Take Action! Mendocino County Slaughterhouse Comments Requested


The Economic Development and Financing Corporation of Mendocino County (EDFC) is soliciting objective comments about their new report entitled “Meat Industry Capacity and Feasibility Study of the North Coast Region of California,” which is a preliminary examination of the feasibility of a meat-processing plant located in Mendocino County.

The report has recently been released and is available to the public. It is available for download online at the following locations:



Paper copies of the 107-page report can be purchased from EDFC for $20, and copies of the full meat-processing plant plans, with diagrams and drawings, cost $100.

Please submit comments in writing to EDFC (EDFC 631 S. Orchard Ave. Ukiah CA  95482) or by email to information@edfc.org.


“Slaughterhouse” is an opponents’ designation. The more proper term is meat processing facility. It is much more than killing. Once an animal is killed, it must quickly be gutted and cooled. Then begins the process of turning it into meat: the skinning or defeathering, the cutting and rapping, and the flash freezing. This in now high tech stuff that requires complex facilities, electricity, and fresh water, which almost no farm is likely to have. Here is a business that supports local farmers and provides jobs — try to think of another. Of course, local farmers need more than local markets, given they must compete with huge factory feedlots. These farmers are scattered all over the county and need a central facility. Please don’t tie their hands or those of the community. If you are really anti-meat, why aren’t you picketing local markets rather than attacking locals who are attempting to make it locally?

If you are going to comment, please at least read what you are commenting on rather than just shoot from hip. This is an important conversation for our community to have and it shouldn’t denigrate to hyperbole and propaganda. Respect and patience is crucial in healthy communities.

We can all be adults, after all.