oceans, and we’re running out of fish. They privatized and grabbed our manufacturing, and now we have no jobs.

They are privatizing and grabbing our water systems, and tripling the rates. They want our schools. They want our social security. They want our internet. They want our air. They want all of the universe and space.

Locally, they privatized and grabbed our forests, and now we are out of trees and jobs. And now they are coming for our garbage. Does greed have boundaries? No it does not. We citizens and our representatives have to set the boundaries and stop them at the fence line.

The shortcomings of privatization are well documented. It replaces living-wage employment with lower-paying jobs that offer few or no benefits and no union representation. Privatization rarely results in significant savings to taxpayers. More often, costs go up because the privateers are forced to choose between quality services and higher profits, leaving us citizens with the worst of all worlds… poorer services and higher costs.

When a public service is privatized, the privateers have to subtract their investors’ profit from the money available to provide the service. Given this simple math, how can a private company pay a profit and still provide the same level of service and at less cost than the public sector? They can’t and they don’t. All you have to do is check the well-documented comparisons of our health care system and all the others in industrialized countries.

The privatizing of our common wealth is a fraud and a sham making a few people rich and the rest of us poorer.

If there is any democracy left in our country it is still available at our local level. Let’s stop the privateers at the fence line. Let’s stop this theft of our common wealth and strengthen our democracy at the local level. At the very least, we can be responsible for our own garbage.

Stop The Garbage Grab Now!