Open Letter To The Editor Re: Board of Supervisors CEO Appointment

Mendocino County

When I read that the Board of Supervisors appointed Ms. Carmel Angelo to a two-year contract as a CEO, I was very disappointed.  In my disappointment I sent around an overly cranky email directed at John McCowen, who had sent around a notice of the Board’s actions.

I apologize for the overly cranky email.  Since then I have heard that Angelo is indeed a very good administrator, and had I had information on her performance in other jobs, or some evaluation of her performance I likely would have agreed that her appointment was a good thing for the county.  I do like the fact that she is actually living here (she is, isn’t she?) and therefore is not someone who has to be moved to the county and introduced to all the players.

That said, it would have been helpful if the members of the Board had shared their thoughts in a wider forum than in individual communications.  It’s the preemption of public input (in a public forum) that drives county residents crazy.

And then there is the issue of a two-year contract.  Would she have just picked up and left if the BOS had said she would continue as the interim CEO until the BOS decided whether to continue the CEO model, or do something else?  If the answer is yes, then maybe she isn’t so dedicated to the welfare of the county residents as we would like to think she is.

In sum, after 2 disastrous CEOs, to go ahead and appoint another one without some deliberations (in public) seems dangerous.

Going forward, I would like to see the BOS adopt a formal tracking system so that the BOS receives updates on its priority items.  This is something I have seen work in my career in the federal government.