Mendo Time Bank Barter Market, Sunday 3/7/10

Mendo Time Bank

On Sunday, March 7th come to Ukiah’s first Barter Market at the Saturday Afternoon Club at 107 S. Oak,  from 1-4 PM.  At the Market you are encouraged to meet other people in the community that are offering their services (for Time Dollars), get volunteers for projects you’re working on, trade quality items, vegetables, homemade crafts, and more.

No money is necessary for this event.  All participants can barter, and Time Bank members can use Time Dollars.  Admission is free, and use of tables is free for Time Bank members.  Cash is OK if you’re selling an item that required bought raw materials to produce.  Otherwise,  no money  accepted– Barter or Time Dollars only.

Barter Market  1-4 pm

We’ll have tables ready for your wares– veggies, starts, homemade food and crafts, and other quality items. Contact Louisa if you have any questions or special needs.

Service Exchange 2-3 pm

Bring ideas for projects you want help with, skills you can offer the community, and your calendar. Bonus material: flyers, photos or other information about your offers or requests. Contact Julia if you have any questions or special needs: 707.489.3522.  For more details on how this will work, click here.

Skill Sharing/Demonstration 1-4 pm

If you have something to share while at the market (for example: knife sharpening, massage, tarot readings, etc) you are welcome to offer these services while at the Market. We will do our best to accommodate your needs (just let us know what they are).  We’ll provide you with a sheet to keep track of your transactions.

Transition Town Ukiah 3 pm

Hannah Bird from the MEC will give a presentation on the Transition Town Ukiah project.


For new or perspective members, we’ll have orientations  at 1, 1:30 and 2 pm.  Bring those family members and friends who haven’t had the chance to join yet.