Mendocino Renegade: Els Cooperrider inducted into the Truth in Labeling Coalition Citizens Hall of Fame


Whereas genetically engineered food ingredients are now contained in over 70% of the American food supply, and no animal or human testing has been done to prove their safety; and the FDA has ruled that there is no significant difference between conventional foods and genetically engineered foods; therefore they don’t need to be labeled; and

Whereas genetically engineered food crops are contaminating organic crops in the field, threatening the integrity of organic agriculture; and

Whereas seed companies and food manufacturers are labeling their European exports as genetically engineered; there are no labeling requirements in the United States, and

Whereas in response to the threat of genetically engineered food, the county of Mendocino in California passed a ban on the planting of genetically engineered crops, and Els Cooperrider led the campaign,

Therefore be it resolved, that Els Cooperrider be inducted into the Truth in Labeling Coalition Citizens Hall of Fame; and is hereby commended and honored for her work.

[Way to go, Els!! -DS]