Take Action! Comments to USDA on Genetically Modified Alfalfa


Just a few days left to comment on the release of genetically modified (GM) alfalfa. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) preliminary decision is to allow GM alfalfa without any limitations or protections for farmers, consumers or the environment.

According to USDA, there is no evidence that consumers care about GM alfalfa. And, the agency dismisses the threat of GM contamination to farmers’ domestic and export markets and organic dairy and meat products.

Go to USDA’s website and tell USDA that it should not approve the release of GM alfalfa.

Over 1,900 comments have been filed, so far. More are needed to ensure our voices are heard.

Sample comments for both growers and consumers are available on WORC’s website.

What you can do
Send comments to USDA by February 16, 2010. Tell USDA:

  • You will reject GM contaminated alfalfa and alfalfa-derived foods.
  • To protect all farmers who wish to choose to grow non-GM crops.
  • Protecting farmers is USDA’s job. Relying solely on Monsanto’s business as usual practices ensures widespread GM contamination.
  • GM alfalfa would significantly increase pesticide use and thereby harm human health and the environment.
  • Harm to small and organic farmers would be significant.

How to Comment – due February 16, 2010
Mail two copies of your comments to

Docket No. APHIS-2007-0044
Regulatory Analysis and Development
PPD, APHIS, Station 3A-03.8
4700 River Road Unit 118
Riverdale, MD 20737-1238

State that your comments refer to Docket No. APHIS-2007-0044.

Comments can also be filed online at USDA’s website.

For background on GM alfalfa and sample comments, go to WORC’s website.